The Concert

Hi, My name is Aida. I am a huge Directioner, but nobody is supposed to know about it. I'm not embarrassed by it, i just think that people will view me differently. On my way to a One Direction concert i seen HIM(Niall Horan). He had the most perfect smile that me me probably look like an idiot the way i looked at him. READ STORY FOR MORE INFO ABOUT THAT NIGHT!!! :)


6. The Concert

April, Keke, and I all sat in our front rows seats. We couldn't believe that today was the day of the concert.


Ugh stupid alarm clock. I was having the best dream. I guess today rally is the day. Keke and April got me this really pretty shirt that was a nice blue with some black legging and some blue heels (link to outfit : I hoped in the shower and then finished in 20 minutes. Me and the girls weren't leaving until 5:00pm so we waited to get ready at 4. I was curling my hair when April told me that I was supposed to hurry up because if I didn't we were going to be late. I finished getting my hair done and then got dressed. i put on my make up and was getting ready to leave. Just as my dream Me, Keke, and April were waiting to sit down in out front row seats.

**Skip to the performance**

"OMG Aida, I love you for letting me come I love this AHHHHHH!!!! I LOVE YOU ZAYN!!" Keke was screaming in my ear before looking back at the boys that were on stage.

"Niall PLEASE MARRY ME!!" April yelled next to me. I looked at her because she knows how much I love Niall but I couldn't be mad at her because she kind of did love him first.. or did she.

[April's POV]

"Niall PLEASE MARRY ME!!" I yelled next to Aida. She looked at me with anger in her eyes but i didn't really care because I love Niall. If he didn't marry me i would ask Louis :)

[Aida's POV]

"OK so we have a big announcement. the recent winner of the singing competition can come up on stage and sing Moments with us. so we would like to say this Aida, will you please come up on stage with your guest and sing with us." the boys said as they looked directly at me in the audience. i thought they couldn't see me because it was dark in the room but i guess they could see me.Paul came out from backstage and pulled us up on the stage. i walked over to Liam who was holding out 3 mics for me Keke and April. we took the mics and began singing.

After singing Moments we all walked off stage and started to talk back stage before Paul said it was time that the boys leave.

"Would you girls like to hang out with us. we are going to Nando's because Niall needs his Nando's." Harry said as he looked at me and the girls.

"Sure. We would love to." Keke said without hesitation. she ran up to Zayn and started talking to him.

"Amazing Concert I loved it" April said as she ran up to walk next to Harry Louis and Liam.

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