Three Lads and a Guitar

Laurel is hurting. Recently her long-term boyfriend broke up with her and she can't get over him. He was her everything and she can't stop thinking about him. It doesn't help that her ex keeps playing with her feelings.... Laurel and her friends need to pull together when an enemy comes to Mercury Falls. Will Laurel's aura-reading abilities, with the help from the boy with the guitar, help to overcome the enemy in Mercury Falls?


1. Prologue

Sun shone down on us, gorgeous, warm. Summer in Mercury falls had always been long, gentile, warm and sweet. Or so Jake told me. Having only moved there at September the year before, I wouldn't know. However, my first summer there was a real hit. There had been parties, dancing on the beach, random bingo nights, horseback riding and even more. The locals said Mercury Falls was boring and lonely, but from what I observed that summer, the youngsters knew how to make their own fun. Of course there was the summer romance that made moving from Ireland to America the year before worth it....


I felt a hand squeeze mine and looked up to see who the hand belonged to. Jake Sheridan's gorgeous emerald green eyes met my gleaming brown ones. His mahogany brown hair was short, only long enough for me to run my hands through. This was a stark comparison to my flaming auburn locks of curly long hair. Jake's skin is a gorgeous tanned colour while mine is ivory.


I studied the beautiful scenery. We were sitting with our feet dangled in into a river, not quite touching the surface. The Fane park/river walk was a picturesque place. Occasionally a fish would jump up from the water and Jake and I would split our sides laughing.


"What are you thinking about?" Jake asked softly.

"Just how beautiful your eyes look next to the scenery." I replied with a grin.

Jake ran a hand through my curly hair.

"Laurel Cherry... I love you so much." He declared.

Then he gently pulled me towards him and snogged me like I was dying.


A little while after, we would head into bingo to meet my friend Clare, as normal. And due to my abnormal luck (probably something to do with my abnormal nature), I would win at the bingo yet again. I thought nothing would change in Mercury Falls. I thought we would carry on as normal. I was wrong.

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