Love Triangle

In middle school Emily's penn-pals name is Harry Styles. She moves to Los Angeles from Chicago. Will her bestfriend in Los Angeles soon become family? She moves to Holmes Chapel and auditions for XFactor. What will happen on her journey? Perhaps a Love Triangle or new additions to the family.



38. 38. Simon

what did she want to talk to me about? is it about zayn? did zayn tell? what am i suppose to tell her? what did zayn her tell? is it even about zayn? we walked up to mine and harrys room. "whats up?" i asked once i was sitting. "i know everything." "h-he told y-you?" i stuttered. "yeah" she let out a loud sigh, "i don think he still knows.." "i dont think so either. and i dont either. you know hoe guys get. they get mad for the stupidest stuff for no reason." "yeah.." i sighed, "so what was it? what happened?" i shut my eyes closed. i took a deep breath. i was fighting back the tears that were threatening to fall from my eyes. "my dad.." i let out the deep breath.  i opened my eyes to look as doniya, she gave me the look to continue. "my dad.." i repeated. "i dont have a dad.." i closed my eyes, to try and stop the tears that were about to spill. doniya gasped. "my dad died when i was younger. it was the worst event in my life, even to this day." "what happened?" she asked, it seemed as she regretted it as soon as she asked. i too a deep breath, and closed my eyes. "every four years is he world cup.." i started, "you dont have to tell me, its okay, i shouldn't of asked." "no, its fine." "anyways, when the world cup would come around the corner my dad would go over to his friends house.." i told her everything.  she had her hand over her mouth, "im so sorry" i gave her a small smile, i whipped the tears away with the sheets on harrys bed. "thats why zayn was mad. i couldnt tell him. its just a really hard subject for me to talk about. as you can see. he even accused me of cheating on him with harry when we were together. i never did.  i guess it was just because he was mad. but i never did. then he said that he should of never asked me out in the first place. that had hurt, a lot." "boys are stupid." she came over to me and hugged me. "tell me about it." "so you and harry?" "uhmm. yeahh." "no, i know you guys go out, but did you two you know?" "did he tell you that too?" "yeah." "well, then yeah we did." she nodded her head in understanding. "im thirsty, come with me?" i asked, she nodded her head. i opened the door and saw zayn sitting  down next to the door. he looked up at me and stood up. "ill just be going.." doniya trailed off and left. "listen emily im sorry. i over reacted. i didnt know what you had told harry, and  it just got me mad because i guess i thought that you could trust him more or something, i dont really know. and now i know why." "how do you know?" i questioned him, he scratched the back of his neck, "i kind of overheard." "oh." was all i said. "im sorry emily. i shouldn't of gotten mad." i let our a sigh, "that was the past." "so do you forgive me?" i shrugged my shoulders. "i dont know." "but you just said that it was the past?" it came out more as a question. "i know, but that doesnt mean i forgive you. just a little bit. not fully." he nodded his head. "you hurt me zayn. what you said really hurt me." "im sorry. i didnt mean any of it. i was just pissed off." "when you said you shouldn't of asked me out..."  i trailed off, "do you know how much that hurt?" "i didnt mean it." he sighed, "it all sounded like you meant it." "you were the best thing that had happened to me in a long time, emily. just please forgive me." i let out a sigh, "that doesnt matter now, does it? im with harry now. just live life as it goes, and where it takes you. your gonna regret some stuff along the way, but thats life isnt it? you cant undo the past. the past already happened. theres no going back." "does this mean that were putting all of that behind us?" he asked, i nodded my head, "friends?" i stuck my hand out, he shook it, "friends." his voice sounded hurt when he said it. i walked into the kitchen to find  harry sitting on the chair on his phone, he was drinking from a water bottle. i grabbed his bottle and drank it. "im gonna try to talk to simon tomorrow." i said as i sat down. "for what?" lou asked as he walked in.  "me and nick want to go back home." he face instantly dropped, "t-to stay?" "no, to visit the guys back home and i want to go to chicago to visit my dad." "why doesnt your dad come stay out here for a while?" he asked, i looked over at harry, he had a worried look, "you dont have to tell him." harry informed me, "tell me what?" lou asked, "nothing, just leave it as that." "harry, its fine." i looked straight into lou's eyes. "my dad is buried in chicago." he looked down, "oh, im sorry for asking. your should of told me." he whipped a tear away from my eye, i didnt know that it had fell. "wait, when the hell did you get here?" i asked, lou. "a while ago. my mom, anne and robin are staying over night at the hospital." i nodded.


