Love Triangle

In middle school Emily's penn-pals name is Harry Styles. She moves to Los Angeles from Chicago. Will her bestfriend in Los Angeles soon become family? She moves to Holmes Chapel and auditions for XFactor. What will happen on her journey? Perhaps a Love Triangle or new additions to the family.



9. 9. This day..

throughout reading my letter, i never felt vicky's eyes leave my direction. it was really annoying now. i ignored her and read Harry's letter

"Ive been getting better! haha! I really like xfactor too. i watch every season. i think im gonna audition. maybe when im about 16 though. And no, Im not an only child. I have a older sister, her name is Gemma. She's not much older than i am. We both live with my mum. My parents got divorced. How about you r family? Or are you an only child.

-Harry Xx"

i really thought he was an only child, i thought to myself.

after reading i immediately started to write back.

"Wells thats good! But same, same! I might also audition around 16 o 17. Depending on the time. Sadly, im an only child:(. i wish i had at least an older or younger brother or sister. Its always quiet at home. Expect on a party. Or when my boyfriend, Kyle is over. When hes over its never quiet. haha!... So, do you have a girlfriend?(;


i wrote back. By the time i was done Kyle was bearly writing back. Damn Cher really writes a lot to him. while his arent even that long. wow.

after he was done he turned to me "dude she needs to stop staring at us." he replied kind of annoyed. "shes gonna keep staring until she has the perfect plan." "what do you think shell try?" "i think shes gonna try to break us up." "well then thats never going to happen." he looked how and got a tight grip on my hand. "i hope not..." i whispered. Mrs.Lopez gave us our class work and as usual we did it together. after we finished there were only 3 minutes of class left so we turned it in and wait for the bell to ring. "hey babe what are we gonna do today?" he asked. "wanna walk around?" "sure." "lets go to my house first to eat and drop our stuff off." "okay" he replied right as the bell rang. we went to our lockers and got our stuff. "hey babe hold on i gotta use the bathroom." i handed him my stuff.



"Wheres your little girlfriend?" vicky stood right in front of me. "why do you care." i stated back. "So you got a little attitude now, do you?" "Vicky. WHAT DO YOU WANT." i spat back at her. she kept getting closer and closer. i kept backing away each time. "why do you keep backing away babe?" she said trying to sound seductive as possible. she then put her hand on my chest and traced down until she got to my dick, and she was rubbing on it. which of course me being a guy, i got hard. "you like this?" she said. "i bet your skanky ass girlfriend wouldnt please you like i would." i was silent.  "cmon babe youll be better off with me then with her slutty ass." she slammed her lips on mine before i could say anything. i tried to push her off but with all her force she move one bit. i tried my best not to kiss back, but i just coudnt hold it in. i heard a really loud gasp in back of Vicky. 



I couldnt believe this. what i saw. why would he. i gasped loud. a little too loud i would say.  but right now i didnt care. i just saw MY BOYFRIEND kissing vicky. "ba-babe i can explain.." his voice sounded full of pain. i couldnt dare look at vicky right now. "explain what!  you fuckin kissing her! not to even mention, look at your fuckin dick dude!" "babe, give me time to explain." he calmly replied. "i thought you said you would stay away from her.." i said in a very low voice. i grabbed my things. i burst into tears and ran straight home. "EMILY" i kept hearing kyle scream my name. over and over again. i didnt stop, not once. not until i got home.  i slammed the door. "honey! whats wrong!" i heard my moms voice full of concern as i ran up the stairs. after 10 minuted of being locked in my room and hearing my mom on the other side and balling my eyes out, i finally calmed down and went to grab something to eat. i wished i wouldnt see my mom right now. i dont wanna tell her. especially since she kind of liked kyle too. i tip toed to the kitchen as quiet as possible. "honey." i heard my mom from behind me. 'fuck' i thought to myself. "what happened?" she asked still full of concern. "nothing. im fine" "no your not, now tell me what happened." after i told her i was balling my eyes out again. "its okay. you have to give him a chance to explain." "but mom! it was vicky! out of everybody else! he even promised me he would talk to her again!" "the best think is to talk to him about it. its your choice though. at least try." i walked up to my room. i checked my phone since i hadnt even turned it on since after school. and i was now 5pm. i had 69 missed calls from kyle and 49 unread messages. i deleted all of them. not looking at one. i started to replay what happened in my head and started to cry again. i with that i dozed off. 

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