Love Triangle

In middle school Emily's penn-pals name is Harry Styles. She moves to Los Angeles from Chicago. Will her bestfriend in Los Angeles soon become family? She moves to Holmes Chapel and auditions for XFactor. What will happen on her journey? Perhaps a Love Triangle or new additions to the family.



41. 41. Niall and Liam

he didnt say anything. he didnt make a single sound. i wasnt even sure if he was breathing. "i, uhm i shouldn't of said that." i said. i still sat next to him, i didnt feel uncomfortable, it just felt like it was the right time to move. i went back to my original seat in front of him. "im uhm going to break up with him later today." he was still staring at me, his mouth was wide open. he eyes seemed as if they started off into space. i really didnt know what to say. "i-im uh going to shower. you can stay if you uh want." i grabbed my ipod and went into my room to grab clothes. i got my matching batman bra and underwear, and i got some of nicks sweatpants and a tanktop. i turned on the music from my ipod once i was i the bathroom. i took a long slow shower and sang along to all the songs that come up on shuffle. when i got out and was changed i checked the time and it was exactly 9:00. it got late fast. i went into my room to put on socks and my black converse. i dropped my ipod on my bed and walked out. liam was gone and nick still wasnt here. i grabbed the hotel key and my phone from the kitchen table and walked net door and knocked. liam opened the door. he looked at me, "hi, can you uhm tell harry to get dressed and come out here." he opened the door more and stepped out the way, "come in." he said almost at a whisper. "where is he?" i asked, "with nick in his room." i nodded in. "liam, uhm which is his room?" he pointed to the closed door to the far left end. i nodded, "thanks." he nodded and walked over to the living room with zayn, niall and louis. they were watching a movie. i walked over to the door that liam had pointed to and opened the door. they were on the ps3. they were both still in their swimming trunks. they were still kind of wet, but almost dry. "harry." i looked at him. "what?" he asked, "get dressed." "why?" "we need to talk." he looked over to nick and nick nodded. he got off the bed and looked through his bag to get dry clothes. i walked out of the room, "niall, when harrys comes out tell him that i went back to my room to get a bag." he nodded. i closed the door behind me. i put the hotel key in the slot and waited for the light to turn green. i walked into my room and got a small over the shoulder bag, i put my phone and the hotel key in there. i closed the hotel door behind me. i sat down on the floor next to mine and nicks hotel room. about a minute later harry came out. he had on sweatpants, a shirt and his converse. "hey babe" he said, "harry, we need to talk." "i know, thats why i cam out here?" it came out as more of a question. "yeah, lets go walk around outside." he nodded. he tried to hold my hand but i pulled it away. he gave me a confused look but i pretended like i didnt see him. the hotel has a pretty good sized garden out in the back. "where are we going?" "to the garden out back." we stayed in silence the whole walk down to the garden. i spotted a bench in the garden and walked towards it. when i sat down, harry followed my actions and also sat down. we both didnt say anything for a good five minutes, "emily." "harry." "what do you want to talk about?" "i think we need to break up." his head shot up at me, but i kept my head down. "what? why?" "its not the same, harry." i let out a sigh, "as much as i want it to be, its not." "what do you mean?" "ever since i saw you and 'her' at the xfactor house, my feelings have sort of dropped a little everyday. i loved you before, and now, i just. i dont know." "so your breaking up with me?" he asked still in disbelief. i nodded my head, "its the best anyways, me and all of you guys will be busy in the studio most of the time, them the interviews that will come and the promotion for the album. then who knows how big and famous one of us will get." "what did liam say?" i looked up, "nothing. liam had nothing to do with this." "yes he did." he was mad. his voice gave it off. "harry, calm down." "no! im not going to fucking calm down! emily i love you! dont you see it! i fucking love you! what the hell did liam say to you? did he make you break up with me!?" i felt hot fresh tears roll down my cheeks. i hate it when he yells and he knows i do. "what the hell happened up there when  i was gone?! huh? did you fuck him too? just like you fucked me and zayn!? are you trying to break the band up or what?! damn emily! you cant just stay with one of us can you! first me, then zayn, then me again, now liam, whos next? niall or louis?! your a fucking slut thats what you are." he said the last part through his teeth. tears were coming out of my eyes uncontrollably.  "fuck you harry! fuck you!" i stood up and ran inside of the building. i ran straight into the elevator, lucky it was open. tears just kept on coming. i was full out sobbing. i kept on trying to wipe away the tears but they came back instantly. i felt someone looking at me, i looked up and saw an old women, i pressed the button my room was on. "is everything alright me dear?" she asked sweetly, i shook my head no. right as the elevator door closed harry appeared. "fuck you harry!" i yelled pretty loud to be crying, "was it him? who made you like this?" the old women asked, i nodded my head, "hes not worth the tears  honey." "i know." i managed to say. 'your a fucking slut' 'your a fucking slut' that just kept replaying and replaying in my head. right as the elevator door opened on my floor i ran out as fast as i could to my door. i took out my key. i slammed the door as hard as i could and ran straight to my room. a couple seconds later i heard knocks on the door. "emily, open up its me, niall." "go away!" i said inbetween sobs. 'your a fucking slut thats what you are.' every time i thought about it i cried harder. "emily, open the door, is me." a calmer more soothing voice said. liam. i stood up and opened the door for him to come in. niall was still out there, i couldnt leave him alone, i felt to bad, niall is too sweet.i grabbed both of their hands and pulled them in. i walked over to the couch and buried my face into my knees and cried. they didnt say anything. they each sat on each side of me. "what happened?" niall asked as soon as i calmed down. "he called me a fucking slut!" i still didnt pick my head up. "he would never.." niall trailed off, i nodded my head. "he thinks that you made me break up with him." i looked up at liam. "me? why?" "because we were together earlier. he said if im trying to break up the band. then he said that first it was him, then zayn, then him again, now you and he was like whos next niall or louis. then he called me a slut." i was still looking at liam. i looked over to niall, he looked as confused as he could be. i dont blame him. only me and liam know whats going on. "he said if we fucked just like i fucked him and zayn." i was crying a little bit, but not much. i wasnt going to waste my tears over him. "i don think that you should sleep over there tonight, hes pissed at you even thought i told him you have nothing to do with it." liam or niall didnt say anything. they didnt know what to say. liam hugged me. a tight hug. he pulled me up onto his lap and rubbed circles in my back. that helped calm me down. "dont listen to him babe." "hes just mad" niall added, i nodded. "can you tell nick to stay over there and you guys stay here?" niall nodded, "ill tell him." he stood up and walked out the door. "your sleeping with me today. niall can sleep in nicks room." he nodded. "what do you want to do?" he asked, "lets play twenty question when niall comes back, we didnt learn much about each other and i dont know anything about niall either." he smiled and nodded. "open up, its me." niall said as he knocked on the door. i got off liam and walked towards the door. i opened the door, "we changed our minds, we dont want you to stay here. only us." i said with a serious voice. he looked taken aback and surprised. he looked at the ground, "oh. okay." he said and turned around. i jumped on his back, "giddy up horsey! lets go play twenty questions with liam," i said with a smile on my face. he laughed, "i thought you were serious." "i could never be mean to my little nialler." he laughed again, and ran into the room. i couldnt help but laugh. "okay, whos asking first?" i asked,  "me!" niall almost yelled, me and liam laughed, "okay, okay." "favorite color?" he asked, "you got all hyped up to ask me my favorite color?" i laughed, "anyways, hot pink, lilac and sea green." "purple" liam answered, "green" niall said. "celebrity crush?" liam asked "well hes not 'famous' but Kellin Quinn and Christopher Drew." "Leona Lewis" "Demi Lovato." "demi is hot." i said, they started at me, "what? she is." "favorite album?" i asked, "too many" niall said, "cant choose," "with ears to see and eyes to hear." i answered my own question. "are you going to spoil maya and julian?" niall asked, "yeah, but not to much. they have to learn that im not going to give them everything they want just cause' i have money. they have to earn it." they nodded. "how many kids do you want? and what?" liam asked, "at least 3 or 4. i want my first born to be a boy then girl and i dont care what comes next. as long as its boy then girl." "turn on and offs?" i asked "Turn-ons: Knee socks, PDAs, giggling, squealing and tattoos.Turn-offs: Burping, farting, swearing, fake tan and bling," liam answered, "Turn-ons: Hot pants, farting and being funny.
