Love Triangle

In middle school Emily's penn-pals name is Harry Styles. She moves to Los Angeles from Chicago. Will her bestfriend in Los Angeles soon become family? She moves to Holmes Chapel and auditions for XFactor. What will happen on her journey? Perhaps a Love Triangle or new additions to the family.



42. 42. Breakfast

me and liam woke up to niall pounding on the bedroom door to wake up. i checked my phone and it was 9:50. "its early!" i yelled to niall, "what time is it babe?" liam asked, "9:50. way to early to be up." he nodded, "niall! go back to sleep." i threw a pillow to the door. i put the duvet over me again, niall came in threw the door, "uhm are you guys naked?" he asked awkwardly, "niall! im tired! wake us up in an hour. please nialler. ill buy your a present later." "sounds good." he shut the door behind him. ive been laying down in bed for about fifteen minutes, i still cant go to sleep. i decided to get in the shower. since there is a bathroom inside the bedroom, i dont need to take clothes. i made sure the bedroom door was locked. i turned on the water and got in once it was warm. i washed my hair twice and my body. i got out in less than half an hour. i wrapped a towel around me. when i walked into the room, liam was still asleep. "hey, liam wake up." he opened his eyes and rubbed the sleep out of them. he rolled over so he was on laying on his back. "go shower." i told him once he was sat up on the bed. "i dont have clothes." "here." i tossed him some of nicks clothes that i had in my suitcase. i took out a cute but casual outfit. 

