Love Triangle

In middle school Emily's penn-pals name is Harry Styles. She moves to Los Angeles from Chicago. Will her bestfriend in Los Angeles soon become family? She moves to Holmes Chapel and auditions for XFactor. What will happen on her journey? Perhaps a Love Triangle or new additions to the family.



45. 45. Arriving Home


"babe, wake up we just landed." i opened my eyes and moved my head to the right, liam shook me awake. "w-what? did you say?" i rubbed my eyes with my hands trying to take the sleepiness out. "we just landed." i sat up more and smiled to myself, "why are you smiling?" he poked my left cheek. "i get to see the twins today! they're going to look so big!" "i want to go see them," he said, "arent you all coming to my house until your guys parents pick you up?" "oh yeah, i forgot about that." he chuckled. "who's picking us up?" louis came over and asked me, "robin and andrew." he nodded and went back with harry. once everyone got off the plane we grabbed all of our luggage and got off. we went through security and nick called andrew to see where they're at. "they're by the entrance waiting for us." we walked towards the main entrance until we saw robin and andrew. andrew came right over to nick and hugged him, same with robin and harry. andrew then came and hugged me. andrew and robin ended up hugging everyone. we walked towards this huge RV that non of us have ever seen. "where did this come from?" i asked, "we rented it for the day." robin answered. i nodded my head. when i stepped on my mouth dropped. its huge and really spacious. it has a couch, a tv, a bathroom, a small kitchen area and four beds that are attached to the sides of the bus. nick, zayn, niall and louis walked straight to the beds. me, liam and harry sat on the couch and turned on the tv. i went to the movie channels, i found Titanic and clicked it. it was just starting, perfect. "its going to suck getting used to the time zone again." i said, "yeah, but it goes away after a day or two." harry said, "how do you know? plus it wont be so easy for me or nick since the twins will probably be crying all night and day." "ive gone to florida before, and oh yeah. i cant wait to see them again." "yeah me either, they're going to seem so big now. it just sucks that i missed the first couple of months of their lives." "you'll make it up for them when their older." he said, "and how is that?" "you'll have money to spend on them." "yeah, i know. but im not going to give give them everything they want. they have to deserve it or earn it. i dont want them to think that they can get whatever they want just because ill have money." "thats good." i nodded my head. i got up and walked over to one of my luggage, i got out some fluffy purple cheetah print pajama shorts. i pulled my shirt over my head, "emily, you know theres a bathroom to change right?" harry said, i shrugged my shoulders and took the shirt off, he let out a sigh of relief. i have on a black tanktop under. "your acting like you've never se-" i stopped realizing liam was in the room. harrys eyes went wide once he caught on of what i was saying. we both looked over to liam, luckily he was on his phone and didnt hear anything. we both let out a sigh of relief. i put my fingers to my lips and quietly said shh to him. i walked past the beds to go to the bathroom, i went in and changed into the shorts. i have the feeling that someone is up and was looking at me, but i shrugged it off. i walked back to liam and sat on his lap. he wrapped his arms around my waist. i could see harry looking at us through the corner of his eyes. "em, liam wake up." harry was shaking me and liam up. me and liam fell asleep snuggles up to each other. i got off liam, "where are my bags and where is everyone?" "andrew took them and theyre all inside." i nodded my head, liam grabbed my hand and we walked towards the house. we walked into the living room. i spotted my mom right away, she was holding maya. i let go of liams hand and walked over to her. i hugged her tight, but not too tight because of maya. "i missed you go much honey," my mom said, "i missed you too." i grabbed maya, right as she saw me she smiled really big. "hi baby, im your big sister!" "why were you and liam holding hands?" my mom asked me with a concerned face, "were kind of together." "what about harry?" "things didnt work out. were better off as friends." she nodded her head and walked away. i walked over to liam, i turned maya around so her back was on my chest. "guys listen up, simon is going to be here in about ten minutes. he has to talk to you." my mom said pretty loud. "great, a meeting the first twenty minutes were back home." liam mumbled, "we wont get a break for a while babe." "i know, but it hasent even been an hour." "mom, wheres