love is liquidish


2. What next?

Just as the lesson ends all the year 7, 8, 9 ,10 and the sixth formers swarm outside. Us unfortunates ( year 7's) get severely squashed between the narrow corridors and all we can hear are the teachers shouting at the rebels and all we can see is the green surrounding us like a tank of seaweed. We finally manage to get out of the corridor filled with older kids wearing green school uniform. Boring right? Well that's just a typical day for us. We trudge over to the canteen queue, me, Flora, Layla, and not to forget Anna, who always moans at us "guysssss your ditching me again." Anyway we dump our bags and run as soon as we see a trail of people all the way to the sports hall, from the canteen. By the time we GET our food all the dinner ladies are shouting at us " go! go! get to class!" and, if your wondering what next? well I guess the same thing, just another typical day.

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