Love Triangle

In middle school Emily's penn-pals name is Harry Styles. She moves to Los Angeles from Chicago. Will her bestfriend in Los Angeles soon become family? She moves to Holmes Chapel and auditions for XFactor. What will happen on her journey? Perhaps a Love Triangle or new additions to the family.



39. 39. Arriving At Miami

"you know you can visit right? i mean, you live like less than 10 minuted from my house." "oh yeah, i forgot. we've been stuck in this house for too long. i forgot we even lived by each other." "can you pack all my stuff in that bottom drawer." i pointed to the last drawer. he walked over to the closet get my Victoria Secret duffle bag. it was black and in pink letters it said 'LOVE PINK'. its really cute. i got out my regular suitcase, i put in my shoes on the bottom, on top of them i put my sweaters, hoodies, knit sweaters, crew necks, well basically anything that was long sleeve. "im keeping your purple hoodie." i informed harry. "hoodie?" he asked confused, "oh yeah, i forgot you british people call it a jumper." he chuckled, "okay." i turned around. i literally started cracking up. there stood a harry in one of my hot pink and black lace bra, and a pair of my black boy shorts that said 'SMACK THIS' with hot pink hand prints. dont ask, i got those as a 'goodbye' present from Sam when we left. it  seems weird doesnt it? but to  me it was normal, the guys, even nick, would get me the weirdest, more random things, and i would do the same. we were just all that close. it was a good friendship. "who have you these?" he asked referring to the boy shorts, but he had his hands on the cups of the bra. "long story." i said still laughing. "em, theyre abou-" he stopped and started at harry, and he started cracking up too, "nice outfit bro." he said inbetween laughs, "isnt it?" harry said posing. "theyre coming?" i asked once me and nick both calmed down, "yeah, they'll be here in like 15." i nodded, "im almost done, are you?" "yeah, im going to tell everyone downstairs bye." "harry! dont take it off!" i smacked him on his chest. i took out my phone and took a picture. he had his hands on his hips, and his left hip was out. talk about posing. "im so showing gemma this." he laughed and took off the bra and boy shorts. "pack my undies and bras yeah? i still have to do my shorts, jeans and socks." he nodded. he opened the drawer that had all the bra and undies in them. i walked over to the closet and folded all the jeans and shorts nicely, so they can fit properly in the suitcase. i had folded all my jeans and shorts, i picked them off the floor and placed them in the suitcase. i felt harry wrap his arms around my waist. i call it spooning, but standing up. he placed his head on my shoulder, "im going to visit you and the twins a lot." "you better." "em, theyre outside already outside." nick told me from outside the door. "come help me." he came in. me, him and harry all finished packing he rest of my stuff in about 20 minutes. "come visit me right when you get home." i told harry, i hugged him and pecked him on the lips before getting in the car. we all waved them bye.


"how much longer until we get there?" i asked, "about an hour and a half." andrew answered.  nick, my mom and the twins were all sleeping. the radio was on so i was humming the songs that were familiar.  "andrew, me and nick have to tell you and my mom something when we get home." "what is it about?" "its important. really important." "what is it?" he asked, "i think im going to wait so me and nick can tell both of you guys together." he nodded. "so are you almost done writing the music?" "yeah, pretty much. i like it so far." "when can we hear it?" "i dont know, ill ask simon if you guys can hear it earlier than the release date." "alright." i heard a soft but loud cry coming from next to me. i looked over at maya who was crying. her crying caused julian to start crying. i was in the middle of them. nick was in the back seats, he was layed down, sleeping. i heard the beat of 'How To Save A Life' by The Fray on the radio, "can you turn it  up? im going to see if they stop crying if i sing to them." andrew turned up the radio.

"Step one, you say we need to talk
He walks you say sit down it's just a talk
He smiles politely back at you
You stare politely right on through
Some sort of window to your right
As he goes left and you stay right
Between the lines of fear and blame
You begin to wonder why you came" i looked over to maya and she was smiling up at me, and julian was staring at me. its so weird how theyre so young, and they already are smiling and have theyre eyes wide open. i sang the rest of the song, by the end they had both fell asleep. "are they asleep?" "yeah."


