Panic Struck.

Candice Follen is 15, and an average teenage girl. When walking to school, a car being chased hits Candice full on, and Candice is sent into a coma. After a few days, Candice is back on her feet, but somethings different.
She has still-moments, and every still moment holds a clip.
But it's not any old clip.
It's the future...


4. Chapter 4

A cold feeling travelled around my body. But this time, it was different. I wasn't able to climb out of my body. I felt myself jerk, and my eyes snapped open. I inhailed the smell of a usual hospital ; medicines galore.

I was awake. I watched my arm move, and both legs.

I screamed, and stat up in my bed. The nurse on the other side of the room looked up.

"Oh my, she's awake!" she exclaimed, excitedly. She drew attention to me, and one nurse grabbed the wall phone.

"I'm calling your parents" she called, and began to speak into the phone.

"Do you remember anything, Candice? Anything at all?"

I felt myself nod.

"Yeah, I was..."

But that was it. I couldn't remember.

"You don't, do you? You were hit by a car. Your very lucky, girl. No internal injuries, no permenent damage... your perfectly fit! You might have quite a bit bruising, though".

I smiled weakly.

"What's wrong? Most patients would be jumping for joy!"

"Um, it's just, I kinda wish you'd have been able to say that to my sister. But, I guess it's too late".

The nurse looked at me, and then her smile faded.

"Oh lord...Hailey..."

I nodded.

"Worst accident in Atlanta, right? Anyway, can we please forget I mentioned that".

The nurse nodded at me, and walked away.

I looked down at myself with pure concentration. I was wearing a hidious hospital gown, white with a strange vine pattern. I could see blood stains by my hips, and when I glaced down at my fingers, they too, were covered in blood. And they ached tremendously.

After a couple of minutes, my parents burst in, my mom once again, crying. Beside mom stood dad, tall and grey next to her. But there was another figure.


She was the first to rush over, and she even hopped onto my bed and sat beside me. My mom and dad followed quickly, pulling me into a huge bear hug.

"Oww. Oww!" I cried, and they all pulled back.

"Your okay, my love, your okay! Oh I love you, love you, love you!" my mom cried, and hugged me once again. This time, I didn't try and object, because, I was actually glad that this time I could hug her.

"Aww, my little Candance. My little dancer lives!"

I smiled, and accepted a couple more hugs.

And then mom asked me the question I'd been dreading.

"Why the hell would you run in the road when a car's speeding full-throttle?"

I didn't exactly answer, and she sighed. I watched her turn towards dad, and he gave her a look that I couldn't quite describe.

"Chicken" he spoke in a hushed tone. That's when mom turned back to me with a discusted look.

"Chicken? What the hell, Candice! You know Hailey did that same! What the frikken' hell were you trying to do, die with her?!"

"Amber, calm do--"

"No, Harry, I will not calm down! I am sick of this family threatening their lives, as if it's some big death test!"

With that, mom spun round, and stormed down the corridor. Dad watched after her, and from the expression on his face, I knew he wanted to run after her. But he looked back at me with the same discusted/disapointed look.

"I don't know what to do with you, Candice. I mean, was it really worth getting hit?"

I stifened.

"No. But I didn't realise the car was getting chased by the cops. If I did, I wouldn't have done it. But it turned the corner so fast, I..."

"So you do remember?" Grace cut in. She was flushed, and her eyes were blackened. She'd obviously had no sleep for, I don't know, days? And now she had joined in with the looks ; disapointment, and guilt.

I shrugged.

"Mom mentioned chicken. I guess it all came flooding back. Dad, when can I leave?"

He looked at me for a couple of seconds, then spun round to speak to one of the near-by nurses.

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