Love Or Leave Me Alone

Niah a girl from New York keeps seeing One Directions Harry Styles everywhere she goes and she wants him to leave her alone but what she doesnt know is that Harry is in love with her and he starts stalking her and pushes her away from loving him too the finally Niah starts seeing the good in him.


1. Meeting Him

Niah's POV:
I have been partying all night and I just want to go home because I'm tired. I am walking to the Q train going back home in Brooklyn. My friends Ana and Diel had a wild party tonight on the rooftop in Manhatten. I'm at the train station waiting and I see a handsome, young, green eyed and brown haired boy staring at me. He's probably looking at my high heels and black, short peplum dress. I so want to talk to him but, he is probably not my type though. I notice he is constantly staring and has not takin his eyes off me. I feel awkward like, something is wrong with me. "Did I do something wrong?" I ask myself. I try to ignore him.

Harry's POV:
I was coming from the studio recording the new album. I am now waiting for the Q train going to a friends house in Brooklyn. I turn around and see this flawless girl that has freckles, long brown hair, blue eyes, and she looks at me. I think she's noticed that I was not taking my eyes off her. She's beautiful. I gotta make her mine. The train finally comes and I sit across from her. I realize that she is blushing and smiling at me. The old man sitting next to he gets up from his seat. I immediatly get up and sit next to her. I look in her direction and she looks away from staring at my
shoes. I hope she likes me back. I was staring at her pretty awkwardly, stalkerish sort of. "Hi" she says shyly "What's your name? I see you like to stare." I surprised she even said anything. "Harry, sorry about the staring at you, love but your dress is wonderful. I sure your boyfriend likes it. What's your name?" I say curiously. "Niah, and I don't have a boyfriend and thank you the dress is from Zara's. I am sure it would look just as great on your girlfriend."

Niah's POV:
Nah, I don't have a girlfriend but, it looks perfect on you." Harry says. I reply back, " Aww thank you again you make me blush. So whatca doin tomorrow, Harry?" "Oh sorry Niah, I am working on my new album, you know for One Direction. Sorry, love but maybe we can meet up one day can i have your phone number though?" Harry answered. So we swich phone numbers and he gets off and i get off 5 stops after.
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