Love Triangle

In middle school Emily's penn-pals name is Harry Styles. She moves to Los Angeles from Chicago. Will her bestfriend in Los Angeles soon become family? She moves to Holmes Chapel and auditions for XFactor. What will happen on her journey? Perhaps a Love Triangle or new additions to the family.



43. 43. Intimate Night


"em, wake up." i woke up to being shaken, "no, wake me up in a couple minutes." "emily," "nick." "cmon we just landed." i opened both eyes to the sound of the last three words. we just landed. chicago. were back home. last month turned out to be better the first week and a half in. im perfectly fine with zayn and harry now, and me and liam are as close as can be, and nick, well me and him are closer then ever. josh had ended up staying at the hotel with us in miami for a whole week. i talked to Emma about everything and she said that things were going to change for the best, and they did. im glad it all worked out. i need all these guys in my life, i dont know if i would be able to live without them. "where do you want to go first? today and tomorrow are our free days." zayn took me out of my thoughts with that, "i wanna leave all my stuff at the hotel first then go to the cemetery." "are we all gonna go with you?" "if you guys want, but im gonna be crying a lot." "okay, well im going to go." "okay," "em, do you know what hotel were staying at?" nick came up to me, "yeah at the Trump International, its one of the top five most luxury hotel in chicago." "do you know whos rooming together?" "who ever wants to be together." "who do you wanna room with?" i shrugged my shoulders, "it doesnt matter." "liam?" he asked, "if he wants to, ask him." "liam! do you want to room with em?" nick looked at liam, "yeah," i nodded, "we'll be there in about half an hour." the driver informed us. louis thanked him for informing us, meanwhile  i decided to check up on facebook, see what everyone is up to.  i had seven new messages and fifteen new notifications.  the notification were all of my old friends writing on my wall, i opened up my messages, the first two were from Vicky and Kyle. "oh my god." "what?" zayn asked, "did i saw that out loud?" "yeah, whats wrong?" "my ex-boyfriend and my old-bestfriend messaged me on facebook." "kyle and vicky?" nick asked, "yeah." "what did they say?" "vicky said 'hey emily, i heard your going to be back in chicago next week, i was wondering if you would like to catch up? i know what happened back then, but im over it, im sure you are to. message me back once your here.' and kyle said, 'hey babe i heard your gonna be in chicago this week. i was thinking that we could maybe hang out? i miss you.' and he left his number, what if i tell kyle that we could hang tomorrow night, but with all of you guys there, but he wont know until he sees you guys. like we'll go to mcdonalds and all of you guys will go to the bathroom and ill be at the table and when he comes ill text one of you guys like five minutes in and you'll all come? his face will be priceless." "im in!" niall was the first to speak up, i leaned over nick and harry to high five him, "remind me that your my partner in crime." he started laughing, "always," he said laughing, "you guys in?" i asked, they all agreed, "okay, im gonna text him right now." 'To: Kyle: hey its em, come to the mcdonalds by the John Hancock building downtown at 7 at night' i read the message out-loud and sent it. "alright, were here." the driver said, "okay, thank you." "do you guys need anything else for the day?" "yeah, actually can you take us to the cemetery once we drop off our bags in he room?" "of course."


right now were on our way back to the hotel from the cemetery. im still crying, i cant stop since i laid my eyes on the stone. hes gone. forever. all the boys came along, once i decided it was time to leave they all brought me into a group hug.

***1 HOUR LATER***

it took an hour to get to the cemetery and an hour to get back to the hotel, i fell asleep but nick had shook me awake. "do you guys want something from out here or are you guys gonna get room service?" the driver asked, "i want taco bell, what do you guys want?" i said, i looked at all of the guys and they all nodded, "we'll all take taco bell." we parked outside and we all hopped out of the van, "can i help you?" the worker asked, "im going to get three doritos locos nacho cheese tacos with no sour cream or tomato," "ill have the exact same." nick said, the rest of the guys all got the beefy crunch box. i offered to pay but they wouldn't let me and louis ended up paying. once our order was up we went back to the van and off to the hotel. we all ate in the room harry and louis were sharing and we ended the night with a movie.


