Love Triangle

In middle school Emily's penn-pals name is Harry Styles. She moves to Los Angeles from Chicago. Will her bestfriend in Los Angeles soon become family? She moves to Holmes Chapel and auditions for XFactor. What will happen on her journey? Perhaps a Love Triangle or new additions to the family.



37. 37. Julian and Maya

"what?!" i yelled annoyed, someone was on the opposite side of the door, might i add, they were banging really hard. "get your asses up! theyre about to get here!" niall yelled back. i let out a loud groan. i hate waking up. i got off the bed, i looked for my underwear and bra. once i found them i put them on. "harry" i shook him, he lifted the duvet over his face, "go away" "no, theyre about to get here" he let out a groan, just like me. he threw the covers on the floor. "hey no fair, your dressed and im not." he put on his pouting face and stuck his lower lip out. "its all good. i like seeing you with nothing on" i winked, i turned around and went into his drawers, i got out two pair of sweats and two shirts. i  got what looked like the smallest of his shirts, but it was still big on me. i tossed him his clothes, and i put mine on. "no boxers?" he smirked up at me, "no" i winked. he laughed and nodded his head. he motioned for me to go to him, i went over to him. he sat down on the bed and pulled me on top of him. he rested his head on my shoulders, "i missed you" he sighed, "me too." i turned to him, and kissed him. i pulled away, "i smell food" "just like niall" he chuckled. one he had on his shirt we put went downstairs. gemma was making bacon with hash brows and chocolate chip pancakes. i walked over to the fridge and got out the milk and chocolate syrup. "harry, do you want some?" he nodded his head. i made us some chocolate milk. when i handed harry his cup he walked in to the living room with the guys. i could feel gemma staring at me with a smirk on her face. i turned to her, "what?" i asked, then, nick walked into the room. "emily." he said in the voice he does when he wants to talk, and he had on a serious face. he had on some black Jordan basketball shorts and he was shirtless. i nodded my head at him, "ill be back gem" "new nick name?" she laughed at me, "yeah, i just thought of it." i followed behind nick. he opened the door to his room. we walked in, i sat on top of his computer desk and he sat on the bed. "emily." "nick." "what happened last night?" he asked, he still had a serious look on his face. "nothing.." i wasnt going to be like 'oh yeah me and harry had sex' im not that straight forward. "em." he dragged it out a little. "okay, fine. were back together and we uhm yeah.." "you know you cant keep going from harry to zayn then back to harry." "i know., its just" i let out a sigh, "i dont know how to explain it. like me and harry have a better connection. we talk more. it never gets awkward. and with zayn it would at times. and i guess i just never stopped loving harry." "do whatever you think is right, im just looking out for you. your like a little sister to me. i dont want you getting hurt more than already happened." he hugged and walked down into the kitchen. "niall" i looked at him, "werent they suppose to get here like, i dont know an hour ago?" his face went red. "about that.." he awkwardly laughed, "what?" harry asked, "they said they wont be here until later tonight.." he covered his ears. "NIALL JAMES HORAN! DO YOU NOT REMEMBER HOW MUCH I TREASURE SLEEP!" i screamed, pretty loud. "AHHHH!" lou screamed equally as loud, but with a weird face. "your going to break my eardrums girl" "back at you" i laughed, "anyways, what happened last night?" he dragged out 'anyways', he looked back and forth at me and harry. i turned my head to harry. my face was red, and his was equally as red. "uhmm" harry trailed off "we go out? yay surprise" i waved my hands in the air. "i knew it would happen!" gemma yelled, she jumped off the stool and did a victory dance, "thats not what we meant." lou sounded serious, first time in forever. "i think you know.." i trailed off, "i knew it!" gemma yelled out again. it caused me to get redder, i looked over at harry, he was more red than me. nick gave gemma a weird look. lately, ive noticed that they havent been all over each other. they've been more distant. i wonder what happened. i have to talk to nick later. i could feel zayns stare on me. i was getting uncomfortable. i got up from sitting next to liam and walked over and sat myself down on harry. he wrapped his arms around my waist and i put my head in his chest. "foods ready!" i head gemma call out. i literally jumped off harry and ran to the kitchen.  i served myself and i sat down and ate. harry made me more chocolate milk since i finished mine, and he made himself some also. the other guys and gemma just had orange juice. when we finished eating, we all went up to the game room. right as we were about to walk in, i grabbed nicks wrist. i pulled him onto the stairs with me. "what?" he asked taken aback. "what up with you and gemma?" "nothing why?" "nick. i know something is up. now spill." he let out a sigh, "we broke up." "you what?!" "we broke up." he repeated, "when? why?" "like three days ago. we were just drifting apart." "why didnt you tell me?", he shrugged his shoulders. "you see, this is what i meant when i said that we arent really bestfriends anymore." "i know." he sighed out. "how were you guys drifting apart? you guys would be together like all day when me and the guys were here writing." "we wouldn't be together. we would go our own ways when we would leave the house. we only stayed together for like a week. the rest was on our own." "so what would you do all day?" "clubbing, movies or mall. mostly clubbing though." "you didnt have any one night stands did you?" "no" he answered honestly. "do you still like her?" "not really. my feeling for her just fell. and so did hers. we talked it out, then we just decided to break it off." "does harry know?" he shook his head, "only you." i nodded my head, i pulled him up and hugged him. i grabbed his hand and walked back into the game room. "IN YOUR FACE PAYNE!" lou screamed right as we walked in. i guess he beat liam in the game. liam. i dont really spend time with liam, yet talk to him. we have to have a hang out day. *RING**RING*. "there here!" i yelled jumping up and down. i ran down the stairs and opened the door. my mom was right in front of the door. i hugged her. it was a awkward hug though, since her belly is huge. "mom your freaking huge!" she laughed, "perks of having twins." i laughed, she came inside followed by everyone else. i hugged andrew, robin and anne. "hi anne!" "hi sweetie! where is everyone?" right as she asked, everyone came running down the stairs. harry and gemma almost tackled anne to the floor, then they went over to robin, nick went over to andrew and my mom and the other guys surrounded my mom. "when are you due?" liam asked my mom, "2 more months!" my mom yelled pretty excitedly.  "are you serious?! i thought it was more!" i really did, i thought it was like 4 more months. "your late honey!" she laughed and so did i. after they were all settled in, we were all in the kitchen just catching up on t hings and us telling them about whats been going on with the music and stuff. "emily, come over here" my mom said walking into the living room. "whats up?" "dont whats up me! what are you wearing!?" wow, i was taken aback with that.. "uhm, harrys clothes?" "why? i thought you two broke  up?" "were kinda back together, surprise!" "i knew it would eventually happen! yay!" "so your not mad?" "of course not, why would i?" "no reason." "what happened to zayn? hes not talking at all." "we got into a huge argument and we broke up" "you two dated?" she asked confused, "yeah, didnt i tell you?" "i dont know, maybe. the only thing i remember is having pain with these two inside of me." she pointed down to her belly. i started laughing.  "what are their names going to be?" "i was waiting to ask you." "ask me what?" "what should i name them?" "Julian Jiovanni and Maya Xitalilli?" "perfect." "wait are you really going to name them that?" i asked, "yes" she said nodding her head. "so i basically just named them?" "yes emily!" she laughed, "oh" i laughed.