i woke up from my phone ringing. "turn it off." harry groaned from next to me. i checked who it was. Uncle Si. what does he want so early in the morning. "its uncle si, i have to answer." he sat up at the mention of uncle si.  "hello?" i spoke in to the phone. "hello, emily." "hi simon." "hi, listen, im going to the flat later today. i need to talk to you and the boys. ill be there at about 5." "alright, we'll be waiting." "great, goodbye." he hung up. "what'd he say?" "hes coming over at 5." "for?" "i dont know, he said he needs to talk to us." "lets go back to sleep." he wrapped his arms around my waist trying to bring me down with him. i shook my head, "im going to the hospital." he let go. i leaned down and pecked his lips. "ill be back later." he had a frown on his face, "what?" i asked laughing, "turn that frown upside down" that caused him to laugh, but he frowned again. "whats wrong frownie?" i poked where his dimples usually show. "that wasnt a real kiss." i laughed at his silliness. "harry, i have go get dressed." as i tried to get off the bed, he grabbed my wrist pulling me down,  i fell on top of him, on his crotch. "umphh." he put his hands on his crotch, "thats what you get." i laughed, he pulled me on top of him. he wrapped his arms securely around my waist, making sure i wont be able to get out of his grip. he placed his lips on mine. our lips moving in sync. i  placed my hands in his curly hair. he loosened his grip and held onto my waist. he slipped his tongue in to my mouth, i let him explore my mouth. when i got the chance, i slipped mt tongue into his mouth. a small, but audible moan left his mouth. he was getting excited. if you get what im saying. i pulled away, and he groaned.  "im going to ask nick if he wants to go." i walked out of the room, and i waled into nicks room. i shook him awake, "want to go to the hospital with me?" "what time is it?" his morning voice rang through out the room, "8:07" "its too early." he complained, "i know, but i cant go later." "why?" his eyes were still closed, "simon is coming at 5. he wants to talk to me and the guys. and i dont know where mom and your dad was staying after they leave." he sat on the bed. he was only in his boxer briefs. "hand me some clothes yeah?" i went into his drawers, i got his some sweatpants, a shirt and socks. "thanks." i nodded, "im going to change, ill be down in a few." i went through harrys drawers,  "looking for something?" he asked smiling, "sweatpants." "bottom drawer." i got a pair of grey sweats, i went over to my side, i got out a white tanktop and i grabbed harrys purple Jack Wills hoodie that was on the floor. i slipped off my pajama pants, and i pulled my sleeping shirt off. the door was open, so i closed it. "your such a tease, em." i turned around and saw harry looking at me, he was biting his lip. "how?" i asked. "you know." i laughed. i slipped on harrys sweats and my tank top. i walked into the bathroom to brush my teeth and put my hair up. when i finished brushing my teeth, harry went behind me. he placed his hands on my waist. i grabbed a hair tie and put my hair up into a high ponytail. i put his hoodie on once we got back to the room. "im going with you guys." i nodded my head. "hurry and get dressed." he nodded. he put on a pair of sweats, and a hoodie. he didnt bother putting a shirt on. i got some socks for me and him. i put on my black converse, and he put on his white ones. "im gonna brush my teeth." i nodded and went downstairs. "harrys coming with us." i told nick, he just nodded his head.


"what time are you guys leaving?" i asked my mom. "the doctor said everything should be ready by seven tonight, why?" "simon is coming over today at five." "for what?" i shrugged my shoulders, "he just said that he wants to talk to me and the guys." "it better be good news." she said, i head harry softly laugh in the background. i turned around, he is holding maya, and nick has julian. i smiled at the sight of harry and maya. "i hope it is. nick, come over here." he placed julian back into where he was sleeping. when he placed him down, he started to cry, do he picked him up again and carried him.  "should we tell her what were planning?" my mom looked confused, nick just nodded. "mom, im going to talk to simon and see if we can go back home to visit the guys back  home, and to chicago to go visit dad." she nodded, "i think its best if you wait to go see your dad. you should wait until i go with you." "mom, it'll be okay. nick will be there, and plus, its going to be a while until you can go." she nodded, "make sure you take care of her, alright?" she looked sternly at nick. "always." he smiled. "did you talk to your father already?" mom asked nick, "no, i was kind of hoping you could tell him. he would probably tell you yes and tell me no." my mom nodded, "ill talk to him later." "thanks."


by now, trisha, karen and maura were here already. "were gonna get going, simon will be there in about an hour." i announced. nick is staying since simon is going over to talk to us. gemma and doniya are going to come before simon gets to the house.  after everyone said their goodbyes, and we got hugs from everyone, we left.


once we got home, i went straight to my room to get dressed. since we ate at the hospital we didnt need to eat here. i went into my closet and picked out a black romper that had studs on the collar.

