Love Triangle

In middle school Emily's penn-pals name is Harry Styles. She moves to Los Angeles from Chicago. Will her bestfriend in Los Angeles soon become family? She moves to Holmes Chapel and auditions for XFactor. What will happen on her journey? Perhaps a Love Triangle or new additions to the family.



49. 49. London

my alarm went off at exactly 7:30. niall and nick gave me shit for waking them up so early but i laughed it off and went upstairs to get ready. right now its 7:55, and were leaving at 8. i had in a simple cute outfit. i had on black leggings, one of nicks jean button up shirts, over sized beige cardigan  grey long socks and high brown boots with no heel. i did my hair in a simple braid and i threw a beanie in my bag just in case it gets too chilly. "emily, i made food but you have to eat in the car." my mom said right as i walked in the kitchen. i grabbed tupperware and put in the french toast my mom had made. there was a lot left since andrew, nick and niall all eat a lot. "no make up today i see?" "i was to lazy." i answered my mom. my moms outfit was more casual, she has curly hair, some flare jeans, black wedges, a loose fitting white blouse and a black blazer. "damn mom you look hot." "oh shut up em." i laughed, "just giving you some complements." i added. ** "we finally made it." we were stood right in front of the wedding dress store. "time to find you a badass dress, mom." i said right as we walked in. "hello, how may i help you." a mid-aged women asked us, "we are just going to look around for a little bit," my mom answered, "okay, if you need anything im Alex." "sounds good, ill let you know if anything." * "its been two hours emily, i think its time to go check out another store." "yeah i think so," we started heading out until i took one last look around the entire store, lets just say its huge in here. i stopped dead in my tracks, "mom, look at that one." i point to the most beautiful dress ive seen in my life.

i turned to look at my mom and her mouth was literally open, "em, go look for Alex." was all my she managed to say. i rushed to go look for her. "ahh yes, this dress. i thought you would of saw it sooner." Alex said smiling. "why didnt you show me this one right away?" my mom asked, "because of the price." alex answered, "how much? wait no, dont tell me until i try it on." alex nodded her head. * were in the fitting rooms waiting for alex to bring the dress. "here it is." alex said cheerfully. after about fifteen minutes my mom came out the dressing room. i was starstruck. "what do you think?" my mom asked with a huge smile, "its perfect." "i know! i want this one! andrew will love it!" "alex, how much is it?" she added, "it is-" i interrupted alex speaking, "price doesnt matter, im getting it for you." "dont be silly emily. now alex, how much?" "no mom. im buying it. end of." "emily." she said in a stern voice. "you can go ring it up ill be there in a second." i looked at alex. she nodded and left, "emily, what are you doing?" she sounded mad, "helping make your wedding day a day you wont ever forget." "ive already had lot of those days em." "mom, this is different. its your day. your wedding." "you know the day ill remember forever is the day you were born, your audition the day you got signed your first tour concert and when the twins were born." "mom, the wedding is a whole different story." "emily, look just dont get it for me. i already know its crazily overpriced. i love you, and i already told you that you shouldn't waste your money on me." "your my mom and i want to. love doesnt have a price. now, change into your clothes and ill be waiting." "emily, im serious dont buy that dress." "okay, i wont buy it. just go get dressed." she nodded and went in the fitting room. another lady came to help my mom out of the dress. i walked up to the register to see alex waiting on me, "alright, im taking it." i told her, she pushed a few buttons on the register until she spoke again, "are you sure you want to get it?" alex asked making sure, "yeah." i answered. "alright, your total is 5500 pounds." i took my card out of my wallet and swiped it. "do you know when it will be shipped?" i asked after she took our address down, "within a couple weeks. shouldnt be too long." "okay, thanks." "no problem." i started to walk towards the fitting rooms again, "hey," alex called out, "werent you on xfactor this year?" "yeah," i answered, "oh my god! i thought but i wasnt sure! do you mind if i get a picture!? i really liked you, i thought you or that band One Direction, i think, were going to win." "thank you that means so much, and yeah i thought they were going to win to." we ended up taking a bunch of random pictures and talking about random stuff until my mom came out. "have a good day emily! good luck on everything!" "thank you! and have  good day!" "bye emily's mother!" she called out and that made me laugh, "bye alex!" my mom laughed with me, god was that lady nice. i waited  until we drove  little far away from the store to speak up, "we need to go look for shoes." "for what?" my mom asked confused. "the dress." my mom looked mad, "emily." she paused, "i told you not to get that dress. we re going to return it right now." she did a U-turn when she got the chance. "sorry you cant. i told alex to make sure no one, even me can try to return it." "why would you ever do that emily?" "mom, you really loved it, i could tell and i loved it. thats all that matters. love doesnt have a price, remember?" "i hate you so damn much right now emily you dont even know." "i love you too." i laughed, "how much was it?" "mom, you already know im not gonna tell you. lets go look for shoes and accessories now." *5 HOURS LATER*   we just left the Olive Garden and i was surprised at how many people asked for a picture, but it was weird at the same time. their my fans. that sounds so weird, theyre MY fans. i have fans. emily lopez has fans. wow thats amazing. "call nick and ask what kind of pizza they want." my mom broke me away from my little day dreaming. i texted him and he quickly responded back with pepperoni. * meanwhile were waiting for the pizza we went to the grocery store to get ice cream, chips, and candy, basically every kind of junkfood there is. we were back at home at about 4:30. i put the ice cream in the freezer and grabbed four cups, a pop and two boxes of pizza. "im gonna go with the guys, ill go grab one of the twins in a bit." my mom nodded and called andrew to go eat. i went up the stairs since i can hear a loud tv plying from upstairs. i opened the door to his room and set the pizza, cups and pop down. "how did the dress shopping go?" harry asked, i think he was the only one aware of my presence considering nicks and nialls eyes are glued on the tv. "really good, we found the perfect dress. we were only at one store," harry opened a box and the smell took over the room right away, nick and niall paused the game right then and there and turned to get pizza. "how did it go?" nick asked, "i just answered harry, but good we found the perfect dress." i took my phone out and showed them a picture, "wow thats a really nice dress." niall said, "yeah it is, and it looks wicked expensive." harry added, "how much?" nick asked, "5500 pounds which is almost 9 grand." all of their mouths fell open, "almost 9 grand as in almost nine thousand dollars? like 9-0-0-0?" i nodded my head, "are you fucking crazy?!" "its really pretty and besides thats her day it has to be special." "emily, thats too much." "nick." "emily, that is a lot." harry said, "it was loads, em." niall added, "well, i cant return it and i didnt plan on it." "what do you mean you cant return it?" nick asked taking a bite of the pizza, "i told the lady to make sure no one, not even i could return it." "why?" "you should of seen the look on her face. it was priceless, she loves it." "just dont tell her how much it was or she'll kill me or the lady until she accepts it back." they all laughed, "we wont." they all agreed. the two boxes of pizza and the pop was gone by now, "alright, who am i up against now?" i asked grabbing a xbox controller.

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