Love Triangle

In middle school Emily's penn-pals name is Harry Styles. She moves to Los Angeles from Chicago. Will her bestfriend in Los Angeles soon become family? She moves to Holmes Chapel and auditions for XFactor. What will happen on her journey? Perhaps a Love Triangle or new additions to the family.



8. 8. Not expected.

I gasped as soon as i looked in the mirror. It was a huge hickey.  i guess we were too caught up in the moment to realize it. but me. i  guess i was WAY to caught up in the moment to even notice when he moved down to my neck. kyle stood at the door and laughed when he saw it. he came behind me, put his hands on my waist and kissed it. "sorry babe i didn't mean to" he laughed while saying it. "its not funny kyle." *CLICK*  me and kyle got scared by the sound and quickly turned out heads to the door way. "Mom! what the hell! the scared the shit outta us!" "Sorry hunny, you guys just looked so cute!" i turned to kyle to hide my blushing from my mom. "Can i see it Eva?" she handed the camera to kyle. "looks like i got a new profile picture." i said laughing. "better be" my mom said. "uhmm, mom? why did you laugh when you saw the uhh..thiss" i asked her pointing to the hickey. she shrugged her shoulders and said "its funny cuz you didnt know you had it, and i dont think kyle even knew he did it" she just laughed again. at least shes not mad. "uhh your not mad right?" kyle asked in a kind of scared voice. "of course not" and with that she walked off. "uhh i gotta cover it for school you know right?" "yeahh i knowww" he stated kind of regretting that he done it. "its fine babe."  i told him reassuring him. i turned to face him "how about that ice cream now?" he kissed me saying yeah. when he gt done eating the ice cream it was about 7:30. "hey em, do you think my mm will give me a ride? or should i call my mom?" "MOM CAN WE DROP OFF KYLE?" i screamed to her from the kitchen. she walked in "Emily, no need to yell. you scared the fuck out of me." "my bad" me and kyle just started to crack up. "so? can we? or does he needa call his mom?" i asked again "lets go!" she said. we went outside and got in the range rover. as soon as m and kyle hoped in the back 'Viva La Vida' by Coldplay was on the radio. i almost screamed! Its my favorite song by Coldplay. i started singing it and kyle and my mom just gave me a weird look. "what? i cant sing my favorite song?" i asked. and they just started laughing. me my mo and kyle were just talking about random stuff and laughing like crazy. "alright kyle which house is it?" my mom asked when we got on his block. "the brick one" he said. "they're all brick kyle" she said laughing "the one with the black Bentley in the driveway" he replied laughing too. the ride home was silent expect for the singing coming from me. "uh mom your not mad about it right..?" i asked regretting it the second i said it.  "not really, just dont let it happen again" "okay" i whispered.


when i woke up i was lazy so i just slipped on my PINK yoga pants, threw on a random shirt and put on my black North Face, and my white converse. i went downstairs and ate breakfast. when i finished eating i went back to my room to brush my teeth. i put my hair in a messy bun. and then i got my foundation and used it to cover up the hickey. then i went downstairs ready to go to school.  when i got to school i quicly met up with kyle and we made out for a little bit until we felt people staring at us. when we pulled away we found ourselves in the middle of a huge group circle. everyone scremed out Awhh. me and kyle just looked at each other and smiled. thats until we both saw Vicky. staring at us. with a disgusted look. "dude she starting to creep me out" i whispered to kyle "yeah me too..and its getting old now.." "ohh well..cmon lets go inside its chilly" he grabbed my hand and walked us into the building leading us to our lockers. and into homebase.


the day was actaully pretty fun today. no homework in any classes! yesss! "class, Fridays y you will never have homework unless you dont finish the work in class" all the teachers told s today.  "okay class lets get started"Mrs.Lopez walked in to the room with a big smile on her face. she walked over to her desk and got a huge stack of letters. "Jade, Emily, Jenny, and Vicky come get your letters." vicky push me when she walked past me. "dude watch it" i said to her full of anger. she just rolled her eyes. "i saw that" kyle whispered to me when i got to my desk. and i just looked up at him and nodded my head. "you should really talk to her em." "why should i? we already did. it didnt turn out good. i dont wanna talk to her again. ever." he just nodded back at me. when i looked up Vicky was just staring at me. then looked at kyle and back at me. then gave me a evil smirk. she only did that she she had something planned out. "kyle, stay away from her." i turned to him. "i know. but why did you say this all of a sudden?" "she has something planned." "how do you know?" "she was staring at us and smirked at us. she only does that when she has something planned. and it usually ends out bad." "like what?" he asked clearly full in concern.  "bad stuff. shes going for us now. we ave to ignore her as much as we could." he just nodded. we both began to read our letters now. i still felt vicky staring at us.


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