i put my hair in a high bun. i out on simple make up; mascara, eye liner, and lip gloss. i put on my silver sandals. i checked the time, 4:52 pm.  right as i walked downstairs i head the door bell ring. "hello liam!" i heard simon say. "hello!" liam said back, "hi uncle si!" niall said, "hey si!" lou said, "hi" harry said, "hello uncle simon" zayn said, "hey simon! why dont you come in?" "its nice to see all of you again." "nice to see you too!" we all said back, "how is the writing going?" simon asked, "good." we all replied. "great!" simon said happily, he stayed silent for a while, "how would you all like to go to America?" "is there a reason you're asking?" liam asked, but in a polite voice. "yes, in two weeks you will all go to start on the recording." "are you serious?" niall asked shocked, "yes. first you will all go to Orlando, Chicago and finish off in Los Angles." "how long will it take?" "three months at the least, depends how it goes." "what if we finish earlier?" "if you finish early, then the rest of the time yours until the other finishes. for example, if emily finishes first, she can go what ever she wants until you boys finish. and vise versa. you guys can go home whenever you want, just make sure to be here, at this flat, on time, and on the date. or you'll miss the flight." we all nod in understandment. "any questions before i go?" simon asked us, "simon, can i talk to you privately?" he nodded, we walked into the kitchen. "simon, i was wondering if nick could come along? before you came, i was talking to him about visiting our friends back in Los Angles and i want to go to the cemetery to visit my dad in Chicago. i was going to talk to you today, but then you called, and now, well this." "ill let him go this time. he can go to the studio as long as he doesnt say anything about the music that is being recorded. or he can go and do his own thing." "thank you simon!" "no problem emily." "when are your siblings suppose to be born?" he asked, "they were born yesterday." "oh! tell your mom and andrew that i said congratulations, i would stop by, but i have somewhere to go." "will do." "ive got to go know, it was good seeing you all again." "you too!" lou said, "we'll see you soon uncle si" niall said, the other boys just waved at him. "True friends lie underneath,
These witty words I don't believe
I can't believe a damn thing they say, anymore
Lie! Liar you'll pay for your sins
Now! Liar I know all the places you've been" i heard my phone blast 'With Ears To See And Eyes To Hear' by Sleeping With Sirens, but the acoustic version. nick was calling me. that was his ringtone since i love that song. "hey whats up?" "can i go home now?" he sounded tired, "yeah, hurry back! i have to tell you something!" "okay, ill be there in a bit. your mom and andrew are leaving in like 2 hours with the babies. but im leaving right now." "whos bring you?" "lou's mom." "okay. see you then." i hung up right after he said bye.  


"Emily where are you?" i heard nick shout as soon as the door slammed shut. "in harrys room." i heard him running up the stairs, "hey harry." "hey nick, want me to leave?" he asked turning to me. i nodded, "it wont take long." he nodded and walked out of the room. "so, whats up?" nick asked sitting on the bed across from me. "we talked to simon." "i know, thats why i was at the hospital." "obviously, but its something big." "what? what'd he say?" i stayed quiet for a while. "you can come with us." he had a confused look on his face, "go where with you?" "home." his mouth fell open, "your lying right?" he said in disbelief shaking his head. i shook my head, "nope, were going to 3 studios. were recording first in Orlando, then were going to Chicago then were going to Los Angles." "your serious?" "yeah, i talked to simon. i told him how i was planning on talking to him about us going. he also said that you can go to the studio with us as long as you dont tell anybody about the music. or you can go and do your own thing." "how long?" "he said it should take three months at the LEAST. maybe more." "thats so long. were going to miss out on the twins first tree or more months." "i know,"  i sighed, "this is business. my career. my future. i cant just turn it down. if you just want to go to LA for a bit and come back home, ill talk to simon, and ill get you the plane tickets." "no, im going to go, no matter how long it takes." "are you sure?" "yeah." "you still gotta talk to our parents about it." "let pack, we'll go home today. simon said that we can leave whenever as long as we're back here on time, on the date so we wont miss our flight back." "ill go pack. ill call my dad to stop by here and pick us up." i nodded my head, "im going to tell the guys that we're leaving today, then ill pack." he nodded and walked out the room.  i walked into the living room and all the guys and gemma were in there watching spongebob. i grabbed the remote from lou's hand and muted the tv. "hey, you know were watching that!" "listen up." i said ignoring lou's remark. "me and nick are leaving today, our parents are picking us up when we leave the hospital. we'll see you the day we gotta meet up." "alright, we'll see you then." liam said getting up and hugging me, lou got up next, "have fun! get as much sleep as you can!" i laughed, i hugged him, niall was next, "text me pictures of the twins!" he hugged me, zayn was next. awkward. he just hugged me and sat back down. talk about awkward. "im going to miss you babe." harry wrapped his arms around my waist, he placed his lips on mine. our lips moved in sync. "get a room!" lou yelled, throwing a pillow to us. i flicked him off. harry placed one of his hands on my lower back, he tried to deepen the kiss but i pulled away. "im going to visit you!" gemma said, she got up and hugged me. "harry, come help me pack." he nodded and followed me up the stairs to our room.

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