Love Or Leave Me Alone

Niah a girl from New York keeps seeing One Directions Harry Styles everywhere she goes and she wants him to leave her alone but what she doesnt know is that Harry is in love with her and he starts stalking her and pushes her away from loving him too the finally Niah starts seeing the good in him.


2. Seeing Things

Niah's POV:
Harry is a sweet gentleman and I think we can take our friendship to the next level.
2 Days Later:
Ana, Diel, and myself ar going to the beach today since it is 94 degrees outside. I am letting all my flaws show my freckles, crinkles by my eyes without makeup, stomach, thighs, and the dimples in my back at the bottom of my spine but I can deal with it. My bikini has a strapless bra and it is all floral. Excited to leave I meet up with my friends at Coney Island beach. I stare strangly at this boy he turns around and it is Harry! I walk up to him and ask what is he doing here? He says he is with a friend about to leave. I reply saying "Ok well I hope you have fun." I really wanted Harry to make a move but, I guess when it happens it happens.
A Week Later:
Lately I've been seeing Harry everywhere at the park, the beach, the food market, while shopping, at resturants, and I even saw him at a friends party. He is everywhere and he still hasn't made a move. I know he likes me I can feel it by the way he talks to me and the way he smiles when he is around me
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