right as i was done picking out my outfit and changing, liam came out the shower all changed. he put on socks and his shoes. we walked out into the kitchen, "were going out to eat. treat from simon." "where?" "some place called Bakers Square." my eyes lit up, "yes! i havent been there in forever!" "are they good?" liam asked, "amazing." i answered. "alright, so are you guys ready? the guys are waiting for us in the car outside." "ready as can be." i walked over and grabbed my phone and put it in the bag and walked towards the door where niall and liam were. "do you have the key?" liam asked, "yeah." i double checked. he nodded. it wasnt a car. it was a freaking limo. "niall, you said it was a car." "thats what Paul told me." i nodded my head in understandment. paul was one of the guys' security. i sat inbetween liam and niall. in front of my was nick, on his left was zayn and on his right was harry, and louis was laying down asleep farthest from everybody. we got to the restaurant in about ten minutes. currently, we are overlooking the menu, well the guys are, me and nick always get the same thing here. "are you all ready to order?" the waiter asked, all the guys answered yes, they all ordered pancakes, waffles and french toast, me and nick both got the chicken sandwich that has bacon and melted cheese. i felt liam put his hand on my knee. i looked over at him ans smiled. in the corner or my eye i saw harry glaring at us. nobody was really talking. it was awfully quite for how it usually is. niall was the only one attempting to talk to everyone. louis and harry were talking and zayn and nick were. since no one was talking niall decided to talk, "so what did you guys do last night?" he asked. me and liam looked at each other and smiled. "bet we all heard emily and liam didnt we?" harry mumbled really quiet and fast, i dont think any of us were suppose to hear. but i did. "excuse me?" i looked at harry. he looked taken aback. yeah, i defiantly wasnt suppose to hear. "yo-" "harry. we'll deal with this later." i interrupted him. he just looked at me. "well you two were pretty loud." louis added in laughing. he was trying to lighten up the mood. but its not going to work. "louis." i sternly said. memories from last night kept replaying in my head over and over. i couldnt keep the smile off my face. last night was truly amazing. the condom. we didnt use a condom. the smile came off my face right at the thought. "em, why did you randomly get pale?" nick asked. "uhm..uhh.. its nothing." he brushed it off and went back into conversation with zayn. "babe, whats wrong?" liam whispered in my ear, "we have to talk. now." i whispered back, "we'll be back, were going outside to talk for a bit." i said as we both stood up. i sat down on a one of the benches outside, liam stood in front of me. i stood quite for a couple seconds, "liam, we didnt use a condom did we?" i asked as straight forward as possible. his face wen pale. his face was as white as the white crayon. "i..uhh. i dont think so.." he trailed off, "i need to go across the street to buy the pill. i cant risk getting pregnant." across the street from us was a Walgreen's.   "we'll go when were done eating." he said, "no, i need to go now. they cant see what im going to get." he nodded, "stay out here, ill go tell them we'll be back in about five minutes." i walked to where the guys were sitting, "guys," they all turned to look at me, "we'll be back, were going to Walgreen's real quick. we'll be back in about five minutes." "what for?" nick asked, he just had to ask didnt he. "i got my period and i didn't bring anything, so i need to go buy the stuff." "nice." i shrugged my shoulders, they all turned around and started talking. "liam, help me look for the pill called Plan B." i told him once we were in the store. hr nodded and walked off towards the other end. "found it!" he said after about five minutes of looking for it. i grabbed it from him and we walked towards the cashier to buy it. "Let me see your ID." she said. "i dont have an ID." i replied, "then you need to have your parent or guardian come with you." "you see, we dont live here, we live in England. we came over here to record our album." "im sorry, then you cant purchase this." "please! i need it! i cannot be a bad role model for my fans!" "im sorry. i cant see it to you. you are underage." "listen, ma'am, can we get it and this stay between us?" liam spoke  up, i nodded my head, "im sorry, i cant do that." "emily!" a very familiar voice called my name, i turned around to look at the direction the voice came from. i had the biggest smile on my face, "josh!" i ran over to him and jumped on his to hug him. "i miss you so much!" i added, "i could say the same!" "same said that you were going to new york?" i said but it came out as a question, "we were, but my mom wanted to come to miami last minute instead." "of course she did." i said laughing  "wait, is she here? with you?" "yeah shes getting candy." "of course she is." i said laughing more. "well, you know her too well." i nodded my head still laughing, "im gonna go talk to her real quick. ill be back liam." i walked away, then i turned around, "oh yeah, liam this is josh hes one of my best friends back in los angeles, josh, this is liam, hes in the band i told you and sam about. ill be back." "Emma!" i yelled pretty loud, i saw her jumped and i started laughing, "my god! emily! you scared me!" i laughed, "wait emily? why are you here?" she asked in shock, "why? you dont want me here?" i said in a serious voice, "no, no i do, its just, you know." "i was playing! and im here to record my album with the guys." "album? guys? record an album? what?"  she looked so confused, "josh didnt tell you did he?" "tell me what?" "can you call me later tonight? around 10 and ill tell you. its a lot. you can come over our hotel." she handed me her phone so i can add my new number. "emma, i have a huge huge favor to ask you." "yes, what is it?" "can you buy me the plan b pill? i cant since im under aged and i dont have an ID." "the morning after pill?" she said in shock, "yeah." "yeah, sure. but you have to tell  me why later." "will do." "okay, well go get it. im ready." i nodded and went to grab another box. "thank you so much!" i hugged her really tight once we were outside of the store. "sorry, but we have to get going. were really late. text me and ill message you the hotel were at." i looked over at emma, "come with your mom, then you can surprise nick." i looked over at josh and he just nodded. "lets go!" i looked at liam, "it was nice meeting you!" liam said, josh nodded, they did the bro-hug like they've known each other since they were babies. we ran across the street back to Bakers Square. once we sat down louie  spoke up, "were all done eating. we got both of your guys food to be wrapped up. were already late." i nodded. my phone vibrated, i got a text. it was from emma, 'you know i could of dropped you two off there right?' i laughed, "she said she could of dropped us off." i told liam, "who?" nick asked, i shook my head, "no one." "too late now." liam said. "why did you guys take so long?" nick asked, "there was a really long line." i said. he nodded, but he didnt look convinced. "alright, here is the food. your all set to go." the waiter gave me and liam our food. "who paid?" i asked, "zayn." nick answered, "ill pay you back later." i told him, he shook his head, "no. i paid for a reason." "okay." i sat with liam and niall in the car, zayn and nick were together and harry and louis. "so i take that as you and him got along pretty good?" i asked referring to josh, "yeah." "good. now only four more to go. then you have to meet sam. hes back in los angeles." he just nodded his head. twenty minutes later me and liam were done eating and we arrived at the studio. i had a water bottle in my bag so i took the pill when no one noticed. "your nick right? correct me if im wrong." a lady asked nick, "yeah." "okay, Simon said that you can listen to both of their albums being recorded as long as you dont record any of the music, leak anything, and you must be quiet when theyre recording as it picks up any little sound even though the room is sound proof. or he said i you can go out and treat yourself." she handed him a stack of money. it had to be at least two grand. "woah, i cant accept this." "his treat to you." "no, ill just stay here." "take the money." she said, "but im not going out." "he wont know." "uhm okay." he finally took the money. "alright, now for you all, emily, you'll go to one studio and you boys will go to another. you should all be out of here by six. come back tomorrow at eight a.m. sharp. dont be late." he nodded, "follow me." *****5 hours later******