"EMILY! ANDREW! NICK!" i head my mom yell from the living room.  we all had a a small break. all the boys went home. harry, gemma, anne and robin are still staying here, but today they all went out to have a family day. we decided to stay in since it was almost my moms due date. i ran down the stairs as soon as i heard my mom yell. "are they coming?!" i yelled excitedly,  nick and andrew just then ran into the room. andrew went next to my mom and held her hand, "whats wrong babe?" she asked worriedly, "MY WATER BROKE! HOSPITAL NOW!" "nick go turn on the car." andrew tossed him the keys, he ran out the door. andrew carried my mom out the house and i locked the door. on our way to the hospital, i called anne first. "anne, were on our way to the hospital, my moms water broke. get there soon." i hung up, not giving her time to reply. i sent a text to the other boys,

To: Liam, Louis, Niall, Zayn - guys, my moms water just broke. were on our way to the hospital right now. stop by when you have time.

zayn texted back frist,

From: Zayn - me and doniya are on our way. my mom is going tomorrow once their born. 

To: Zayn - Okay, text me when you guys are here so i can give you the room number

the rest of the boys the same thing, except everyone is coming at once. liams sisters and parents, louis' mom and step dad along with his sisters, nialls brother, mom and step dad. and of course, harry, gemma, anne and robin. we got to the hospital in a shirt 15 minutes. my moms contractions kept on getting worse and worse. it seems painful as hell. we went into the emergency room. andrew still carrying my mom. "shes in labor!" andrew yelled but not loud, at the ladies behind the desk. one of the ladies came out quickly and pulled out a wheel chair. she was literally running down the halls of the hospital. we were hot on her heels. we went on an elevator. we went 3 floors up, she ran again, stopping in front of Room 323. weird. thats my birth date. March 23. month 3, day 23. "the doctor will be here in a while" a nurse informed us. three more nurses surrounded my mom and hooked her up to the medications that she needs so she wont feel the pain as bad. i hear my phone ringing in my back pocket, anne.  "what floor and room?" she asked out of breath. "floor 3 room 323" "were on the elevator up." he hung up. two minutes later, harry, gemma, anne and robin walk in the room. "Mrs. Cruz, only three people can stay in the room during your delivery." the doctor walked in and informed us. "emily, andrew, and nick" she practually screamed. "i want these kids out of me!" gemma, harry, anne and robin rushed out of the room so they can get on with the delivery. the doctor pulled a chair up front of the bed, me. nick, andrew and anne were handed the scrub things to put on, we had to put on the pants, the long sleeve shirt thing, the ones on our shoes, a hat and something to cover our mouth. it was all blue.  my mom had changed into the white hospital gown. "one is about 4 centimeters out, it shouldn't be too long." "push on three" the doctor added. "one, two, three" "one, two three." "one two, three." "its a boy!" andrew went over and cut the umbilical cord. the doctor handed a nurse the baby, so he can be cleaned off. "one, two, three" "one, two three." "the other one is coming, just two more." "one, two, three." "one, two three." "and its a girl!" this time, me and nick cut the umbilical cord together. andrew handed us the scissors so we could do it. the doctor got up and went over to clean the baby. the baby boy was already wrapped up in a blue blanket with a little hat on. the nurse handed him to my mom. a few moments later, another nurse handed andrew the baby girl in a pink. im surprised that they werent crying. after about 10 minutes of them holing them, i got the baby boy, and nick got the baby girl. "hey there, im your big brother nick." i heard nick whisper, i looked over at him, the baby had her hand wrapped around nicks finger. i smiled at the picture. "andrew can you take a picture?" i asked, handing him my phone. "nick, come take a picture with me." he walked over to stand next to me, we both smiled to the camera. im going to make that my screen savor. "Mrs. and Mr. Cruz, ill be back in a bit for the names, unless you already know that names." "we know." my mom smiled up at the doctor. her and andrew had discussed it already, and andrew agreed. "Okay, a nurse will be in shortly." andrew and my mom nodded. 