Not Just Anybody

Rachel isn`t the smartest person in the world.She`s pretty though.but you know what they say pretty doesn`t get you a long way.She doesn`t want a tutor but she has no choice.When she meets her tutor she doesn`t like him at first but she gets used to him being around.Will there be romance?Will there be fighting?read to find out.

Constructive critism welcome.


3. 3

"I`m failing?"I said."Yes.We think you need a tutor and i have the perfect student for you.You start tommorow.he said."but i don`t want a tutor.I said."But your average is the lowest in the whole grade.he said."But I study every night."I said."well you have to study harder he said.I walked out of the classroom and went to my car.I drove home and saw my mom`s car outside.I ran in and saw that she was on the couch.I ran over to herand hugged her.Her eyes were red and puffy and she was sniffling.oh god."What`s wrong?"i asked her."We`re getting divorced."she said.After she said that I started crying."Why?I asked quietly."I don`t know if you`ve noticed my scars."she said."I have but I didn`t know that was what they were from."I said."So is he leaving?" i asked"No.I am."she said."You`re leaving me with him?"I asked."Sorry."she said."I thought you loved me."I said bawling."I do but he said if I take you with me he`ll find us and kill us both."She said.He already told me he was going to kill me either way."she said."No I`m not going to let him."I said.Right then he walked in.he had a mom told me to run as far and fast as I can but i didn`t listen.I just stood there."GO!"She screamed so I ran out th door and ran to my car and drove to Ally`s house.I knocked on the door and she answered."HE-what`s wrong she said."My sycopath dad is trying to kill my mom."i said.He said he would kill me too. but my mom told me to run as far away as I can so I came here.I said."Come in."she said.I follwed her up to her room."you can stay here as long as you need to ."she said."thanks.I said.

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