Turn-offs: Birkenstock sandals, Disney films and granny cardigans." niall said, "different" i said and smiled, "turn-ons: funny, good personality, good to get along with, abs, v line, and is really really cuddly. turn-offs: cocky, stuck up, tries to hard." "im hungry." i added, "me too," liam said, "i can go for food" niall added, "i want cookies, what about you guys?" "same," liam added, "me too." niall added. should we go to the store and but cookie dough or order them from room service?" "whatever is fine with me," liam answered, "whatever you want." niall said, "okay, room service it is." they laughed and nodded. "im ordering 50 chocolate chip." i said. they nodded. i picked up the phone and ordered the cookies. "they said about twenty minutes. you guys up for xbox? i have three controllers." "what games?" liam asked, "halo, black ops and fifa." "fifa?" niall asked, me and liam nodded. "i call team with niall." i said. "why not me?" liam had a puppy dog face, "because hes my little nialler." "and im liam," he said it as leeyum, and he winked at the end. "so cheesy." i said laughing. i turned on the tv in my room and the xbox. we all sat on the bed. i was inbetween of them. about twenty minutes later, someone knocked on the door. "cookies!" i literally jumped off the bed and ran to the door. he handed me a plate of fresh baked cookies. "thank you." i said and closed the door. "am i suppose to tip him?" i asked them once i was on the bed, "yeah, why?" liam said, "oops. i didnt. oh well." it been about an hour, we've finished all the cookies and we've been playing endless amount of fifa. "im tired." i yawned. "yeah, im getting tired too." niall said. he shut down the xbox, "night," he walked out of the room. they were both already in pajamas. it was kind of hot in the room. i went over to my bag to look for some pajama shorts. i found my hello kitty ones. i took off nicks sweatpants that i had on and put on the shorts. i could feel liam looking at me. i turned around and smirked at him, he smirked back. i pulled the shirt i had on over my head, "do you mind?" i asked, hoping he would get it. "not at all." he winked.  "so does that mean that i can take my shorts off? its really hot in here." he got out from under the covers and took off his shirt and his pajamas. "i sleep naked, but i wont today for you." he had on the tight batman boxers. "so do you mind?" i pointed down to my shorts, he shook his head. i took off my shorts, so i was just in my bra and underwear. "looks like we both like batman." i said looking at his boxers. "looks like it." he laughed, liam got under the duvet, i turned off the light and got under the covers. i cuddled up next to him so we were in the 'honeymoon hug' sleeping position. "we dont have to be at the studio until 12 right?" i asked, "yeah, why?" "just asking." his arms were wrapped around my shoulders, i unwrapped them and put them on my lower back almost on my butt. i felt him tense up, "im more comfortable like that." after i said that he relaxed. my arms were wrapped around his waist. "you can touch me all you want to." i whispered as seductive as i could into his ear. i brushed my lips on his ear. i kissed his neck, i felt im shiver, "good night, liam." "goodnight," he moaned it out. i said seductively. i felt his crotch poking at my crotch. "horny there, are you?" i moved my hand down to his hard member and stroked it as slow as possible. a quite moan escaped his lips. "yo-" i cut him off, i smashed my lips onto his. he responded quickly and kissed back. he pulled away after about a minute and kissed down my neck. he kissed my on my sweet spot and i quietly moaned, i felt him smile, he sucked on that spot. "liam." i moaned out. i placed my hand once again on his hard member. i rubbed him through his boxers. he groaned,   he got on top of me, he opened my legs. he put his hard crotch on my wet one. he slowly moved up and down on my crotch, i let out a loud moan, he came down quickly and put his lips on mine. he moved a little faster up and down, "liam!" i moaned louder then