15 minutes later a nurse walked in. "Hello! My name is Jennifer. Do you guys know the babies name already?" she was smiling. "yes." my mom smiled back. "Okay, the girl is first.  So whats her name?" "Maya Xitalilli Cruz." "How do you spell the middle name?" my mom spelled it out for the nurse to write down. "Okay, now the boy." "Julian Jiovanni Cruz." "okay all set!" right after the nurse, Jenny, left, the doctor came and got the babies for testing to make sure theyre healthy. its been about 25 minutes since the babies got named and left the room. the door opened and in came the doctor with the babies. "They are both healthy. They can leave as soon as tomorrow." he left, "em, go call them." my mom nodded her head towards the door.  "you  guys can come in now." i opened the door, i followed behind harry, since he was he last one in. "theyre so adorable!" gemma says as she picks up Julian.  anne reaches over and picks up Maya. "what are their names?" robin asked, hes standing over anne, his hand on her shoulder, overlooking at Maya. "Julian Jiovanni and Maya Xitalilli." "Cruz?" my mom nods.  i felt my phone vibrate in my back pocket, i got it out. its a text from zayn.

From: Zayn - were here, what room is it?

To: Zayn - room 323, floor 3.

 in the corner of my eye, i see the door slowly open. i see zayn ans doniya following behind him. currently, gemma was handing over Julian to harry. "hey Julian! im harry." harrys pointer finger was in the middle of Julian's hand. zayn and doniya walked over to harry to see Julian. "what are their names?" zayn asked, "Julian Jiovanni and Maya Xitalilli" i answered. "i love them! who picked them out?" doniya asked, "me" i answered. robin handed Maya over to doniya. doniya went to sit on a chair in the corner and zayn followed her. harry sat down on the chair that was behind him, i went behind the chair. "they kinda loo like you.  Maya looks more like you and Julian like nick." "i think they look like andrew and my mom." "em, harry, gemma, zayn,  doniya, do you guys want anything from the cafeteria?" nick asked, "can you get me a water bottle?"zayn asked, nick nodded, "i dont want anything, thanks." doniya said, "me either" gemma said, "harry? em?" "im coming with you, harry do you want something?" "what are you getting?" "ice cream" "bring me some." i nodded and followed nick out of the room. "are you feeling okay?" i asked nick once we were on the elevator,  he nodded his head, "just one of those days when i miss everyone back home.", he sighed, "me too. when we go home today we'll skype them to tell them about the babies being born." he nodded, "we have to go visit them soon." "i know," i let out a sigh, "i'll talk to simon to see if i can go. then ill get us tickets." "im buying my own ticket." he informed me. "no your not." "i cant let you buy me a plane ticket." "and why is that?" "its your money, not mine." "exactly, its my money. and im buying you a ticket. no buts." nick grabbed a water bottle from the fridge it was in, we walked over and got ice cream for me and harry. once we paid, we sat down at a table for a while. "your coming to the cemetery with me right?" he nodded his head, "whenever you want me to come." "we should go back, it melting." i threw away my cup that had the ice cream since i finished it. i got harry cup, nick had picked it off the table. i handed harry his cup once we got in the room. "its like all melted now." he said laughing, "sorry, we were talking." i said in a serious voice. "about?" he looks concerned now. "going back home." i took a deep breath, "to stay?" "no, just to visit and go to the cemetery."  "when are you guys going?" "i dont know, i have to talk to simon." "you should do it soon, before you get more recognized by the public." "i know, ill try and talk to him this week." "em, nick, harry, zayn, gemma, doniya, you should all go home and rest." andrew called out to us, i looked at the time on my phone, 10:35 pm.  when we said our goodbyes, we left. we all got a ride to the house from zayn and doniya. "can i stay here until mum comes?" doniya asked us, "your welcome to stay anytime. dont bother asking, just stay." harry answered for her. she nodded and smiled, "thanks." "emily, can i talk to you?" doniya asked right as we walked in to the house.

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