love is liquidish


6. back to school

I can't stay in the hospital forever and after two days I have to go back, back to school, back to Jay.


When I walk into the classroom, ten minutes fashionably late, or in my case awkwardly late, the 29 heads turn round simultaneously and stare at me for a good five seconds then lose interest and turn back. Or at least until monkey boy decides to remind everyone about this whole Jay thing. " Susha loves Jay but Jay loves cheese sandwiches!" great way to start off the day right?

Lunchtime is even worse, we just suffer endless minutes of waiting in the queue, while being harassed by monkey boy and radish. Finally the long day is over, i flop done on my bed and just fall asleep. I let the memories drift away until my mind is nothing but butterflies and ponies, just like it used to be.


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