Love Triangle

In middle school Emily's penn-pals name is Harry Styles. She moves to Los Angeles from Chicago. Will her bestfriend in Los Angeles soon become family? She moves to Holmes Chapel and auditions for XFactor. What will happen on her journey? Perhaps a Love Triangle or new additions to the family.



40. 40. Talking With Liam

i couldn't move. i was too shocked to move. my throat went dry. "w-what?" he shrugged his shoulders. "just saying what i think." "oh." i managed to say. "lets go, they should be ready by now."  we walked out the room in silence. right when i opened the door, i saw the guys right there. i tied my towel tighter at the top to keep it from falling. harry came next to me and held my hand. we all walked down the hall to the elevator. niall pressed the button down to the main floor. when we got outside, i went to the poolside chair and put my towel down. harry put his towel net to mine. he grabbed my hand and walked me over to the pool.i let go of his hand and jumped in right away. he did the same. "i havent gone swimming in so long," i told him. "come over here." i told him, i swam to the deep side and and put my back against the wall inside the pool. he came in front of me, he put both of his hand on my waist. "i just noticed that you have really big hands." he took his hands out of the water and looked at them, "me either." he laughed. he put his hands back on my waist, and came closer. he moved one hand to my lower back, and the other on my butt.  he looked me straight into my eyes asking if it was okay, i nodded. he came as close to me as possible and put his lips on mine.  i entangled my hands into his wet hair. our lips moved in sync with each others. my squeezed my butt and licked my bottom lip at the same time, i smiled into the kiss and so did he, i let him in. i squeezed his butt too, he tried his best not to laugh. he pulled away and busted out in fits of laughter. i started laughing too. when we stopped laughing, he wrapped his arms around my waist. he pressed his crotch tightly on mine. i can tell you that i felt him too. someone was excited. i wrapped one of my arms on his lower back and the other on his neck. he pressed his lips onto mine. i heard a person clear their throat behind us. a worker. i unwrapped myself from harry, "Excuse me, but PDA isnt allowed." he looked about middle aged. he raised his eyebrows at us and walked away. "babe, im hungry. are you?" "no, i ate before coming down. lets go get some for you." i nodded and pulled myself out of the pool. when harry was out, he held my hand. we walked over to dry off. liam was sitting on the chair next to where our towels were at. i slipped on my flip flops. liam was on his phone. "hey liam, are you hungry?" i asked, "hi, a little why?" "i am too. were going to get something to eat, wanna come with us?" "sure." "harry go tell the guys that were going to get some food." he nodded and ran off to tell louis. "do you know if they have like a little restaurant or if we have to get room service?" i asked liam, "i have no idea. ill ask at the service desk." "harry! we'll be inside!" i yelled to harry, i wrapped my towel around my body. "cmon." i intertwined our arms together. "you know we dont talk a lot." i said as we walked inside. "i know" he said. "how about we have a liam-emily day for the rest of the day?" i gave him a smile. i really do want to get to know him more. the only thing i know about him is his name. "sounds like a plan." he smiled back at me. "i'll tell harry to fuck off for the rest of the day when we finish eating." he laughed, and nodded his head. "Excuse me, if their a restaurant here or is it just room service?" he asked the service lady, "We only carry room service." we nodded and walked away. "my room or your guys?" he shrugged his shoulders, "it doesnt really matter." "okay, my room it is." he laughed, and nodded his head. right as we turned around we saw harry. he look at mine and liams intertwined arms and gave me a questioning look. i gave him the were-just-friends look. he nodded. "were going up to my room to get room service there." i informed him. he nodded. we walked to the elevator. "did you tell the other guys too or just lou?" "he said he'll tell the others." i nodded. "liam, what are you getting?" i asked him. we've been looking over the menu book for about ten minutes now, neither of us decided on what to get. "the bacon cheeseburger, what about you?" "chicken fingers with fries and a chocolate milkshake." "harry, what are you getting?" "ice cream." "you have to eat food." "im not hungry." i nodded, "why arent you getting a milkshake or fries?" i looked towards liam, directing the question to him. "ill get some of yours." he laughed, "you can get fries, but non of my