ever. he brought his lips to mine, he licked my bottom lip asking for entrance, i let him in without hesitation. he explored my mouth, he was still moving, and it seemed as if he were getting harder by the second. im not complaining. i like it. i cant help it. i know i just broke up with harry a few hours ago, and he called me a slut, but i cant help it. my body needs it, i need it. i cant contain myself. i pulled down liams boxers. his dick slapped up against his stomach. he gave me a questing look. i stared i awh down at his manhood. god, and i thought harry was big. emily, stop comparing them. but seriously, liam is huge. i grabbed his manhood into my hands. i rubbed up and down and twisted my hands. i earned a lot of moans from him. i pulled my hands our and brought my mouth to his tip. i kissed it. he pulled me back, "tonight's about you babe," i sat up on my elbows, my unhooked my bra and threw it somewhere on the floor. he gently pushed my body down so i was laying on my back. he hesitated at putting his hands on lower waist to take off my underwear. i grabbed his hands and put them right on my wet crotch. i felt him tense up, i grabbed his fingers and slowly rubbed up and down on my crotch. i moaned. he still isnt doing anything. i leaned up to his ear, "touch me." i said and layed back down. i took off my underwear and threw them somewhere on the floor. both of his hands were awkwardly holding onto my bare waist. i grabbed both of his hands, i put one on my boob and the other one right on my wet bare crotch. he slightly squeezed my boob, " liam, theres nothing to be shy about. i want you to touch me." "like this." i added, grabbed his hand and cupped it around my crotch, his fingers slightly rubbing my clit. i let out a moan. he took advantage of that and slid a finger inside of me. i let out a gasp, i wasnt excepting that. "your so wet babe." i could sense the smirk in his voice. "just for you." i heard a low soft laugh coming from him. his fingers pumped in and out of me on a slow steady pace. he added another finger, he went faster, "liam!" i moaned, "i need you now!" he took his fingers out and grabbed his dick. he rubbed his tip slowly over my clit, which only caused me to get wetter and hornier is possible. i let out a small but loud moan, he rubbed his whole length on my clit, "liam!" i grabbed his manhood and put it at my entrance, "now!" he slipped himself in, i screamed out in pain. "go slow, it hurts like hell." "tell me if you want me to stop." "no. i dont. just go slow." he mumbled a low 'okay'. he put in just a little more than his tip, "fuck!" i screamed in pain, "emily, do yo-" "no." i interrupted him. he kept in going slowly, soon the pain turned into pleasure. once his whole length was inside of me, i placed my hands on his butt, pushing him to go deeper. he moaned this time, he grabbed my boobs and started to suck on my nipple, "uhh! ahh! liam!" i moaned, "faster!" i commanded, he obeyed , on of his hands was playing with my boob and he was sucking on my other boob. he sightly bit my nipple to make it hard, his pace kept getting fast every couple of minutes. i moaned every time he came inside of me. he started slowing down and i felt him twitch inside of me. he pulled himself out, he emptied himself out on my stomach. he leaned down to kiss me, our lips moved in sync with each other, when we were both out of breath he pulled away. he pulled the duvet off of us, i felt his lips brush against my clit. i felt his cool tongue. his tongue was inside of me, im pulling his hair to come closer. he sucked on my clit. "liam!" this was probably the loudest ive moaned ever. he slurped up all of my juices. when he came back up he pecked my lips, "you taste good." i laughed, "good." "i hope niall didnt hear." i said still laughing,"im pretty sure the whole hotel heard you." "thats good. that means you did an amazing job." i said completely serious. "tonight was the best night of my life. night." "me too, goodnight." we fell asleep spooning.

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