Love Triangle

In middle school Emily's penn-pals name is Harry Styles. She moves to Los Angeles from Chicago. Will her bestfriend in Los Angeles soon become family? She moves to Holmes Chapel and auditions for XFactor. What will happen on her journey? Perhaps a Love Triangle or new additions to the family.



44. 44. "I'm Sore."

 "em, wake up." i opened my eyes to see liam, "what time is it?" "7:25." i sat up on bed and rubbed my eyes, i brought the duvet close to my body, "we dont have to be at the studio until 8." "you have to shower." "well thanks," i laughed, "you know why." he said laughing, "i know, but im so tired." "the shower wake you up." i moved my arms out forward, "carry me." "but your naked, em." "you werent complaining last night." he shook his head and started to laugh, he picked me up and carried me to the bathroom and sat me down on the counter, "hold on, im going to bring you clothes." i jumped got off the counter to shut the door to use the bathroom, right as i stood on my feet, i felt a little pain and i was really, really soar from the waist down. "liam!" i screamed in a little pain, he ran over to me, he had a concerned facial expression, "whats wrong?" he was panicking, "im really sore, and it hurts a bit." his facial expression changed, im not sure what it was. " sorry." he didnt now what to say, "its fine babe, means your doing it right." i winked, "ill take a bath when we get back from the studio. now carry me again." he picked me up and put me on the bed. he handed me a pair of boyshort underwear and a bra.  "what do you want to wear?" i shrugged my shoulders, "anything is fine." he nodded his head and went through my luggage, he handed me a white tanktop, a dark blue almost black button up cardigan, some black leggings and my moccasins. "your have style for a girl." he shrugged his shoulders. when i slipped on my moccasins i stood up  to walk to the kitchen, "liam, can you bring me a brush and a hair tie?" "yeah hold on," i walked over to the couch and sat down and turned on the tv. he came back fully dressed in jeans and a tshirt, he handed me the brush and hair tie, i brushed through my hair making sure to take out all the knots. once all the knots were out i put my hair up in a ponytail. i heard my phone ring from the room, i forgot to get it. i mentally face palmed myself. i slowly got up and walked slowly to the room, right as i was about to answer then hung up. well. it was louis calling. he can wait, ill talk to him later. i waked over to the bathroom to use the bathroom again and brush my teeth. when i got out the bathroom liam was sitting on the bed looking down at his phone, "liam, you have to carry me. i wont be able to walk all the way downstairs." he got the hotel hey and put it in his pocket and he came over to me and picked me up bridal style. i laid my head on his chest. he kissed my forehead, i leaned up and pecked him on the lips. the other boys were already in the hallway. "whats wrong with her?" nick asked liam confused, they probably think im asleep. "shes sore." he said, but not so loud. "why?" nick asked, "uhm..i..we uhm.. last night." i tried to keep myself from laughing but i couldnt resist. i cover my mouth with my hands, "what?" liam asked me, "nothing." i said inbetween laughter, "so are you guys going out?" nick asked, everyone's head looked up at us right away. especially harry and zayn. i looked up to liam and he looked down at me, "uh, i dont know actually." he said, looking into my eyes. "we'll talk later." i mouthed to him. he nodded his head. all the guys got into the van, liam was the last one in. i was cuddled into liams chest until we got to the studio. all the guys got off first then liam, "liam, give me a piggy back ride." he got off first and waited for me to hop of his back, i wrapped my arms around his neck and he wrapped his on my knees. i laid my head on top of his, "liam, im hungry." "me too love, were going to eat right now." "run! giddy up horsey!" he chuckled but jogged until we got to the main entrance. "i didnt say you could stop!" i whined, "thats what she said." he mumbled, "i never do, now run!" "i know you dont." he shook his head and laughed, he opened the door to the breakfast bar, he sat me down on the chair at the biggest table. "what do you want?" he asked, "a waffle, three chocolate chip pancakes, like six pieces of bacon, strawberries, mango, a banana and a cup of sunny d." "seems like your more hungry for this then you are for my d-" he was cut off by all of the guys coming in laughing. i started laughed, loud, i had tears coming down my face from how much i was laughing. i wasnt even laughing, like my mouth was just open, my laugh wouldn't come out.  "whats wrong?!" nick asked rushing to my side, i shook my head, wiping the tears away. my laugh finally came out, liam looked at me and gave me the dont-tell-them look. i laughed harder, i wasnt going to tell them anyways, but it made it ten times funnier. by now liam brought my my plate of food and my drink, and left to go get his. by the time all the guys were sat down eating, i was half way done. "why were you laughing so hard a while ago?" nick asked, he was cutting his pancake with the fork, i looked over at liam and he shook his head. i busted out laughing again, "just something he said." "what'd he say?" louis asked, "uhm, nothing." "oh cmon!" louis literally screamed, "sh, save your voice." "dammit i forgot." he pouted and took a sip from his drink. i grabbed my cup and drank a bit more, i leaned over to liam, "you know i can have this every day." i seductively said in his ear, i swiped my hand over his crotch to tease him. i leaned back over and took the last bit of my waffle. liam leaned over to me, "and i can eat this every day." he swiped his hand over my crotch, i felt it more since the material the leggings are made from is thin. i leaned back over, "not this week. im suppose to get my period this week." "you killed the fun." i shrugged my shoulders, "not my decision when i get it." he smiled, "i know, love." "Emily, studio in ten." a worker poked her head in and announced to me, "You boys will be in shortly after her." we nodded at her. she left, but then came back literally twenty seconds later, "Also, dont worry about cleaning up." with that she left. "like we were going to clean." harry said, i laughed, "its because she doesnt know us." he laughed and nodded his head, i looked over at zayn and niall, "whats wrong with you two?" "i have a stomachache and he has a headache." zayn responded, i nodded my head. i turned to liam, "liam, i gotta pee." "good for you." "no dumbass, take me to the bathroom." he chuckled, "right, i forgot."

