The Concert

Hi, My name is Aida. I am a huge Directioner, but nobody is supposed to know about it. I'm not embarrassed by it, i just think that people will view me differently. On my way to a One Direction concert i seen HIM(Niall Horan). He had the most perfect smile that me me probably look like an idiot the way i looked at him. READ STORY FOR MORE INFO ABOUT THAT NIGHT!!! :)


3. The Contest

As I head back down stairs to wake April up, I hear on the radio that there is a contest about to happen. I turn up the radio to hear the anouncer talking more about the contest. He said to go to a website that they are going to sell tickets to see One Direction in concert. I looked over at April to see her sleeping soundly I looked back at the computer infront of me and went to the website soon I found that the website is about singing. I went over to April to wake her and tell her about my plan. She tells me everyday that I am an amazing singer but I dont see how good I am. I wake her up and she has the most lite up face I have ever seen on a person. She tells me to sign up quickly and put up the first video.

"Look if you dont put up the video we may never meet them. we may never fall in love with them. I need to meet Niall James Horan. I just need too." she is egging me to put up the video and I'm second guessing it then give in. i sign up and start to sing 'Hurricane' by 30 seconds to mars.after i finish singing I look at April who is smilig from ear to ear and jumping up and down.

"See i told you, you are amazing. You just put the video up and you already have 600 likes. and 650 votes. I swear you are amazing and you dont even know it." she says while walking yup the stairs yawning. sometimes i wonder what she says when she yawns but i just guess from what ever I do hear.

I log out with 700 veiws and 670 votes. i love how this is going, hopefully those tickets will be mine and i will see One Direction in concert and also meet them backstage.

I walk into Aprils room where she is layed out across her ben in a deep sleep. She is lightly snoring and talking about the concert that we might win tickets to. I feel to sleep on the second bed in Aprils room. I had fallen to sleep dreaming about how many people liked my song. Hopefully I win the tickets so April and me can see One Direction in person. It would be the best day and a half of both of our lives if we met them.

[A/N]- I know its short but I'm not too sure about what else to write. Comment any idea's you have. Also haolding Auditions for Zayn, Liam, Louis' Girlfriends!!!!! (O_O){YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!} <-- thought bouble of fans tehe :)

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