Panic Struck.

Candice Follen is 15, and an average teenage girl. When walking to school, a car being chased hits Candice full on, and Candice is sent into a coma. After a few days, Candice is back on her feet, but somethings different.
She has still-moments, and every still moment holds a clip.
But it's not any old clip.
It's the future...


1. Chapter 1

I smiled sweetly at Grace.

"Come on, I know that look. Your hiding something. Do you think Ash is hot? OMG, he is sooooo fit..."

I could hear myself babbling on, but I honestly wanted Grace to get to the point. Although, Ash would be a good topic...

"Candice, it's just..."

I gave her one of my most supportive looks. She was probably going to say something as redic as 'I'm failing maths, don't tell anybody'.

But I was soooo wrong.

"Candice, I'm going out with Ash".

My heart leapt. She, my best mate Grace Winsley, was going out with ASHLEY HILL?

"I, uh, don't fully..."

I felt my voice trail off. I didn't know whether I was angry, or just really upset. I decided on emotionally confuesed. I mean, being angry and upset, and, also, a little bit confuesed at the same time isn't really one emotion. Is it?

"Look, Candice..." she reached out for me, but I jerked my hand away.

Right then, that exact moment, Grace gave me a look ; a look so weird, that I almost hit myself for pulling back.

"Oh, C...-"

"Don't even bother" I inturrupted, "I know your going to apoligise for being a traitor, but don't even..."

I shook my head, and walked away.

"Candice, don't do this!"

I held up a hand, and continued down the corridor. I couldn't believe it. My crush on Ashley shouldn't have been told. I knew she'd do this. She did it in 6th grade, when I fancied Carl, a sweet, blonde haired hottie, who lik me too. But Grace butted in, and Carl wouldn't even speak to me.

Then anger swept over me, and I almost punched the wall.


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