julian?" "nick took him up to his room. all the guys are up there." i nodded my head, i turned to liam, "lets go to his room." he nodded, he reached his arms out to hold maya, she started lauhging right as he was holding her. "looks like she likes you." i laughed, "em, be down in a couple, tell the guys. and nick cant go. its a business thing, only you and the band." i nodded my head, "do they even know that simon is coming?" she shook her head, "tell them." i nodded my head. "simon is going to be here in less then ten minutes to talk to us. nick you cant go its a business thing." "where is it going to be?" zayn asked, "here i guess, my mom just said that he'll be here in a bit. im guessing in like the living room." he nodded his head. i walked over to nick and took julian. "wheres maya?" nick asked, "with liam." i walked back to and sat on nicks bed. "hey julian! its been a while since ive seen you." he smiled, "guys! simon is here!" we heard  my mom yell from downstairs. "hes early." i mumbled, "better then late."  liam said, louis grabbed maya from nick and zayn took julian from me. nick stayed on the xbox. we walked down to the living room. "hello," simon simply said, "hi uncle simon," we all replied,  "how did the recording go?" "good," we all said in unison. "great, these are the twins i see?" he asked, "yeah," i replied,"now down to business.the next couple of months will be spent promoting both albums. you will all travel to different parts of England, post on twitter. you boys will post about emily's and emily you will post about the boys. both albums will be released in november. tour starts december will have 60 total shows, all over europe, austrilia, new zealand, america, there will be two in canada, two in mexico and two in northern ireland." he paused, "emily, you will be the opening act for the boys, i will talk to all your parents discussing the fact if they want you all to share the same tour bus or if emily will have her own. the tour bus had six beds, so if they decide on sharing, you will all have your own bed. the bus has two bathrooms, two small kitchens, one pretty good sized lounge. the lounge area is where you will be able to connect the gaming systems. also the bus is two floors. the second floor is a bit more spacious. the bathroom is bigger. it has good sized closet, but you probably wont be using that. if you dont end up using it, you can make that into whatever you please to. if you want, we can add another television in. inside the bus is two colors, black and red. you all start tour rehearsals in two weeks. we will talk more about tour once it comes closer to the date. hotels will be arranged during the tour. this is all you need to know for now. also, you cannot tell your family about this. i will tell them everything another day." he stood up, "well, ill see you all another day." we all hugged him. when we walked out i saw anne, i stepped aside and called her, "hi emily! how's was recording?" she asked, "hi! it was really fun!" i laughed a bit and so did she, "anyways, hows the planning for the wedding?" i asked, "perfect. its taking place a little bit after you are all done touring." "perfect." she nodded her head, "ill see you around, im going to take one of the kids from  liam or louis." i laughed, she nodded and laughed. i walked back up stairs to nicks room. zayn had maya and niall had julian. i walked over to zayn and maya, maya was smiling at zayn. "hey monkey! i see you like zayn dont you?" "her nickname is monkey?" he asked laughing, "yeah, i just made it up. julian is cookie." "isnt that a bit to girly for a boy?" i shrugged my shoulders, "maybe that'll get him mad when hes older so ill call him that on purpose." zayn laughed and shook his head, "your a great sister." i laughed, "thanks." "talking about sisters, how are yours?" "good, my mum said safaa keeps asking for you." he chuckled, "awh, i cant wait to see her. is she coming with your mom to pick you up?" "yeah, everyone is." "even your dad?" he nodded his head, and then i did. maya farted, we turned to look at each other right away and started cracking up. "do you smell it?" zayn asked between fits of laughter, i nodded my head still laughing. "maybe she pooped," i said once i stopped laughing. he laid maya down on the bed, i checked her diaper and she had poop. "im taking her to my mom," i laughed, he nodded. "ill be back." "mom she pooped," i ahnded maya over to my mom. "why dont you change her?" "mom, it smells. a lot." i laughed, "que voy a hacer contigo?" she laughed, "tu dime." i said laughing, "you can bring her back up with us if you want." she nodded,  i went back to nicks room and sat on the bed. liam and louis were going against each other in Black Ops. my mom came in a few minuets later, "all you