What happens when Renesmee Cullen enters into the world of Oria? What will happen when her name gets entered to the Matching Pool and she is matched? She already has a imprinter back home in Forks. Who will she ultimately choose? Jacob, or this new young boy in Oria?


2. Where Am I?

Where am I? I'm standing outside, on a hill. There's people everywhere, most of them are dressed formally, and rushing into a building. A person, comes up to me. "Young girl, how old are you?"

"Seventeen," I reply.

"Then why aren't you inside for your Matching Banquet? God, girl! What is wrong with you? Hurry along," the woman rushes me inside. What's a matching banquet? Where am I? And who is this woman?

Inside, there's a wall of dresses. I see other girls my age, picking out dresses and putting them on. I ask the woman what do.

"Are you clueless girl? Pick out a dress and put it on! Hurry too, the banquet is about to begin!"


I select a green dress, simply because it's Jacob's favorite color. I wonder if I'll ever find my way back to Forks, where am I though? Did I get dropped in some other city in Washington? Or am I dreaming? I'm not injured...or am I? I check myself quickly for scabs, bruises, cuts, or scrapes, and find nothing other then a small purple bruise on my foot, which I've had for quite some time.

As I pull on the dress, which is a lot heavier then it looks, the same woman from the hill escorts me into a giant room filled with tables. It looks like a wedding, there's a small stage, which a screen the size of a movie theater behind it.

"Welcome to the annual Matching Banquet," says an announcer. "Girls and boys, this is the day you've all been waiting for! I'm sure you've all heard about Matching Banquet's and what exactly to come of one, but today I will review the simple guidelines." Thank God. "Today girls, your name will be called and you will come onto the stage. You will look at the screen and see your match. Then you will be given a microcard with their simple information on it until your Official tells you that you two may see each other again."

I see a girl on a table next to me who looks nice, she reminds me of my Mom. "Excuse me," I say.

"Yes?" The girl asks. She's wearing a red dress, she must be getting matched today too. Whatever that means.

"What does getting matched mean?"

She looks at me like I'm dork head or something, and then smiles. "Don't worry, my older sister completely blanked out on the night of her matching too. Just, think, remember when you get matched with someone you're the perfect match for them, their your soul mate. You'll marry them and raise children together, and love each other. Because you're the perfect match for each other. I can't wait to see who I get!"

"So...I can't ever change my mind? Like, what if this guy is a dumb head?" I ask.

"You mean....." She whispers. "A divorce?"

I nod. "Yeah."

"Well the Society practically forbids it. It's allowed of course, but the scientists behind matching are very smart. Trust me, you'll love the guy."

"I hope so," I say. God, this matching sounds awful! I mean,  like, some people telling you who you have to be with, forever and ever? What about dating? This is stupid. This whole in entire town is messed up. Very messed up. I wonder what happened to this town, and even more, where am I?


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