Love Triangle

In middle school Emily's penn-pals name is Harry Styles. She moves to Los Angeles from Chicago. Will her bestfriend in Los Angeles soon become family? She moves to Holmes Chapel and auditions for XFactor. What will happen on her journey? Perhaps a Love Triangle or new additions to the family.



47. 47. Liam's Family Is Happy

karen let go and she went over to the other boys to talk to them. geoff came over to me and hugged me. i gladly hugged him back. he let go and back away a little bit. "it makes me happy to see liam being this happy. i dont remember ever seeing him this happy." he looked really happy, like it was the first time he'd seen a baby smiling. "he makes me a very happy girl." i smiled, "thank you for making him this happy." he had a really big smile on his face. "its something i cant deal with," i smile and he chuckles, "after all, he deserves it. he's been through a lot in his life. im more then happy to be the reason behind his smile, hes the reason behind mine." by now i have a huge smile on my face, and my cheeks are a little hot-- which means in blushing. yes, talking about liam still makes me blush or makes me get butterflies. "dad, dont scare her away! we really like her!" ruth jokingly told geoff, we all laughed and geoff dismissed himself. "i can see that liam really likes you." ruth smiled down at me, "i really like him too." i smiled, "you know hes been through a lot. his ex girlfriend used him to make a fool of him to the  entire school. he liked her a lot, and it broke him. his first audition when he didnt make it through to the judges houses, when he went back to school it was constant torture for him, he got told worse things, if that was possible. they humiliated him. and how we dont know how its going to be when we get back home. no one knows that their signed yet. only us, well all of the families know. but all im asking is that you treat him well, after all he deserves it. it warms all of our hearts when we see him this happy." "he really opened up to me and hes told me a lot, or mostly everything, about what happened to him. he didnt deserve it, not one bit. when ever im around him, when i hear his name being called, or when i hear his voice, i cant help but smile and get butterflies in my stomach, its an amazing feeling. he makes me smile and laughed when i need it most, and i try my best to make him laugh, which most of the time works. we make each other so happy. im so happy that were together  he makes me feel like im the only girl in the world, its an amazing feeling really." i paused and looked at her, she has a huge smile plastered on her face, i looked her straight into the eyes, "i love him, i really do." i felt a familiar pair of hands find their way around my waist. i turned around so we were facing each other, his arms still around my waist and mine on his shoulders, we are looking into each others eyes, "i heard everything you said. i love you." he said and smiled. he leaned in and i meet him half way, i pulled away before things got too heated. i looked straight into his eyes and smiled, "i love you too." i hugged him tightly and  he did the same. when we pulled away nicola and ruth were looking at us, "you two are so cute together!" nicola squealed in happiness, i giggled and liam chuckled. ruth and nicola both left with gemma, "babe, im going to talk to zayn real quick." he nodded and i pecked his lips. he joined the rest of the guys on the couch, "zayn?" i called, he turned around and looked at me, "yeah?" "can we talk?" he nodded and stood up, we went backyard so we wouldn't have to pass through the kitchen.  we walked by the pool in silence, there were a couple pool side chairs there that we didnt have before. i sat on one and zayn sat on the one next to me, we were facing each other. "i forgot you guys had a pool." he broke the silence, "yeah, i forgot we did too. ive never been in it yet." "what did you want to talk about?" he asked after a few seconds of silence, "about what happened last night." "what about that?" he smirked, "zayn." i warned, "im with liam. i love him." "you what?" he asked surprised. "i love him." "oh," was all he responded, "im gonna tell him,"i said as i layed down on the chair, "when?" "when we go back to london." he simply nodded his head, "thats it?" i asked confused, "whats it?" "your not going to protest or beg me not to tell him?", he shook his head, "no, hes my best mate, your dating and you love him. he should know, i would want to." i stayed silent for a few minutes, "do you think he'll get mad like really mad? or even break up with me?" "yeah, hes going to get mad, i dont know how mad." he stayed silent for a few seconds, "but i know he wont break up with you. i see how he looks at you. he loves you." i smiled to myself hearing the last part, i stood up. "cmon." i said, he stood up and we walked back inside. zayn's family is now here, doniya is holding julian and karen is holding maya. i swear the twins get so much attention. julian is laughing with doniya, its adorable. i walk over to liam and sit on his lap, "you know no ones sitting