'ring''ring' i heard my phone go off, i put my alarm at 9am so i can shower and im going to show all the guys around chicago.  i went into my suitcase and got out fresh clothes to change into. i got out a bra, under wear, a red Bulls shirt, and a pair of black skinny jeans. i headed to the bathroom. i took a quick fifteen minute shower. i grabbed a hair tie from my bag and put it around my wrist. i walked over to get some socks and my white Jordan 5 Grapes. i grabbed my phone and card key from the desk next to the bed. liam was watching tv in the living room. he had a bowl eating cereal. he had on some black Adidas sweatpants with red stripes down the sides, a plain black tshirt and his black and white Adidas shoes. "are you going to eat?" he asked me, "just a granola bar. im not hungry right now." he nodded, "are the guys coming here?" "yeah, they'll be up in a bit, they went to the breakfast bar." "why didnt you go with them?" "i didnt want to wake up so early." i nodded my head. liam got up and put his bowl in the sink then went to sit on the couch again. i went and sat next to him. *knock*knock* someone knocked after a couple minutes. i got up and opened the door. all the guys were right there, "ready?" zayn asked, "yeah, cmon liam." he turned off the tv and walked out. he closed the door behind him. "liam, hold the key i forgot to bring a bag." he took the key and put it into his pocket. "do you guys want to go to Millennium Park first?" "where ever is fine." niall said, "okay, were going there then go to the beach then to Navy Pier and we can go shopping if we have left over time." "sounds good." louis said.


