The Concert

Hi, My name is Aida. I am a huge Directioner, but nobody is supposed to know about it. I'm not embarrassed by it, i just think that people will view me differently. On my way to a One Direction concert i seen HIM(Niall Horan). He had the most perfect smile that me me probably look like an idiot the way i looked at him. READ STORY FOR MORE INFO ABOUT THAT NIGHT!!! :)


2. Looking Foward to the future

3 years past and April and I are still friends. Actually since the day we met we have been best friends. When I had ran away from home she convinced me to call my mom and tell her everything. That included where I was staying. I denied until I finally gave in and called my mom. Hopefully she wouldn't get mad at me.

"Hey mom, Before you start screaming and yelling I just wanted to say I was sorry for leaving before we finished lunch. I'm at April's and her mom said that I can stay the night since it's really late now. I should have called you where I got here but I couldn't find the courage to call." I said as tears threatens to jump out of my eyes. i pushed them back just as my mom started to talk.

"Oh Aida I'm so happy to hear that you are okay. I'm not mad but when you get home tomorrow we have to talk okay. Oh and you know that band with the 5 'super hot' boys you like?" she asked quoting me when I first seen them on the X-Factor. Oh how I love One Direction.

"Yeah. Wait please tell me you didn't tell you co-workers about me loving them i don't want to be treated differently by anyone." I know it sounds like I'm embarrassed to like them but I'm not I just think that if people knew all they would want to talk to me about is One Direction and i knew that if I was famous i wouldn't want them to scream at the top of their lungs for me i just want to be treated like everyone else.

"No honey. look I'll tell you tomorrow. i just got home and I'm extremely tired." she said as i heard her car door slam indicating that she was exhausted. She usually just closed it lightly but today she must have been working hard. "I love you sweety. I will see you tomorrow. Bye."

"Night mom. i love you too. Bye." i said as i hung up. i noticed i had a finger up to April that was sitting next to me. i put it down and she screamed so loud her mom ran down the stares thinking someone was in the house trying to kill us. we reassured her and she went back up to her room and fell asleep. "Dang April why did you have to scream?"

"Sorry i heard you talking about one direction with your mom and i freaked. so what did she say about them?" she said as she got up to go to the kitchen. "Want anything?"

"No. I'm good and she didn't say anything other than telling me that she will tell me tomorrow." I said as i headed up the stairs to head to sleep. "Night."

"Night!" she screamed again from downstairs


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