Love Triangle

In middle school Emily's penn-pals name is Harry Styles. She moves to Los Angeles from Chicago. Will her bestfriend in Los Angeles soon become family? She moves to Holmes Chapel and auditions for XFactor. What will happen on her journey? Perhaps a Love Triangle or new additions to the family.



48. 48. Pool and Goodbyes

"what took you two so damn long?" louis asked right when he spotted us. "i couldnt find liam any spare shorts." i lie, "bullshit, you would've given him some of nick's." "no, because im going to give him some of nick's later so i wouldn't give him too much of nicks clothes." harry laughed and shook his head, i shot him a glare to keep quiet and he nodded his head. louis dropped it and swam away, harry followed him straight away. louis was leaned against the wall and harry leaned in to kiss him. awh, theyre so cute! i dont think ill ever get over them being together. "awh! look at the two love birds!" zayn teased them which he quickly earned the finger in return from louis. we all laughed at his reaction. "there might be pool sex tonight," i teased them and we all giggled. "are you guys coming in or what?" louis asked changing the subject. right after he said that i jumped in then liam jumped in. "you should jump a little to the right next time." nick playfully slapped my arm, i smacked  him on his stomach, "maybe you should move next time." i laughed, "are you working out more now?" i added, "yeah, when i wouldnt go to the studio with you guys i would go to the hotel gym." i nodded and swam away to liam and niall. "niall, since your staying, me you and nick are gonna sleep in the basement. im gonna kick your ass in fifa." he let out an exaggerated gasp,  "we'll see about that." he said in a high pitched voice and swam towards zayn and nick. "we should play pool wars," i suggested to liam, "only if your on top of my shoulders." he said, i nodded my head, "of course babe," i pecked his lips. "guys!" i screamed loud enough for everyone to hear, "whos up for a game of pool wars?" i said once they were all looking at me. once they all agreed to it we choose our teams of two. me and liam, zayn and nick, and louis and harry, niall said he'll tell us who won to make it fair, but im going to switch off with him a couple of times. niall sat on the edge of the pool watching us. first up was me liam against zayn and nick. liam and zayn were on top so it was me and nick. "ready?! Set! Goooo!" niall dragged out 'go'. "WAIT!" i yelled, "i think it would be funner and more interesting with the noddles." "yeah it would." louis said, "let me go get them." i jumped off of liams shoulders and ran to the shed we had full of the pool and gardening things. i grabbed all eight that we had, even though there are only seven of us. i walked back to the pool and jumped back on liams shoulders. one hour later we were all dried up and drinking hot chocolate. we are also all dressed. i have on pajama pants and a tank top and all the guys have on shorts and a tshirt. were sitting around the fire-pit drinking out hot chocolate and just talking about anything and everything. i got up from where i am and sat on liams lap, he wrapped his arms around me and rested his head on my shoulders. i looked over to louis and harry, it was the most adorable sight. harry was sitting on louis' lap and theyre holding hands and theyre laughing and smiling at each other, they are having their own side conversation. i took my phone out a clicked on the camera icon. i pointed my phone towards them and clicked the button to take a picture. the flash went off, fuck. "what are you doing?" harry asked looking at me. "i couldnt help it, you  guys looked so cute!" i squealed like a little girl opening her presents on Christmas. louis and harry went back to how they were without saying something else. i turned my flash off and snapped a picture. i showed liam the picture and he smiled, "send it to them later." i nodded, "louis, honey. were going to get going in a little bit." johannah came and told him, "hey guys! hows it going?" she asked us all, "good," we all said in unison. "well thats good." "well if it isnt the two love birds." she flashed a million dollar smile in louis and harrys direction. "be inside in about ten minutes honey." she told louis, she told us bye and went back inside. we finished out hot chocolate about five minute later and we headed in. then a realization hit me, "zayn, didnt you say safaa wanted to see me?" i asked, he nodded his head, "i thought you forgot." "i did until now. why didnt you tell me earlier?" "i thought you didnt want to see her." "dude!" i playfully slapped him and walked inside to look for safaa. i spotted her about two minutes later. "safaa!" i semi yelled. she turned around, "emily!" she ran to me and hugged me. "i missed you!" she squealed, "i missed you too babe," i giggled. we were talking non stop about random things until zayn came up to us, "safaa, were leaving, go with mum, tell her ill be there in a little bit." safaa hugged me one last time and left. "alright, well were leaving, ill see you soon i guess." zayn said kind of awkward, "why are you being awkward?" i laughed, he shook his head and laughed, "im not." "sure," i laughed, "anyways ill see you in a couple weeks. take care and have fun while you can back home." i hugged him again and we walked back to look for the other guys so he can tell them bye. we found them sitting in the kitchen, "lads," zayn spoke over them, "im leaving ill see you all in a couple of weeks." he added, they got up and they all hugged. "dont fuck around too much without me" nick joked with zayn, they both laughed, "ill try." zayn laughed harder after he said that. right when zayn left out the kitchen i sat down next to liam and niall and nick went up to nicks room to take the ps3 to the basement. i grabbed liams hand, "you better skype and text me everyday besides tomorrow." i sternly said, "why not tomorrow?" "im going to london with my mom to look for the wedding dress and shoes." "i cant even text you?" he asked, "yeah, you better text me. but i meant that you better skype me or facetime." "i know babe, i will." "good." i leaned in to kiss him but we were interrupted by ruth, "awh sorry to ruin the moment but were heading out liam," she said. "okay, give me a minute." ruth nodded and left. liam wrapped his arms round my waist and kissed my forehead, "ill miss you." "ill miss you too. i hope these next two weeks go by fast." i said, liam nodded his head, "ill die if they dont hurry up." "anyways, come help me look for the guys to tell them im leaving." liam added, "theyre probably in the basement since the ps3 is down there now." he grabbed a hold of my hand and we went downstairs. i turned the knob to the door and we walked down the stairs, they said their goodbyes after about a good ten minutes and me and liam went upstairs. louis was next to leave, and harry left a while after louis left. me, nick and niall have been on the ps3 for about a straight half hour. "im going to sleep. i have to be up early tomorrow." i went under the blankets and drifted off to sleep hearing niall and nick screaming over who won that match.

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