Panic Struck.

Candice Follen is 15, and an average teenage girl. When walking to school, a car being chased hits Candice full on, and Candice is sent into a coma. After a few days, Candice is back on her feet, but somethings different.
She has still-moments, and every still moment holds a clip.
But it's not any old clip.
It's the future...


5. Chapter 5

School was a big, un-truthful blur. People would walk by, and no-body would quit staring. I felt like a freak-show, even though people were trying to be subtle. Grace would stick beside me, and help me when-ever I felt weak.

Of course, the nurses had lied. I had problems with my legs. I would have a random moment, and my knees would bend, and I'd fall to the floor. But during this 'moment' , a random clip (encluding me) would flash before me, and before I knew it, that clip would be preformed by whom ever in front of me.

"Candice, honey, can you stop falling to the floor? Your giving me aches in my own knees from all this constant kneeling" Grace complained, rubbing at her knee caps.

I sighed.

"Sorry, I just, I don't know. It keeps happening, and I, can't help it".

Grace gave me a sympathetic look, and then her eyes sort of flashed with annoyence.

"Just, try and stop it. I know you were hit by a car, but come on, it's been three weeks. I don't know wheter to believe you or not..."

Before she could continue, I felt my legs give in, and I sunk to the floor.

" That's it, Hill, were over!"

"Fine, I'll take Jenny to the dance instead!"

Grace gasped.


"No, shut up, Grace! Go, now, before I..."

"Candice, for christ sakes, get up!"

My eyes burnt, and my knees were weak. Grace grabbed my arm and pulled me up, and held her hand out, as if she were going to smack me round the face.

"Did you hear anything I just said? Quit it!"

"I...uh...sorry. I won't do it again".

I yanked away my arm, and stalked off down the corridor. Was I crazy, or did I just witness the breaking up or Grace and Ashley?

I could seem to erase the clip, it just jumped in front of me. I almost bumbed into Ash.

"Uh, Candice, do you no where Grace is?"

My heart leapt. Crap, was he going to break it off now?


"Uh...what? Where is she? This is like, you know, urgent" he sort of snapped.

"Oh, she's down th--"

I didn't even need to finish my sentance, because Ash had already gone.

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