boys will be spending the night tonight, unless harry you want to go home or you can stay." she said, "can i stay?" he asked, "of course," "thanks." he said, "your welcome, and niall," he looked at my mom, "you will be staying for three days, unless you want to want to go and stay at someone else's house." "do you mind if i stay here?" "of course not." "do you all want to sleep downstairs all together or sleep in the guest rooms?" "we'll sleep downstairs," me and nick said, "alright, can one of you guys hold her while i go fix it up?" harry got up and grabbed maya, "mom, ill do it. where are all the extra blankets and pillows?" "thank you sweetie, theyre in the closet downstairs." i nodded my head, "if julian takes a shit bring him to me," all the  guys laughed, then she walked out. "who wants to help me?" i said, "ill help." zayn said, he got up and walked towards me. i walked to liam, i pecked his lips, "im going downstairs to fix it up. zayn's gonna help." he nodded, "guys, theres a ps3 in my room the games are in the bottom drawer by my bathroom. you can go and use it." "we'll go in there in a bit." nick said. me and zayn walked downthe stairs, "you want something to drink?"  i asked him, "what do you have?" "i dont know, lets go see." he followed me into the kitchen. i opened the fridge, "water, lemonade, orange juice, pop, horchata and a jarrito." "what are the last two you said?" "jarrito is mexican pop and horchata is a drink. its called rice water in english." "ill take lemonade." he said, i grabebd the lemonade and horchata. i poured it in two different cups. "can i try the rice water?" i handed him my cup, "its good right?" i asked, "yeah, wheres it from?" i put the lemonade and horchata back in the fridge, "my mom made it." he nodded his head. "cmon." i pulled his arm, "what about the drinks?" "what about them?" i asked, "were taking them down?" "yeah, why wouldnt we?" he shrugged his shoulders. we walked down the stairs to the basement. we placed out cups on a table that is down there. i walked over to the closet and took out one of the big fluffy blanket, "help me." zayn walked over and helped, we put it on top of the carpet in front of the couches. we went and grabbed the rest of the blankets and put them on top, the we threw the pillows on top of the blankets. i sat on top of the blankets and turned on the tv. i put on MTV Cribs. "we might have a house like that in a couple of years." i said, "im going to save up and buy my parents one. i always promised my mum ill get her a house since i was younger." he said, "that is the most adorable thing ive heard a guy say in a while, are you tired?" i asked yawning, "a little bit." "im going to sleep, yo can go back up with the guys if you want." i got up and went to turn off the lights, "ill just go to sleep." he said, i flicked off the light switch, and went to lay down. "okay." i said, he scooted a bit closer to me. he placed his hands on my lower stomach, it was almost touching my crotch. "zayn, im with liam." "i know." he said, i took his hand off. "he doesnt have to know about this." "about wh-" i was cut off, zayn was on top of me, his lips were on mine. i kissed back as soon as i felt his lips on mine. i deepened the kiss. zayn was rubbing his crotch on mine, i wrapped my legs around his butt and pushed down so our crotches were completely touching now. i wrapped my arms around his neck, he pulled away and went down to my neck. i can feel him getting hard. he started to kiss down my neck. thats when i realized what we were actually doing, i scooted up so i was sitting down, "zayn we cant do this. i just cheated on liam!" "he wont find out about this love," he sat up and kissed down my neck, he sucked on my sweet spot and i let out a soft, quiet moan. he moved up to my lips again, he deepened the kiss right away. he moved his hand up to my vagina and started rubbing me through the shorts. he slipped his hand inside so now he was rubbing me through my undies.i moaned into the kiss. he slowly went faster which only made me moan more. i pulled away "zayn!" i moaned, he put his hand over my mouth, "you have to be quiet love," i bite down on his hands to keep from moaning. he rubbed faster, we heard louis' and nialls laugh coming from the top of the stairs. he quickly took  his hand out, "nothing ever happened. act like your sleeping." i said, we both quickly go under the covers and pretended to be asleep. "looks like that called it a night early." louis said, "we all have to go to sleep. we dont know what time our parents are coming to pick us up." liam said, they turned off the tv and all laid down, "night babe," liam said in my ear, he wrapped his arms around my waist. i was slowly drifting to sleep.

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