Love Triangle

In middle school Emily's penn-pals name is Harry Styles. She moves to Los Angeles from Chicago. Will her bestfriend in Los Angeles soon become family? She moves to Holmes Chapel and auditions for XFactor. What will happen on her journey? Perhaps a Love Triangle or new additions to the family.



7. 7. Surprises...

the next periods after lunch were actually pretty interesting  but i couldn't wait to get to my last period class. Language Arts. so i can read Harry's letter and reply back. when the time finally came Mrs.Lopez did the usual thing. take attendance, pass out the work for the day, and finally what ive been waiting for this whole day. she started calling everybody's name but not mine. "uhm Mrs.Lopez i didnt get a letter..." "okay, let me check again, go sit down and start the other work while i look" i nodded and walked back to my seat. "whats wrong babe" "nothing just i didnt get a letter back...shes looking for it" "ohh.. hope she finds it.." "yeahh me too.." "Ahh! Emily! I found it!" i heard Mrs.Lopez say. i practically ran to her desk and back to mine.

 -THE LETTER- what Harry wrote.

"Yeah hopefully we'll become good friends after this and stay in touch!.. I have a feeling that your a good singer tough. I'd say your pretty lucky to live in the states. I've gone over a few times only to Florida though. Its nice so thats good. haha! but if you like to sing, you should try and follow your dream. Maybe audition for Xfactor? So how have you been? hopefully good. If you want to know anything else about me just ask!

        -Harry x" the letter read.

"Well Harry, i gotta say at least we both agree on staying in touch for one thing! but how could you say you have a feeling about my singing? huh?! haha nah im playing. I've never traveled out of the states except to Mexico, and to Canada when i was like 3 but of course i dont remember anything about Canada haha. You should try out for Xfactor too. i really lovee that show by the way! and I've been good, how about you? uhmmm.. do you have any other siblings? besides yourself? or are you a only child? and you can ask me anyhing you want to also!

   -Emily(:"   i wrote back. 

Kyle was smiling at his letter so i guess he is starting to like Cher now. Thats good. at least they'll get along. then i started to work on the classwork for the day. i finished in about 15 minutes, it was really simple. so then i just started to do my homework for other classes. when class was about over kyle was done writing his letter back. "so how do you like Cher now?" "shes ok. she says shes a good singer. and shes auditioning for xfactor in a couple of years." my mouth dropped. She lived by London. do did Harry. what if they meet each other? all these things just flushed my head. "whats wrong babe?" "nothing.." just then the bell rang and i got up from my seat in a hurry and turned my stuff in and walked out not waiting for kyle. "Emily! hold up!" i did bother to stop. i knew i was over thinking it so i just waiting for kyle outside. "what was that about?" "nothing" "somethings up em." "really its nothing. i just over thinked something." ohh ok.." kyle said quietly. "hey want a ride home?" i asked breaking the silence "sure." My mom was picking us to in her new all black Ranger Rover that i fell in love with the minute i saw it. 


"kyle? right?" my mom asked. "yes ma'ma." my mom started laughed hysterically. me and kyle just exchanged confused looks. "mom. stop.." i said. "soryy hun. Kyle, you dont have to call me ma'ma. call me Eva. anyways are you busy Friday?" "okay ma- Eva. and no im not" "great! you think you could come over? after school if youd like that. or i could pick you up." "ill go after school" "alright. anyways where do you wanna come over or want me to drop you off at your house now?" "is it cool if i stay over for a few?" "sure no problem." "Mom can wee go to Wendys?" she just nodded. my om turned up the radio and started singing along to the sings that came on. me and kyle looked at each other and started laughing. then we just talked quietly about stuff. When we got to Wendy's my mom ordered our stuff and kyle ordered his. after eating we went to my place. Me and kyle went up to my room. "mom were gonna do homework in my room" she nodded and winked at me. and i just blushed and kyle chuckled. when we got to my room i shut the door and turned the radio on while kyle explored my room and bathroom. he got done exploring after a couple of minutes and sat back down on my bed next to me. i had started doing the Math homework so he took his out and copied mine. after we finished that we both took out our History homework. half way thou he grabbed my hand and put his free hand on my chin. looking me straight into my eyes. i was looking straight into is brown eyes that i could get lost in easily. "time for a break" he said seriously. he gently pushed me down onto my bed and on top of me. he was teasing me and was leaning down so slow. I grabbed his hair and pushed him down closer to me not wanting to wait any longer. he quickly asked for entrance and i let him take over control fast. after a couple mintues of having a deep making out session he put his hands up me shirt and pulled it off, leaving me only in my black and hot pink lace bra. he leaned back down this time i took control and i flipped him over so i was on top. he put his cold hands on my boobs which sent shivers through my whole body.  i felt his boner and i started massaging it though his Hollister Khakis. he moaned kind of loud so i pulled away and said "shh" i the most seducive voice i could. he unbuckled my jeans and started pulling them down while we were still making out.  i pulled away from the kiss. "kyle.. noo.. we cant..i cant.." "em, cmon. please" "no. im not losing my virginity. especially because were only 13. and my mom is down stairs!" "you have the music blasting anyways!" "i dont care. Im. Not. Having Sex." i said in the most serious tone and he nodded and put his shirt on while i put mine on and pulled my jeans up. "hey listen up em, i got a little carried away.." he apologized  "ya think." he just stood there quiet obviously feeling bad now. so i went up to him ans kissed  him. he put his hands on my ass and i put my hands in his hair. i pulled away. "want ice cream?" i asked him "sure" we went down to the kitchen and i got the stuff. my mom was just staring at me. "mom. what are yo starting at?" "go take a look in the mirror" she said before cracking up. i walked to the room with kyle right behind me. i looked up. shocked at what i saw.

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