"nick wake up, were here." i shook nick until he was awake. he rubbed the sleepiness out of his eyes and got up. it was kind of dark out now. well, i guess because it was like 9:30. andrew took maya, and nick took julian. they were still strapped into their car seats. the twins were up in their cribs up stairs. me, nick my mom and andrew were all in the living room. "mom, andrew." i said sitting criss-crossed on the couch. they looked over at me. nick already knew we were going to tell them. "me and nick have to tell you guys something that is really important." "what is it honey?" my mom asked, "it was kind of short notice. so we're sorry that we didnt tell you guys earlier." i said, nick nodded at my statement, "what is it? your worrying us now." andrew said, "in two weeks.." nick said, and trailed off, "what about in two weeks?" my mom asked, both her and andrew looked confused. i looked over at nick to see if i should continue, he nodded. "in two weeks, were leaving." my moms face drained its color. she was pale. andrew just stared at us. "me and the guy have to go to Orlando, Chicago, and Los Angles to record. nick is coming with me." "why is nick going?" andrew asked confused. "we were originally planning on talking to simon to see is we could go back and visit the guys back home, but then he told us this. and so he can be with me and the cemetery." "how long?" my mom asked, "at least 3 months. maybe more, maybe less." "why did simon tell you guys on such short notice?" my mom asked, "i dont know, anyways, simon said congratulations." 


tonight maya is sleeping with me and julian is sleeping with nick. we want to take the kids out of their hands while were here. 

To: Harry - hey babe, when are guys coming home?

From: Harry - we'll be home by noon tomorrow

To: Harry - come to my house when you get here. 

From: Harry: ok i'll tell my mum to drop me off. goodnight(;

i didnt reply back. i saw nick walk past my room with julian in his arms, "nick some in here." he came in and closed the door behind him, "whats up?" "lets skype the guys." "you gotta see if their even on." "ill check, if not ill text josh to get on." he nodded his head. "sam is on. ill call him and see if hes with them or not." "emily! nick!" sam yelled through the computer, "shut up! you'll wake up the twins!" "theyre already born?" he asked, not as loud. "yeah, wanna see them?" i asked, "hell yeah i do!" i raised maya to the screen and nick raised julian. "theyre so cute!" "we know" nick said laughing, and sam laughed. "what are their names?" "maya and julian" "middle names?"  "maya's is  Xitalilli and julian's is Jiovanni" "cruz?" he asked, "yeah." "sam, what are you guys going to do in like the next two or three months?" i asked, "josh and his family are going to New York next month, and im not going anywhere to vacation this year. why?" "how long is josh going to be in New York for?" "i think he said like 2 weeks." "good." "why are you asking? are you guys coming out here?" i shrugged my shoulders, "nick." sam said, usually when sam wanted to know something and i wouldn't tell him, he would ask nick, and nick would tell him. he shrugged his shoulders, "would you ever like to come out here?" i asked sam, "yeah, i want to go to italy and london. why?" "just asking." we talked for like a half hour more then we hung up. right now, im changing maya's diaper and nick is changing julian's. "im going to sleep already" nick said, "yeah, me too." i put maya on the bed, then i went to turn off the lights and i got in bed. i feel asleep thinking how everything will go being back home.


"EMILY! NICK! are you guys ready?" my mom yelled from downstairs, "are you sure you have everything?" nick double checked, "yeah, do you?" "i think." "okay, lets go." 


"Lasts call for FLIGHT 365 to Miami Florida" we hugged everyone one last time. me, the guys and nick all made our way to the plane. i sat next to harry, in back of us was niall and louis, next to me and harry was nick and zayn, and in front of nick and zayn was liam. "it will take 9 hours and 30 minutes to get to Miami." the flight attendant informed us. then she started informing us all the safety things. god, was it boring. right as she stopped talking i took out my ipod and put my headphones in, harry did the same, but he has his phone. 


