Not Just Anybody

Rachel isn`t the smartest person in the world.She`s pretty though.but you know what they say pretty doesn`t get you a long way.She doesn`t want a tutor but she has no choice.When she meets her tutor she doesn`t like him at first but she gets used to him being around.Will there be romance?Will there be fighting?read to find out.

Constructive critism welcome.


4. 4

The police caught my father yesterday and now I`m back home with my mum.He didn`t hurt her.He tried to but the police caught him just in time.They gave him the death penelty.SUX 4 HIM."OH CRAP!"I yelled.  my mum didn`t make me go to school."What`s wrong?"My mom asked."Promise ypu won`t be mad?"i asked."Yes."she said."My teacher told me that I needed a tutor and I`m supposed to meet him after school."I said."Where are you two meeting?"she asked.Were meeting at the library ."I said.Oh dfo you want me to drive you there?"she asked."Yes please."i said."Are you going to change first?"she asked."Oh yeah I forgot."I said.I went upsatirs to change.I put on jeans uggs and a purple sweatshirt.I went to the bathroom and fixed my hair.After my mom drove me to the library."Bye mom."I said."Bye."she said.I walked in to the library and meet my tutor.YESSSSS!IT WAS know the really hot guy.I walked over to him."Hi."I said and sat down"Hey."he said."SO are you ready?"he asked."Yeah."I said.

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