Not Just Anybody

Rachel isn`t the smartest person in the world.She`s pretty though.but you know what they say pretty doesn`t get you a long way.She doesn`t want a tutor but she has no choice.When she meets her tutor she doesn`t like him at first but she gets used to him being around.Will there be romance?Will there be fighting?read to find out.

Constructive critism welcome.


2. 2

BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP."Shutup."I said smacking my alarm clock.I got up and took a shower.After I put on pink skinny jeans and a grey ruffle shit with my grey uggs.I straightened my hair and put on mascara, eyeliner,and pink lipgloss.I grabbed my navy hollister sweatshirt and walked downstairs.I usually don`t eat breakfast so I grabbed my keys and left.I got in my car and drove to school.I walked to my locker and saw a REALLY hot guy.He had curly brown hair and emerald green eyes.He was H-O-T-T hot.I texted Chloe.




CHLOE-What`s his name????????


ME-How am I supposed 2 know?




ME-I have 2 go 2 class bye









I walked to world history.I walked in the classroom and saw that the really hot guy was in my class.There was only one spot left and it was right next to him.YAY.Then I recognized him.He looked really farmilliar.I was thinking about where I saw him from and then it hit me.HE IS IN ONE DIRECTION!They were my favorite group on the xfactor.I cried when they got 3rd.I LEGIT CRIED."Hi."he said."Hi."I said back."I`m harry."he said."Yeah I know I watched you on the xfactor."I said."I litterally cried when you got third."I said."hahaha me too."he said."Obviously."I said.then the teacher walked in and we all got quiet."Rachel Mr.G wants to talk to you."She said.I got up and walked out of the room and to the principals office.I went and sat down."so what did you want to talk to me about?"I said."You`re failing."he said

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