"what time is it?" liam asked, "6:12" zayn answered, "we should go back to the hotel to drop of our bags." harry said, "yeah, are you guys going to drop off all the stuff in our room and get them later?" i asked, "yeah." nick said. swung open the door to the room and we all placed out bags on the couches. you'd be surprised at how much these guys can shop, especially louis. at least i know i can go shopping with him any day and he wont get bored. we ended up going to eat at PotBelly, yum my favorite sandwich shop, and we got a bunch of other random food through out the day. me and niall are the ones who eat the most. "kyle said he'll be there in about fifteen minutes. we should get going, its about a ten minute walk from here." once we got to the mcdonalds we all headed to the bathrooms, well i went to the womens and they went to the mens. i went over to the sink to wash my hands. i looked in the mirror and put my hair up in a bun. when i walked out of the bathroom i was kyle sitting at a table looking down at his phone. i walked over and sat across from him. look looked up at me, "hey." i said, "hey." "hows life?" i asked, "pretty good, you?" "really hectic, im always busy." "how come?" "my job. but i couldnt ask for a better job. it was my dream and now its coming true." "job? you work?" "yeah, ever since xfactor ended." he looked confused as ever. "whats xfactor?" "what? they dont have it over here?" i said, "no," "oh, its a singing competition. i got eliminated at the live shows but when it ended simon called and signed me." "signed you to what?" "his record company. we've been in the studio for a bit over a month." "whos we?" "a band and i brought my brother along with us." "band? you have a brother." "they were on xfactor with me. and yeah hes going to be my step brother. i also have a little sister and brother that are twins." "so much had happened in your life." "tell me about it." he looked down at the table for a few seconds then looked back up at me, "i miss you." he said all of the sudden. "what?" i looked at him confused. in the corner of my eyes i saw the guys come out of the bathroom and walking over to the cashier to order. "i miss your lips, your eyes, you. i loved you." "excuse me?" "yeah, it was vicky who came on to me at school that day. it wasnt me. she knew that i loved you. i still have feelings for you." "you havent seen me in almost four years." "that doesnt matter." he leaned over the table to try to kiss me. i got up and slapped him across the face. "dont you ever dare try to fuckin touch me, to kiss me for the matter." i yelled, everyone turned to look at us and all the guys came over to us. "what?" they all said in unison. kyle looked at all of them. "who are these fucks?" he said in a mad voice, "did you try to kiss her?" nick stepped up, nice to have a brother who is always by your side even if you have a lot of up and downs with each other. "and who the hell are you?" kyle said, "does it fuckin matter who we are?" zayn stepped in, kyle looked at me with a mischievous smirk. "i know you still want me baby." he came close to me and wrapped his arms around my waist and tried to kiss my neck. i pushed his off of me with all the force i have. he almost fell but he caught himself. "i actually have a boyfriend. hes much better then you." all of the guys' eyes widened, i walked over to liam and wrapped my arms around him, he looked down at me and gave me confused look, "go with it." he nodded and wrapped his arms around my waist. i gave the guys the look so they caught on now. "its a set up. im not stupid." i looked liam in his eyes then i looked down to his lips. he smiled knowing what to do, he crashed his lips onto mine. i licked his bottom lip asking for entrance and he let me in right away. i havent kissed him in a while, i almost forgot how good of a kisser he is. we kissed for what seemed like hours but in reality was only about a minute. "anybody can kiss. doesnt prove shit." "you haven't seen what we do in the bedroom. cmon guys were leaving." kyle had a look of disbelief on his face. i grabbed liams hand as we walked out of mcdonalds. wow it got dark fast. me and liam stayed behind the rest of the guys, "what was that about?" i could almost sense the smirk on his face. "what was what about?" i asked playing dumb, "the 'you havent seen what we do in the bedroom' what was that about?" "maybe i miss it." "miss what?" i let go of his hand and jumped on his back. i wrapped one of my arms around his neck and the other was slowly going up and down his torso. "this." i slid my hand down and placed it right over his crotch. he let out a groan, "not now, emily." "what if i cant wait?" i seductively said in his ear, i brushed my lips against his ear, and i felt his body shiver. i slipped my hands down his sweats, i rubbed him over his boxers. i felt him getting hard. i slipped my hands inside his boxers, i grabbed his hard crotch and slowly moved my hands up and down, i made sure to rub my thumbs over his tip, that drives him crazy. i started kissing his neck as i was rubbing him.  he let out a low moan, "you like this babe?" he let out another moan, i slipped my hands out and hopped off his back. i stood in front of him. i wrapped his arms around my waist, i felt his hard crotch right on my butt. he leaned down and rested his head on my shoulder, "tonight." he whispered in my ear. a smile appeared on my face, i nodded my head. i slammed the hotel door open, "are you guys gonna stay for a bit?" i asked them, "im too tired." harry said, "yeah, me too. im going to call it a night." niall said,  louis, zayn and nick just nodded a what they said. they got what was theirs and left. louis was the last to leave, right as he shut the door liam turned to me. he picked my up and slammed his lips on mine. he was walking towards my room. our lips never left each others. he opened the door to my room. it was perfectly lit up. you see, my room over looks the whole city and the wall is s huge one way mirror, i can see outside, but they cant see in. all the lights lit up the room perfectly. he laid my in the middle of the bed and got on top of me. his hands were next to my head, for support. he slipped off my jeans. i pulled down his sweats, he took them off to help me. he pulled away, his fingers tugged at the bottom of my shirt, i pulled it over my head, i tugged at the bottom of his shirt, he pulled it over his head. i was left in my bra and underwear and he was in his boxers. i looked down at his crotch, i brushed my fingers over him, he let out a moan. it looked as if his boxers were going to pop open. he opened my legs, his crotch right right over over mine. i wrapped my legs around his butt and pushed him down, he rubbed his hard crotch over my wet one. he leaned down, our lips moved in sync. i felt him getting harder and harder, and i was getting wetter and wetter. i reached my arms over, i opened the night stand and got out a condom and set it on top of the little table. he unwrapped my legs and stood a little over me, he pushed me up and unclasped my bra, he laid me back down. he leaned down, he put his hand on my crotch. he started rubbing me though my undies. i could feel i was getting wetter. i pulled down his boxers. his hard-on smacked up against his stomach. i lifted up my lower body and pulled off my undies. he placed his hand on my bare wet crotch, he pulled away, "who made you this wet, babe?" "y-you" i managed to say, i grabbed the condom and gave it to him, "now, liam." he grabbed it and ripped it open from one corner. he rolled it on and threw the empty package to the floor. he positioned himself at my entrance, "ready babe?" i nodded my head. he pushed himself in, i let out a gasp. i wasnt expecting it. he grabbed my boobs and thrusted into me. he pinched my nipple, once it got hard he leaned down and sucked, he did the same for the other. "awh! fuck!" i moaned out, i wasnt going to keep quiet today. "moan my name baby," he commanded, he thrusted harder and faster, "liam!" i screamed out, "hmm baby just like that." "l-liam, faster" he obeyed and went faster, but also deeper. "fuck!" we were both moaning nonstop. the room was filled with our moans. his body kept banging into mine, it kept bringing pleasure to both of us. i felt him twitch inside of me, i pulled him out. i got on my knees and i pulled the condom off. i put his length n my mouth. i rubbed what couldnt fit. he entangled his hands on my hair, he was thrusting himself into my mouth. he pulled his crotch out and cummed. i ate it all up. he laid me down and he put two fingers in me, soon he added another. "liam!" "like that baby?" "yes!" i screamed out in pure pleasure, he took that as a sign to go faster. i moaned nonstop, "l-liam im close," "i know baby," i cummed all over his fingers, he slipped them in his mouth and sucked his fingers clean. he pecked my lips, sucks on my neck, then he sucked both of my boobs, he kissed all the way down my body, he kissed my vagina. he sucked on my clit, and he swallowed all my cum. he leaned down and pecked my lips. i wrapped my arms around his neck, "one again, beyond perfect." he had the biggest smile on his face. he pulled down the covers and tucked both of us. we cuddled and laughed until we both fell asleep.

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