next to me." he joked, he was sat alone on the two seat couch since i went to talk with zayn outside and hes now with his family. "you want me to get off?" "well, no i like it like this." he smiled, "me too, you have a really comfortable lap." i giggled and pecked his soft lips. i tried to pull away but he placed one hand on the back of my neck and brought my lips to his again. his other hand made its way around my waist. his tongue asked for entrance right away and i let him in without a moments thought. i pulled away before it got too heated since the boys are still here. "why dont we go swimming before you guys leave?" i asked, they all agreed, "we'll meet you at the pool in a bit." i told them. me and liam went into my room, i shut the door behind me. "you have swimming trunks right?" "no, i just have the clothes i have on." i went over to my drawer and handed him my old gym shorts from middle school, they had the schools name on them. "when were out ill give you some of nicks clean clothes." he nodded. i turned around and went into my drawer to get a bikini. i decided on a black and white polka dotted one. i turned around to find liam pulling his shirt over his head. i pulled my shirt over my head and walked over to him, by now he had his shirt off and was looking at me walk over to him. he smirked at me, i wrapped my arms around his neck and jumped up onto him, his hands went on my butt for support. i pulled away, "lock the door babe," as he walked over i leaned in again, we made his way to my bed and laid me down. he pinned me down so he was on top of me, his hands on either side of my face for support. my fingers left his bare neck and went down to his jeans. i fidgeted on his button and zipper slowly until they were completely off.  i flipped him so i was now on top of him. i sat on his crotch, which i could totally feel. his fingertips made their way to button and zipper. i took them off completely, i was left in just my underwear and my bra, and liam was just left in his Calvin Klein boxers. his hands rested on my butt. one of my hands rested on his cheek while the other was on his neck. i leaned down and slowly grinded on him. he moaned into the kiss, he moved my hips go to faster, he moaned once again. one of  his hands left my butt and unclasped my bra, then it went down to pull my underwear off. he flipped us over so he was once again on top of me, my fingers made their way to the elastic band of boxers. i slowly pulled them down, he pulled away, "goddammit em," he breathed out and put him hands over mine to pull his boxers completely off. i laid on my side to open the small black night stand. i rummaged through until i felt the similar small square packet with rough edges. i ripped the condom package open with my teeth and slipped the slippery condom on him. he smirked down at me. once it was completely on, he adjusted it so it was on right. "you really need to get on birth control. im tired of using these all the time." i nodded my head, "yeah, me too." i let out a loud gasp, he went in without warning. "you have to be quiet baby," "its gonna be hard. but ill try." i smirked. he slammed into me again, making me moan put in pure pleasure. "faster liam," i begged, he quickly obeyed and picked up his pace, we were both moaning nonstop. "l-l-liam!" i screamed out, he placed a finger over my lips, "shh baby or we have to stop." "i c-cant!" i almost yelled out, "i know baby, try," he said inbetween moans and breaths, "ahh! fuck!" i moaned, he gripped at my waist a bit harder, going faster, and what seemed deeper. i almost screamed out but liam stopped me by kissing me. we moaned into each others mouths, i felt him twitch inside me, me pulled out and pulled the condom off. his head went back in pleasure as  he released on my stomach. he put two fingers in my right away, his fingers went in and out fast, causing me to moan nonstop. after about five minutes, i orgasmed all over liams fingers. he slipped his fingers out and licked them clean, then he went down and licked me clean. also moaning at the feeling of his tongue. when he finished cleaning me up stood up and threw me a towel clean off his cum from my stomach. he pecked my lips and slid on the shorts i had given him earlier. "babe, throw me my bikini." he threw me my bikini. i slid on the bottoms and the top, "tie this for me yeah?" i asked going up to him, i turned around and grabbed my hair. he tied it and wrapped  his arms around my waist bringing me as close to his body as possible. he kissed me neck, "i love you." he said inbetween kisses. i turned around and placed my hands on his waist. "i love you." i couldnt help but smile like crazy. he smiled back, "we should get going before they suspect something was up." i told him, "im pretty sure they already have. its been a while, love." i laughed, "oh well. i love you to damn much." he chuckled and smiled, he pecked my lips, "i love you more." "you wish," i cheekily added. i walked over to my bathroom to grab two clean towels and we made out way out the house to the pool.

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