Love Triangle

In middle school Emily's penn-pals name is Harry Styles. She moves to Los Angeles from Chicago. Will her bestfriend in Los Angeles soon become family? She moves to Holmes Chapel and auditions for XFactor. What will happen on her journey? Perhaps a Love Triangle or new additions to the family.



5. 5. Whats going to happen?

"W-what do you mean?.." i asked shocked and confused at his sudden question. "what do you think about me Em?" "I're cute.. but your my bestfriend, and liking you isn't right..." "So you 're saying it wrong to do this? to the girl ive had the biggest crush on since i saw her?" Wha-" he cut me off my leaning in and kissing me. this kiss was like non other before. it was full of passion and meaning. he quickly asked for entrance and i gladly let him, he took control right away. i couldn't help but smile the whole way though, which made him smile too. he then put his hands on my ass and i put my arms around his neck and started playing with his hair. i tried to take over, but he laughed into the kiss and nodded and deepened the kiss way more then i expected him to, but i was happy about that. we pulled away grasping for air. "So?.." i said still cheesy. "Does this mean that the one and only Emily is my girlfriend?" he asked with much confidence. "i guess so" i replied a little to fast and started to giggle. "finally" he whispered loud enough for me to hear, i  don't think i was suppose to hear though. i stood on my tippytoes to kiss him again. he liked the bottom of my lip asking for entrance which i happily let him. we both kept deepening it as we went along. we kept kissing for about 5 minutes until we couldn't go any longer without air. "finally" i mocked him from earlier. "shut up, you werent suppose to hear that..." i just laughed at him. now instead of going on the swings he walked me home, we went hand-in-hand until we got to the front of my house. "well i guess ill see you tomorrow babe" he winked at me and leaned down to give me one last kiss. "kay, see you tomorrow" i said in a flirty way. he gave me a goodbye hug then started to walk away. 

~~~~~~NEXT DAY~~~~~~~

"EMILY!" my mom yelled from the bottom of the staircase. "WHAT!" i yelled back "get up, your gonna be late for school" she said back at me. "okay" i simply said back. after i got done getting dressed i waked downstairs to eat breakfast, once i finished i went back to my bathroom to do my hair and brush my teeth. i put my hair in a white girl bun, went to my room got my bookbag and walked back downstairs. -IN THE CAR- "so whos this kyle kid you were with yesterday?" my mom asked me which stopped me from dinging along to the radio. "promise not to get mad if i tell you?" "hes your boyfriend isnt he?" she asked confidently. "maybe, maybe not? but how did you know?" "you never hang out with anybody besides vicky. anyways what happen to her? she hasnt came over in the longest." "I dont now, she stopped talking to me and kyle the second day of school, ever since she gives us dirty looks, we never did anything to her though. i guess were not friends anymore.." "maybe shes jealous of you and kyle?" "nah, me and kyle started going out yesterday after school..." "ohh then i dont know honey, you should talk to her" "i tried like twice already and she walks away and gives me a dirty look." "well.. i dont know then... anyways you should invite kyle over, i wanna meet his ass. and hows the penn-pals going?" "Mom! dont refer to him as an 'ass'!" i ssaid but laughed after. "well sorry!" she said back "anyways the penn-pal stuff is going good, his name is Harry Styles, and he seems nice and hes funny. hes 13, just like me, he says he likes to sing, and he can juggle!" "Sounds interesting  bye honey" she said as i gt out of the car. i love that my mom is my bestfriend at the same time as the best mom in the world. i cant put it in words how much i love and look up to this women. "Kay love you mom, and look thats kyle right there" i pointed to him in the crowd of people. but when he saw me, he left the crowd to come with me. he immediately pulled me into a hug. i turned to my mom. she smiled and nodded, which meant she had a good feeling about him. he saw her looking and waved hi and she waved back. "my mom said she wants to meet you.." i said in a low voice. "is that bad?" he asked kind of worried "not really she seems to like you from your appearance" we both laughed at that. "well when?" he asked. he squeezed my hand slightly not, meaning he wasnt so sure about meeting her. "some time next week? i guess you'll come over after school. ill see if it can be Friday so we can do something after." "iight". when we walked into homebase vicky was staring at me and her eyes dropped to our interlocked hands, and she gave me a 'we gotta talk about this' look but i just acted like i didn't see her. 


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