milkshake. i deeply treasure my milkshakes cause they bring all the boys to the yard." him and harry busted out in laughter. loud if i had to say. i tried to stay serious, but quickly failed. "okay, okay i think its time to order the food." i said, they nodded. liam got the phone ad ended up ordering all of our stuff and he ended up getting a milkshake. "thought you didnt want a milkshake?" i asked him laughing, "well maybe mine will bring all the girls to the yard." he said completely serious. me and harry just started at him. we didnt know weather he was playing around or being serious. liam finally hold in his laugh, "yous thought i was being serious?" he said inbetween laughs, i started laughing then harry did. "yeah." i said as soon as we all stopped laughing. we talked about pointless things for about fifteen minutes. someone knocked on the door, "one of you guys go, im practually half naked." "and i like it that way," harry winked at me, liam faked gag and stood up to get the food. i slapped harry on his chest, "what?" he asked putting his hands up in defense. "that lovely -dovey shit is only when were  together. alone." i said as serious as possible looking into his eyes.  he looked straight into my eyes and nodded. i stood up from where i previously sat and sat on harrys lap. he wrapped his arms around my waist and stomach. liam came back with a table with wheels and it had all the food we ordered. i got off harry and go both of our stuff. i handed harry his ice cream. i sat down on the floor where i had been before. "wait," i said, "why are we sitting on the floor? theres a kitchen island in the kitchen." they both shrugged their shoulders, "i thought you wanted to sit on the floor." harry said, "me too." liam added. "well unless you guys want to sit on the floor, im going to the kitchen." they nodded and stood up. we each picked up our food and made our way to the kitchen. we talked about how school is different here and over there for most of the time, and i told them that me and nick are visiting the guys back in Los Angeles and that they are all more than welcomed to join us. they said that they'll think about it and tell the other guys. we had all finished eating about five minutes ago. "harry." i looked at him. "hmm?" he looked up at me, "leave." "leave? what?" "yeah, fuck off. today is a liam emily day." "liam emily day?" he looked and sounded confused as hell. "yes. liam and emily day. i dont know shit about him and he doesnt know shit about me. hes going to be one of my best friends." "uh, what am i suppose to do?" "i dont know. what ever you want to do." "uh, okay. im going back with the boys." i nodded and hugged him. "your spending the night with me today so ill call you later." "he nodded and walked out the room." i turned to look at liam. "im going to change, do you want some of nicks clothes?" "no, im fine." "you sure? not even a shirt? or dry shorts?" "im sure." "sure?" i asked, "yes emily im sure." he laughed. "just making sure." "i know," he laughed. he went into t he living room and sat down on the couch, my ipod was on the table beside the couch and he was looking at it. "you can use it. it wont bite our hand off." i smiled at him. he smiled back and picked it up. now to pick out what im going to wear. i looked at the clock and it read 4:45.  im pretty sure were going to be here for a while. i decided on some  hollister sweatpants and one of harrys shirts that i took from him. i grabbed a pair of clean underwear and a bra and a pair of fluffy socks. i went into the bathroom to change since i have to pee. i put the dry clothes that i had just got on the sick counter.i took off the bikini and put it in the shower so it can dry off. i grabbed my bra  and underwear from the counter and put them on. i heard the door knob moving, i turned around to try to lock the door. i forgot to lock the door. how stupid am i. the door flew open, liam started at me his mouth was open. "i...i..uhm.. ill wait till your done." he left right after, he didnt give me time to reply. he didnt close the door, i went over and closed it. i made sure that it was locked this time. i put on the sweatpants and shirt on then the fluffy socks. i still had to use the bathroom so i did. i fixed my bun and washed my hands. i went into the room and got two soft blankets that i brought from home. i threw one to liam and sat across from him. "i.. uhm im sorry." he was looking at the floor. "liam." i called him, he looked up, "its nothing." "but i-" i cut him off, "liam." i said with a stern look "for real, its nothing. i dont really care." he nodded, "sorry." he mumbled, "liam, stop saying sorry." "sorry." he said again. i stated laughing, "liam you seriously need to stop apologizing so much." i said serious when i