Not Just Anybody

Rachel isn`t the smartest person in the world.She`s pretty though.but you know what they say pretty doesn`t get you a long way.She doesn`t want a tutor but she has no choice.When she meets her tutor she doesn`t like him at first but she gets used to him being around.Will there be romance?Will there be fighting?read to find out.

Constructive critism welcome.


1. 1

"I GOT ANOTHER D !"I said to my best friend Chloe."I got a B!"she said.I gave her a dirty look."Shutup."I said.She rolled her eyes."Let`s go.I said.We walked over to my car and got in.I blasted the radio and drove home.We live right next door to eachother.She walked into her house and I walked into mine."One more day to go untill the weekend."I said out loud.My parents are never home.They`re always at work.Oh I forgot my name is Rachel.I have long straight blonde hair and green eyes.I got a text.


Zayn-Hey babe.




Zayn-I have to talk to you.


Me-Umm ok.


Zayn-come to my house.


Me-kk I`ll be right there.


I got into my car and drove to his house.When I got there I knocked on the door.Zayn answered immediatly.


Me-What did you want to talk about?"I said.


Zayn-I think we should break up."He said.


I left right away so Zayn wouldn`t see me crying.I got in my car and drove home.By the time I got home it was 6:00 so I went to shower.I grabbed a pair of yoga pants and a hollister t shirt.





I walked downstairs and watched tv.It was 10:00 and I still didn`t eat dinner.I made raman noodles.When I was done eating it was 10:30 so I went to bed.

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