***12 HOURS LATER***

right now were in the truck going back to the hotel. "whos up for the pool?" i asked. they all agreed. if your wondering if im still sore, im not. i went away after about six hours. "hey guys, i need to ask a serious question." they all looked at me and waited for me to speak, "does you head still hurt? or your stomach?" i looked over to zayn and niall, they both said no, "was that seriously so important?" louis asked in sarcastic voice. "yeah, i care." "since when?" "i actually care about all these boys but you." "yeah 'cause you love me." "no i hate you." "oh really? you know i was just hiding my hatred to you by my kindness. i hate you with all my guts." "you could fall of earth and burn in hell for all i care." his eyes went wide, "really?" he sounded disappointed, i took off my seat belt and went and sat on his lap, "no, i love you with all my heart." i wrapped my arms around him and he wrapped his around me. "i thought you were serious for a second." he said, "i could never hate you." i sat on his lap for another five minutes when he spoke up, "you know you could get off now right?" "but i dont want to. your comfy." i wrapped arms around him again, and i bit tighter. he chuckled, "alright." i snuggled my head into his chest. five minutes later we arrived at the hotel. "are we just going to meet up at the pool?" i asked them as soon as we got off the elevator. they all said yes. liam opened the hotel and we walked into my room. liam went into his bags and got out some plain black swim trunks. i got out my american flag bandeau bikini. the top are the striped and the stars, and the bottom has stars. i put my hair in a bun and slipped on my black flip flops. i went into the bathroom and grabbed two towels. i handed liam his towel, we were both holding it. i went over to the bed and sat down. liam looked at me, "sit." i told him, he did as told to. "whats up?" he asked, "about earlier.." i trailed off, "so? what are we?" he asked, "well, as of right now i think were friends with benefits," a smiled appeared on his face, "what if i want to be more?" "what?" i asked with a smile, he got up and stood in front of me. he grabbed both of my hands and looked me in the eyes. "Emily, will you be my girlfriend?" he eyes were shinning so bright right now. "of course," i stood up and leaned in, his arms immediately went around my wait and mine went around his neck. i pulled away after a while, "you know, that was our first kiss as a couple." he smiled, we walked our the room hand-in-hand, "you know ive been waiting for this for a while." "waiting for what?" i asked, "the day i could finally say that your mine." he had the cutest smile on his face. "im glad i can say that your mine." i said, he smiled. i pecked his lips. "sooo, what is this we have here?" louis asked dragging out the 'o', he looked down at our interlocked hands. "hes mine." i looked up and liam and smiled, "and shes mine." "kiss! kiss! kiss!" louis chanted, me and liam laughed at his childness, "your so childish."  i said, "better then being mature, now kiss!" i turned around and liamed leaned down, i wrapped my arms around his neck and he wrapped his on my waist. he deepened the kiss right away, i smiled into the kiss and he did too. "alright, alright thats enough." louis said, i pulled away, "you wanted us to kiss." i looked at liam and leaned in again. **1 HOUR LATER** "im going to get in the shower, ill be out in a bit." i told liam, "okay, hurry i need to shower too." i nodded my head. when we both got out we were both in our pajamas and tired. "im going to sleep. im tired." i told him. i walked over to turn off the lights, "yeah me too." we both got under the covers and snuggles close together. "night babe." "night," i replied. i pecked his lips one last time for the night. before i knew it, i was fast asleep.

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