stopped laughing. "its a bad habit i cant get rid of." "what do you mean?" "well, when i was younger i was bullied a lot." he told me everything that had happened to him when he was younger. and i mean everything. how he took boxing classes, when he got rejected twenty-two times, how he would get jumped, how he almost got suspended for fighting back, and about his sixteenth birthday party. that really broke my heart. no one, and i mean no one showed up to his party. "it was so embarrassing." he said, "liam, im sorry." i had no words. he was even crying a little. i went and sat next to him, i wrapped my arms securely around him. "i didnt have a fun childhood. it was tough growing up like that. my friends, or at least what i thought were my friends, they were the ones who forced me to ask the girl out twenty-two times. she said yes one day, but broke up with me the next day." i didnt say anything. he took a deep breath to try and keep the tears from coming. "let it out. im here for you and always will." one single tear fell from  his eye. i whipped it away with my thumb. "all the girls thought i was ugly, all the guys hated me and i really dont know why. i never did anything. i guess i was just the fish bait for them." "liam." "hmm." "look at me." he shook his head, i put my fingers under his chin and brought his head up to look at me. "you are anything but ugly. ill even admit that i had a crush on you." he smiled. i really did have a crush on him. crazy i know. "i saw you on xfactor, right when i saw your audition, i was like 'damn, hes cute as hell' and when you started singing. when you started singing, i was in awh. liam, your voice is amazing." his smile got bigger. "im serious, liam. dont ever let someone think that our not good enough. if they think that your not good enough, leave them. drop from from your life. you have all of us now, even nick. you have all of our families. even my little sister and brother. but most importantly, dont believe people when they say that your not attractive, cause i damn right know you are and you do too." he just shrugged his shoulders, "liam, do you want me to be completely honest with you?" "i thought you were?" he asked confused, "i am. but do you want the complete honest thing?" i asked, he nodded. "if i never knew that harry or zayn liked me, i honestly would of went after you. i had a small crush on both of them, but my crush on you was way way bigger. after i found out that harry liked me, i went after him only because i knew that he actually liked me and i had a crush on him. same with zayn. i didnt go after you because i didnt know if you liked me like that. but if you did, then, i dont know what would of happened. but i know, well we all know that you like danielle. go after her when we go back." he let out a sigh, "when i was your audition, it was like love at first sight," he paused to look at me reaction, i probably had the biggest smile on my face right now. he smiled and continued, "well kind of since i hadent seen you in person, but you get what im saying. i was going to try and go after you, but then i found out that harry liked you, and you and him had known each other before hand, so i thought that i had no chance so i gave up. i still do have feelings for you. i try my hardest to get rid of them because i know that you and harry are together." "we shouldve went after each other." i looked down. "emily," he called me, but i didnt look up. i feel horrible. he put his hand under my chin and brought my head up, i swear that i felt something. something your suppose to feel when your in love. i looked him in the eyes, "stop, your with harry now." "honestly, my feelings are for him are lowering every single day. i dont know why they just are. i actually loved him before, and now, well i dont know. they started to go down after i saw him at the xfactor house." "i cant blame you, you saw him with your own eyes." i nodded, "sadly." "i think im going to break up with him." "why?" his eyebrows scrunched up in confusion. "i dont love him like before. it just doesnt feel right. im starting to fall for someone else more that i thought, and we are going to be i the studio most of the time the next few months, then we have to promote the album, do interviews, and who knows how big or small me or you guys will be as a band." "who? who are you falling for?" he asked slowly, almost as if he wished he never asked it. "you." "me?" he asked in complete and utter shock, i nodded, "i still do have a huge crush on you, i tried to push it aside when i was with harry and zayn, i still did. but, today, i guess im not pushing it aside. im falling hard. im falling hard fast." he stared at me as if he just seen a ghost. 

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