I'm Yours

It started at a One Direction concert. Wanna know more? Read to find out.


3. I Love You

When we arrived at the concert we showed the security guard our backstage passes and he let us through. When we got to the boys' dressing rooms we knocked on Harry Styles' dressing room door. He opened it and said "Um... who are you" "We have backstage passes" said Lei. "Wait... I recognize you from somewhere" He said while pointing to me "Wait are you..." "My name is Kryssa" "Kryssa Everson" "Yes" "It's so good to finally see you again" "Remember what you did to me" "Yes...and I wanna say i'm sorry" "Sorry doesn't cut it Styles" "Okay I get that you're mad but just hear me out". Somewhere in the midst of our conversation Lei and Mer had managed to sneak away. "Okay go on" I said "Krys I HAD to leave, it wasn't my choice managment said that I had to leave. And i'm so sorry" "Did you even know that you have a daughter?" I said while I started to cry "No" "Well you do and you didn't even stick around to see her being born or take her first step or say her first word" "And I'm soooo sorry for that" "Whatever" I said and started running away. While I was running away he screamed "I LOVE YOU"

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