Love Triangle

In middle school Emily's penn-pals name is Harry Styles. She moves to Los Angeles from Chicago. Will her bestfriend in Los Angeles soon become family? She moves to Holmes Chapel and auditions for XFactor. What will happen on her journey? Perhaps a Love Triangle or new additions to the family.



6. 6. Little argument...

The morning in school were the usual. boring. except homebase, me and kyle were laughing hysterically the whole time and everyone kept staring at us, including Mrs.Lopez. "Emily and Kyle quiet down" she had to keep telling us over and over. i went to all my morning classes, boring as always. then lunch period came. i was putting my books in my locker when i closed my locker kyle was there "cmon babe" he told me. he quickly interlocked our fingers together. "Hey, Em can i talk to you?" vicky said behind me and kyle, i looked at kyle asking if i should so. he simply just nodded and walked up to his group of guy friends who were close by. "Soo.." vicky said breaking the awkward silence. "why have you been ignoring me and kyle since like the fist week of school? what did we do to you? we dont remember saying or doing anything to you." "i dont wanna talk about it.." "so much for a bestfriend..." i whispered quietly enough for only me to hear. "what?" she asked me shocked. 'shit she heard me' i thought to myself. "nothing." i replied bluntly. "what do you mean so much for a bestfriend? you have kyle now dont you? or i mean kyle, your boyfriend." she almost yelled at me full of anger now. "why do you care who i date?" i asked her back in an attitude. "because we would usually talk this kind of stuff over, Emily!" "how would i talk to you! you've been ignoring me! better yet giving me dirty looks! for literally no reason! and to kyle too! we didn't do anything to you!" we both yelled clearly irreated at eachother. she just stood there looking at me with the dirtiest look anyone has ever gave me, and i iddnt deserve this. i didnt do anything to her. shes the one acting weird since Mrs.Lopez told us that we'd be doing a penn-pal project. i dont think it was that though. or was it? no. it couldnt. how could that make her like this towards me? better yest, me AND kyle? whatever i guess. Kyle just then came up to us. "woahh woahh whats going on?" "i ave no idea.." i answered truthfully. i was glad when he grabbed my hand and turned to kiss me. vicky still standing there with that look on her face. it kinda of changed into a more disgusted look now. "vicky..dont dont talk to me...ever." i told her looking straight at her with a straight face. she just gasped. me and kyle now started walking to the lunch room. "Emily!Wait! I'm sorry!" i stopped in my tracks and said "dont you think its a little late for that?" clearly annoyed at her. "babe." kyle looked me and the eyes asking whats wrong "ill tell you later" i simply whispered loud enough for only him to hear. our walk to the lunch room was silent. i was just thinking about what just happened. and why was she mad at us. oh well. im not talking to her again. when we got our lunch and sat down kyle asked me once again what happened. "shes mad at me. us. for no reason. shes blaming literally nothing on us! like what the hell! who does that!""i asked her why shes been ignoring us since like the first week of school and she said she doesnt wanna talk about it. then i said 'so much for a bestfrien' and she was like 'you have kyle, i mean kyle your boyfriend'. and that pissed me off more. shes mad too because i didnt tell her that you asked me out and i told her why would i she was ignoring me and giving me dirty looks for no reason whats so ever!" "what do you mean when she said 'she doesnt wanna talk about it?' " he asked curious. "i dont know. and i dont care." "Emily you should talk to her about it."  "i dont want to." "em." "what kyle! i said i dont want to! why should i! shes already more mad at me! just because we go out! like what the fuck! wy does she care that i go out with you!" "i guess...whatever i guess.." and he left it at that and changed the subject. a little bit after that the lunch bell rang and we got up to leave. we walked to my locker. he had put his stuff in mine. we then walked hand in hand to our next class. 

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