Love Triangle

In middle school Emily's penn-pals name is Harry Styles. She moves to Los Angeles from Chicago. Will her bestfriend in Los Angeles soon become family? She moves to Holmes Chapel and auditions for XFactor. What will happen on her journey? Perhaps a Love Triangle or new additions to the family.



46. 46. Breakfast


i groaned but sat up and grabbed my phone from the couch that was behind our heads. i turned my alarm that i didnt even know was on off, i placed my phone on my lap and stretched my arms over my head. i looked around and all the guys were still asleep, it was on only 10:30 so i didnt wake them up. i peeled the soft blanket from my body, liams arms was still around my waist. i slowly peeled his arm off so i wouldn't wake him, he pulled my closer and tighter to him, "where are you going babe?" he asked half asleep, '"make breakfast for us ans watch the twins," "what are you making?" "pancakes, waffles, eggs, potatoes, sausage, bacon and french toast." he sat up ad rubbed the tiredness out of his eyes and pulled me onto his lap and wrapped his arms my waist and i laid my head on his chest, "why are you making so much?" he asked running his hand through my  hair "i dont know when your guys parents are getting here and besides we all eat a lot." "im going to help you." "no, ill tell ask my mom. you go back to sleep." "are you sure?" he asked uncertain, "yeah, i need to catch up with her anyways." "what about the twins?" "andrew can watch them, besides i think theyre sleeping right now." "go to sleep, ill wake you and the guys up when the food is ready." he mumbled a barely audible "okay." i pecked his lips and got off him. i walked upstairs to my room and changed into jean shorts and a simple black tanktop and i put my hair up in a pony tail. i walked into the bathroom and brushed my teeth.  i walked out of the room and closed my the door behind me, "where are you going?" my mom asked holding julian, "no where. im going to make breakfast, want to help me?" i grabbed julian from her arms, "sure honey, let me go change first." "mom, you look fine." "i dont think sweat pants and a huge shirt is presentable for when the guys parents get here." she laughed ad shook her head, i laughed, "yeah, i think your right." "ill be down in a little bit." i lifted julian over my head, "hi baby!" i said in a baby voice, he smiled down at me, i put him down and i held him close to my chest. i walked downstairs to the kitchen and got everything out that i was going to make. i put the pancake mix, eggs, milk and oil into the blender to make the pancake mix. "ill take julian fro you." andrew said and grabbed julian, "thanks." i said, he nodded, and sat down on the island counter chairs and sat julian on the table holding his little waist, "how did recording the album go?" he asked, "it was really hard sometimes, having to redo a lot of parts a bunch of times but over all it was a really fun experience." "im glad, whos heard the album besides the producers and you?" "simon and nick has heard like three songs and small bits of the others." "he did?" he sounded surprised and had a surprised face, i walked over to the stove and turned it on putting the pan on the fire. "yeah, simon said he can hear it as long as he doesnt say anything about it." "when do the albums come out?" "both in November." "wow, thats only a couple of months away." "only five." i laughed, my mom came into the kitchen wear some straight jeans, a purple vneck and a gray cardigan over it, some black flip flops and her hair was up in a perfect bun. "it'll come fast." he said, "yeah, but we still have to do all this promotion in the mean time." "how is that going to work?" he asked as i poured pancake mix on the pan, "i will tweet about the boys album and they tweet about mine and then i tweet about my own then them about theirs. then in interviews they just ask us a bunch of questions about ourselves and about how the album is going and stuff like that." "that sounds inserting," "it wont be once i get asked the same questions over a hundred times." i laughed and he did too. hes a pretty cool soon to be step dad. "anyways, hows the wedding planning going?" i asked both of them. my mom took over the pancakes now so im making the eggs. "perfect, anne is planning it." my mom happily said with a huge smile. "do you have an idea of when its going to be?" "after the tour, it ends July 1st so i was thinking about September." "mom, we need to go dress shopping for you." "what are you doing tomorrow?" she asked me, "nothing, we a month break before we go all around england for stuff." "what stuff and what about niall?" my mom asked, "interviews and promotion for the album. niall can stay here with nick, unless you want both of them at the bridal store." i laughed, "its a daughter mother day then." she laughed, "perfect." i said smiling. by now, the bacon, eggs, potatoes, sausage and waffles were ready. my mom worked on the french toast as i finished making the last of the pancakes. half of them are plain and half are with chocolate chips. andrew had with upstairs with julian and maya about half an hour ago. "how did everything do over there?" my mom asked, "it was hard work but it was fun. we went to the cemetery." i whispered the last part. my mom stopped what she was doing and came over to hug me. "i miss him so much mom." i silently cried into her. "i know, me too. everyday it gets me." "i wish he was here to see all thats been happening." "he is, but hes watching from above." "i hope so." "i know so." my mom said laughing a bit, i smiled, "it doesnt feel like it would be the same if he was here." i said, "honey, its not and it wont. andrew of course will be your step dad but i know its not the same as having your dad." "its not, at all. but im happy to see you happy with him after all these years. plus, we got those two little twins." "im glad in finally