The Concert

Hi, My name is Aida. I am a huge Directioner, but nobody is supposed to know about it. I'm not embarrassed by it, i just think that people will view me differently. On my way to a One Direction concert i seen HIM(Niall Horan). He had the most perfect smile that me me probably look like an idiot the way i looked at him. READ STORY FOR MORE INFO ABOUT THAT NIGHT!!! :)


5. Wow Time Does Fly When Your In A Hospital

Time flew by the next few days. When we woke up on Friday we knew we had to start getting ready for school. I got up to change and I felt unbelievably dizzy. I looked around and noticed that April and Keke were looking at me with worried eyes.  I fell and soon everything became black.

[Keke's POV]

I looked at Aida and she didn't look so good. She looked really sick I started to get worried about her. As soon as she fell i was there telling April to call the ambulance to take Aida to the hospital. 10 minutes latter they came and we rush to see if she was OK. You can just say we missed school that day.

[April's POV]

Aida looked sick. When she fell. Keke was there holding her head up from the ground. Yelling at me to call and ambulance. After 10 minutes we were seeing Aida get loaded into it. We raced off to the hospital. I told Keke to call her mom to tell her to meet us there. You can just say we missed school that day.

[Aida's POV]

When I woke up I wondered where I was, how I got there, and why my mom and two best friends were there. I looked around the room and the only person up was my mom. When she seen me looking her face lit up and she had a big smile on.

"Hey sweety. How are you feeling? let me call the doctors in so they can check on you.." She said while walking over to the door to hail down the closest doctor.

"Hi Aida. How are you I'm Dr. Morgan. Can you tell me what happened to you?" She said as she looked over my charts.

"Well i was waking up for school. SCHOOL!! APRIL, KEKE, GET UP YOUR MISSING SCHOOL!!"  I said as i looked at the sleeping in the chairs beside the window of the room i was in.

"Aida I called the school to tell them you three were no going in today because we have to make sure your OK. If it wasn't for them i would have never known you were sick and needed to go to the hospital. I was at work when they called me to tell me everything they saw." My mom called my two friends in saying they were not coming in so they can be with me. That was so sweet of her. I love my mom to the fullest.

"Aida, you have to tell me what happened after you woke up for school today." Dr. Morgan said interrupting my thoughts

"Sorry. Um I got up and felt really dizzy, I didn't think too much about it because I thought it was because I got up too fast, but when I tried to move everything went black and then I woke up here." I said everything that truthfully happened to me this morning.

"Well have you had this feeling before?"

"No never. I guess it could have also been because I'm going to see One Direction in concert tomorrow." I said remembering I have to go today to buy new clothes until April and Keke made my train of thought fly off it's tracks.

"Aida don't worry we know your style. We will get your outfit and you just stay here and get better OK." Keke said getting up from the chair and taking out my wallet from my bag then leaving with April right behind her.

"Well Aida, I say you as healthy as a horse so you can go home OK." Dr. Morgan said leaving the room. Time flew by today because when i looked at the clock beside me it was already 4:45. School ends at 3 o'clock. I woke up at 6:30. I was sleeping here all day at the hospital.

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