Love Triangle

In middle school Emily's penn-pals name is Harry Styles. She moves to Los Angeles from Chicago. Will her bestfriend in Los Angeles soon become family? She moves to Holmes Chapel and auditions for XFactor. What will happen on her journey? Perhaps a Love Triangle or new additions to the family.



4. 4. Finally, we get to start!

      "Hey, my name is Harry Styles. I am from Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, England. Its only a couple hours away from London. I am 13. My Birthday is February 1st, 1994. I wanna be a singer although people tell me that i am a good singer, i don't think i am. And my hidden talent is that i can juggle! That's a little weird, bu not very people can juggle so i think its pretty cool that i can. haha! So, i hope that we will both like each other! And at least laugh once a while thought this. And when our teacher told us that we were getting penn-pals i was actually pretty excited and everyone else was kind of mad about it." thats what my letter read from this 'Harry' kid who lives in London said. im not gonna lie i had a giggle from it and kyle looked at me and gave me a 'what?' look and i just nodded laughing more.    

    "Hey, my name is Emily Lopez. I am from Lansing, Illinois. Its just about 45 minutes away from Chicago. So i go up to the city almost every weekend, also because my grandma lives up there. I am also 13, and my birthday is March 23rd, 1994. Hmm, if people tell you your a good singer then you must be! haha! But you should try to do something with singing. As  far as i know i dont have any hidden talent, but i know that i can juggle at all! haha! so thats cool that you can. I love singing though, but i'm not good, at least that i think, i don't sing around anyone but my family and my bestfriend. Your pretty lucky to live by London though, I've always wanted to go, but its too much money to go. I'm going for sure when i'm older! Probably when i'm at least 18. If we end up getting pretty good friends after this whole penn-pal thing is over, we should still stay in touch?(:" 

when i  finished reading my letter Kyle was about done to, only writing a bit more. "Does your person seem interesting " he asked me. "yeah he seems pretty cool and kinds funny" i replied giggling remembering of what i read earlier. "how about yours?" "yeah i guess shes okay. seems a little weird though." he chuckled telling me. "i dont think she'll be that bad." "i guess we'll just have to see." after we were done we were just talking about random stuff as usual, and turned in our letters to Mrs.Lopez. when the bell rung me and kyle walked out the room together, again i noticed he was closer, closer than earlier too. "hey em do you wanna hang out?" i got butterflies in mt stomach when he asked me, but i couldnt figure out why 'you dont like hi emily do you? you cant hes your bestfriend  thats wrong' i thought to me self "i dont know, ill call my mom right now" when we got to our lockers i turned my phone on right away. me and kyle walked out together since our lockers are next to each others. "Uhm mom? ... yeahh good... yeah kayy...uhm can i hang out with my friend?...kyle...yeah ill walk...okay bye ill see your later..." when i hung up i turned to kyle and said yeah that i can, and i saw in his eyes that we got happy, and he gave me a hug. this hug wasnt a normal friends hug, he had his arms right above me ass and pulled me in tighter. but i just smiled. 'i think i like him'  i thought to myself. "what?" he asked me with a smile but yet a curious look in his eyes. "fuck, did i just say that out loud?" "yeah you did..." he just blushed. "uhmm...ii i..i uhm .." i didnt know what else to say. it just got awkward. "i think ill just go home instead  i just..." i trailed off once again. "ill walk you?" he offered. and i just nodded my head. when we were walking the awkwardness went away, it felt like nothing happened. he kept coming closer to me and i just kept blushing and was cheesy the whole time. he noticed when i blushed a couple off time and he didnt fail to blush back. "hey lets go to the park for a bit?" he asked m out of no where. "sure". when we were walking to the park his hand brushed against mine and i blushed more than ever, and put my head down so he wouldn't notice. "hey whats wrong?" he noticed my head down. "nothingg..."  i said laughing


i like emily shes really cute and funny. i know shes my bestfriend but im getting feelings. during the whole day  i thought of asking her to hang out. in language arts i got closer and closer to her. but im not sure if she noticed.  after class was over i asked her if she wanted to hang out. after she called her mom ans she said she could, i got butterflies in my stomach and go happy. i think she noticed something there. not sure though. when we got to the park i tried to give her clues.


after he moved his hands away, i got sad. "wanna go on the swings?" he asked me. i nodded back. we ended walking really slow to the swings and his hands and body got closer to mine. "what do you really think about me?" he asked all of the sudden. i felt my face get hot from how much i was blushing. he took my hands away from my face and gave me a long, perfect hug. this time he put his hands on my ass, but i didnt say or do anything since i had a crush on him. when we broke the hug, he put his hands on my waist and looked straight into my eyes.

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