"you are all done for today. once again, he back here at eight. food will be provided through out the day. tomorrow you will be here most of the day." we all nodded. "nick, you can come at what ever time you want." he nodded. twenty five minutes later we were all back at the hotel. all the guys went swimming. i didnt feel like swimming so i stayed back. i took a quick fifteen minute shower. when i was dressed someone knocked on my door. i went over to open it. it was harry. "hey, come in." i opened my door. he walked over to the couch and sat down. "em, we have to talk." "i know, but hold on i have to call someone." he nodded. i dialed emma's number.  she picked up after it rung three times. "hello!" she said, "emma! you guys can come over any time now. we got out earlier then we expected." i gave her the hotel address and my room number. "okay, that hotel is about five minutes away. i'll be over in a couple." "okay, make sure josh comes." "he is." she laughed, "okay, see you in a few." i hung up. "who is emma and josh?" harry asked, "josh is one of mine and nicks best friend and emma is his mom. im going to talk to her." he nodded, "okay, so whats up?" i asked, he stayed quiet for a while. "you know i didnt mean it." his voice broke a little."oh" was the only thing i managed to say, "im sorry. i was just mad. it just came out. i didnt mean any of it." "i know you were mad." "im sorry!" he said, i just looked at him and nodded, "does this mean that you forgive me?" i shook my head, "harry," i let out a sigh, "no. i dont forgive you." " but why?" "harry, you cheated on me and you called me a slut!" "it was a mistake emily!" "too big of a mistake to forgive. i cannot just forgive someone who called me and slut! you dont know how it feels." "how do you think i felt when you went out with zayn and you and him had sex? then last night with liam? how do you think i felt? you didnt even wait a day that we werent together and you fucked liam!" he yelled, his vain was popping out of his neck, "calm down harry. you know i hate it when you yell." no, i dont hate it, when he yells it scares me. he took a deep breath, "how do you think i felt?" he said just above a whisper, "we werent even together with of those times." i said, "it still hurts." "can we just put all of this aside? like non of this ever happened?" i heard louie laughing in the hall, theyre back. harry just stared at me. "forget it ever happened?" he said in disbelief, "yes harry." "forget of what happened?" "us. the drama. everything." "fine." he opened the door, "just remember that i loved you. no, actually i still love you. just remember." he slammed the door, and i mean slammed. it was loud. i heard him start to cry. i opened the door to go talk to him. "what was that all about?" i heard josh talk. i turned around to face him, "uhm," i didnt know what to say. "em, honey we'll come another day if today's not a good day." emma said, "no, no its fine. you can go in my hotel room, ill be back in a few. im gonna go talk to him real fast." emma nodded, "josh come, nick stays with the guys." he walked behind me. i knocked on the guys door. nick opened it, "what the hell do you want emily? havent you noticed that now isnt a good time?" "shut up nick. im not here to see you." "oh right, its liam right? i forgot you two were lover now." "you dont have a fucking clue what your talking about!" i  yelled, "what do you think that i or we didnt hear you two fucking last night right after you broke up with liam?" "nick, its none of your business. stay the fuck out of my life!" "harry was right, you are a slut." i couldnt keep the tears in. my own brother calling me a slut. "nick, shes not a slut and you damn right know she isnt." josh spoke up, he hugged me, "josh!" nick said in a happy voice, "when did you get here?" he added, "that doesnt matter right now." "josh, can you tell your mom to come by another day and can you stay with me tonight?" i said once i calmed down, he nodded. i walked pushed nick aside and walked towards harrys room. "woah, woah no need to push me." nick said, "nick, calm your shit down. you damn right know why im here." "you cant just come and see him when ever you want!" he yelled, "and who the fuck are to say?" "you know now isnt the time." "and since when are you siding with them?" "emily, have you noticed all the shit you've put them though?" he calmed down, "i know what ive done im not stupid." i heard harry crying from his room. "you've put harry through the most shit, i mean look at him! hes crying over you." "me? what do you mean over me?" "your not worth his tears." "i didnt tell him to cry!" "you dont fucking have to!" "i should of never fucking brought you here in the first place! i brought you to have a nice fully paid vacation, and i get this? your my brother now nick, our parents are gonna get married. we have a little brother and sister back home, and you still have the balls to treat me like this?" he let out a sigh, "em, its not like that." "yes it is nick! your treating people that i introduced you to better then your own fucking sister! how much shit is that? ive never heard of a brother who disowns his sister. your the shittiest brother. i wish our parents never started dating then none of this shit would of never happened!" "em, its not like that at all. its just that you were never like this im getting tired of the new you." "if your tired of me then leave! go home! you know you can get a ticket back home when ever you want." "em, your taking all of this the wrong way." "no im not. nick, just stay away from me. when you need something you can go and ask your 'brothers' dont come running to me when you need something. if you dont want me in your life fine, ill stay out. ill buy you an apartment once we go back home and pay it all off for you. just dont you dare ever ask me for money when you need it." i turned around and slammed the door to their hotel shut, "your taking all of this the wrong way!" he yelled, josh was sitting down on one of the counter chairs in the kitchen with liam. "when did you get here?" i asked liam, "i left when you and nick were arguing." "oh." "whats going on with him?" josh asked, i shrugged my shoulders, "he said he doesnt like the new me. i dont want him in my life as of now." "em, you cant just throw him out of your life like that." he said, "josh, hes defending people that i introduced him to better then  his own fucking sister!" "hes under pressure. your going to be famous soon and so are these guys. life isnt going to be the same anymore. at all. hes gonna get recognized also." "i know he is, especially since hes gotten all buddy buddy with zayn. theyre always together." "and who knows how famous you or these guys will get. its just to much to take in. im even still in shock that people all over the world are going to know who my best friend is soon." "i guess. ill talk to him when i feel like dealing with him." i yawned, "im going to sleep. we need to be up early tomorrow. you can sleep in that room or go with nick and the other guys." "im gonna go with nick, im going to see whats up with him. ill try and stay another night." "okay." "im going to sleep too," liam said, "ill see you later bro," he told josh, "yeah, see you around." "bye josh, tell your mom to give you my new number." i hugged him. "bye, ill text you tomorrow." i nodded. he left the room and went next door. since me and liam were both in sweatpants we went straight to bed. "today has been all drama." liam said once we were both laying down in bed, "it better end soon or i have no idea what im going to do. goodnight." "night."

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