"how much longer until we land?" i asked the flight attendant. "4 more hours. do you want something else?" "uh yeah, can i have a water bottle." she nodded and walked away. harry woke up, he had fell asleep when he was listening to music. "are we there yet?" he asked in his tired voice. "no, we still have four more hours." the flight attendant brought me my water bottle.  "want some?" he nodded and he handed it to me. i looked over and saw that nick was awake, "nick." i called him, he turned and looked at me, "are you sure you dont want to go straight to the guys? i can get you the ticket to LA when we get to the airport in miami." "no, im going to go when you guys go." i nodded. i drank some water and i laid me head on harry's shoulder, and he laid his head on my head. i closed my eyes and fell asleep.


"Babe, wake up. we're here." harry shook me awake. i sat up straight. we waited for everyone to get off the plane, then we got our stuff and got off. simon told us to look for a man who was holding up a sign that said 'One Direction' and 'Emily and Nick.' after looking around for about 10 minutes, we finally found two older men, one had a sign that said 'One Direction  and the other said, 'Emily and Nick'. me and nick walked up the man, "are you Miss. Emily Lopez? and are you Mr. Nick Cruz?" he asked us, "yes." we both answered in unison. the man put our suitcases in the back of the black Escalade. fancy, huh? the perks of becoming famous. we took about an half hour ride to the hotel. it was the Hilton. and let me tell you, its beautiful. me and nick waited for the guys to get her so we can get our rooms together. we were just sitting in the lobby couched. about 10 minutes later, the guys came inside and to us, "did you guys get the rooms yet?" lou asked us, "no, we were waiting for you guys." nick answered. he nodded. we walked up the front desk, "reservations for One Direction." louis fancily said, which cause us all to start laughing. "Floor 6, Room 575." "thank you." the guys got the cart things to put their luggage on there. "reservations for Emily Lopez and Nicholas Cruz." she looked it up in the computer, "Floor 6, Room 576."she handed us two card keys. we got a cart thing too and out out luggage on it. we all squeezed together on the elevator. "who wants to go to the pool?" lou asked a bit over excited, "im up for it." i said, "yeah" nick answered, all the other guys just nodded. me and nick went to our room and the guys went to theirs. i went into my suitcase to look for my bikini. i out out a really cute bikini with an anchor. i went into the bathroom to change. i put my hair up into a bun. 

crap, i forgot to get some flip flops. when i have them on i'll be ready. i unlocked the bathroom door, "nick! why are you naked?!" he shrugged, "i thought you were going to take longer. besides, you've seen me naked." "i know i have, its just weird because were technically siblings now!" he shrugged again. i walked over to my 'beach bag', i had all my swim suits, flip flops, cover ups and all that stuff in there. i got out a pair of my pink flip flops. i turned around and nick was still naked, i gave him to look, he put his hands over his crotch to cover himself up, and started laughing. he grabbed his black swim trunks and put them on. "are you putting on the adidas slip on's?" "yeah." "do you know where theyre at?" "yeah, in that blue backpack over there. get them for me." i nodded and walked over to where the blue backpack was. "uhm, nick. why do you have these?" i held up a small box packed with condoms. he laughed and shook his head, "one of us are going to need some." "your the one that brought them. you horny bastard." "hey! hey! your the one who fucked zayn right after the store a while ago. you seemed eager." i picked up a pillow and threw it at him, "shut up." i said laughing. "who was the horny one at the time?" "him. actually, he came on to me at the store." "sure." he said smiling"what about you and gemma, huh?" "im pretty sure you guys had sex." i said with a smirk, the smile on his face dropped. "no.." he whispered loud enough for me to hear. i gave him a confused face, "she didnt want to go that far." i walked over to him, "maybe because she knows shes no good." with that he busted out laughing, "your know im playing right?" i said smiling a bit. he nodded his head, he was holding on to his stomach from how much he was laughing. he out his hand on my shoulder to try and keep his balance. "you know who i think would be good in bed?" he took a few steps back, his face was serious, so i know that hes being serious. "who?" i asked curiously  but serious at the same time. he looked me straight into my eyes, like he always does when he tells me something important or something that no one else knows. "you."

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