happy after all that." she let out a sigh, "and im glad you found another lover." i laughed and pulled away from the hug. she laughed and playfully hit me. i seriously have the best mom ever. "its good that we got to have a blank page when we moved here and start fresh." i said, "yeah, that was probably one of the best things thats ive done in my life so far." my mom said. we went back to cooking, but silent. my mom finally spoke after about five minutes, "i start working in two weeks again! i finally get to do something else!" she sounded happy, "mom, you or andrew wont have to be working any time soon." i laughed, "yeah honey we do. we dont want to take your money. you earned it." "your my mom and hes my soon to be step dad. you've dealt with me though all these sixteen years, through dad, through you going back to college, though all of our ups and downs, though me being away for most of our time here on xfactor and going back to the states to record the album. not to mention i wont be around much after the album is out and were on tour. i think you deserve something." "we'll take about this later in your career." she laughed, "im serious mom." i seriously said, "than you honey, i love you and im so proud of what you've accomplished in the past couple of months." she pulled me into a tight hug. "thanks, i love you too." we finished cooking the food about fifteen minutes later.  "im going to wake up the guys." i said and walked downstairs. my mom was puling out all the plates, silverware and cups. i decided to wake liam up first. liam was laying on his back. the blanket was next to him. i sat directly on his lap and slowly grinded on him and i leaned down to kiss him. he kissed back right away and his hand gripped each side of my waist and he pushed my down harder on him and moved my waist in small circles. he moaned into my mouth, i smiled into the kiss and he did returned the smile. i pulled away from the kiss once we were both out of breath, he looked up at me and smiled, "thats got to be the best way to wake up." he chuckled, "i hoped so." i smiled and pecked his lips, "anyways, the food is ready." "why are the lads still here?" he asked confused, "i wanted to wake you up first." i smiled, i got off of him and shook the other five sleeping boys up. zayn refused at first but i managed to wake him up by pouring water on him. lets say it wasnt my best idea. but at least it was fun. "why does liam have a boner?" louis asked once all the boys were up. liam got red and he looked at me, "that shall stay between us." i cockily said, "oohh they had a quickie." he teased us. "actually no, but we should of so you all could of woken up from us moaning." niall laughed and all the other boys just gasped, nick gave me a look but i ignored it and walked up stairs with all the boys eyes on me. "take a picture it'll last longer." i winked, "cmon babe," i looked at liam. he followed up after me and the other boys soon did too. once we hit the kitchen niall was practually drooling, "it smells so good, i bet it tastes even better." liam pulled me into him, "you taste better." he said seductively in my ear. i looked at him and smiled before i pulled him into a kiss. i pulled away so i can get food, i was starving. i grabbed some of everything so my plate was piled high. me and niall had about the same amount of food. once we all were eating, i broke the silence, "nick and niall, me and my mom are going dress shopping tomorrow for her wedding so you guys are gonna stay here and help watch the twins." "can i come over?" harry asked, "did you really just ask that?" i said, "what?" he asked confused, "you know that you, well all of yous, are welcome to come anytime." "what time are you guys leaving?"nick asked "early since were going to london." he nodded his head. "whens the wedding?" zayn asked, "after the tour is over. my mom said maybe in September." "are we invited?" louis asked, "everyone else is but not you." i said, his face dropped, "what? why?" he barely made the words come out, "i told my mom i didnt want you to come. your family is invited but you." "b-but i.." he didnt know what to say. i started laughing, "of course your going." "you should of seen your face mate!" harry said laughing. "its not funny." he pouted, "yeah it is. that was the stupidest question ive ever heard." "why?" "what do you mean why. obviously your all being invited." "my parents are on their way." liam said putting his phone down, just then zayns phone vibrated, "mine are too." he said putting his phone down. "are you flying out back to Ireland?" i asked niall, "yeah."  its been an hour since we finished eating, right now were all playing with the twins, well me and liam are cuddled up, and were watching a movie. the breakfast club, specifically. i love that movie so much, and its cool how it was filmed in chicago. i looked up and liam and he looked down at me, he leaned down so our lips were connected. the door bell rang but we didnt pull away. i assumed it was gemma, she texted me saying she was going to be here over fifteen minutes ago. i moved my hands to his hair and he pulled me closer to him. "awhh!" i heard two very similar feminine voices. we pulled away and we both looked to see where the voices were coming from. there stood ruth and nicola saying 'awh' and their parents standing there looking at us with big smiles on their faces. i guess they werent really used to see liam kissing a girl since he got bullied a lot as a kid. liam stood up, "uhm w-" liam was cut off by Karen, "its okay baby, i get it. im happy for you!" she came over and hugged liam, she looked so happy to her her son after a long period of time. she let go of him and she came over and hugged me, "im happy someone is finally making my baby happy," she said loud enough for only me to hear, i smiled, "its my pleasure."

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