Love Triangle

In middle school Emily's penn-pals name is Harry Styles. She moves to Los Angeles from Chicago. Will her bestfriend in Los Angeles soon become family? She moves to Holmes Chapel and auditions for XFactor. What will happen on her journey? Perhaps a Love Triangle or new additions to the family.



34. 34. Liams Birthday

 *BEEEPBUZZZZ* i flipped over to get my phone to turn off the alarm. i tuned back over to find a naked zayn. why is he naked? i looked down at myself, why am i naked? what happened last night? the memories suddenly flushed back in to my brain, i couldnt help but to smile like an idiot, "why are you so cheesy?" i looked down at zayn and he had a small smirk at the end of his lips.he was still laying down, and i was sat up on the bed. "last night." i couldnt help but let my smile get bigger "was amazing" he wrapped his arms around my waist and brought me back to lay down with him. after about five minutes of laying down in silence, he got up and sat on the edge of the bed,  "babe, what time is it?" "about to be 9:30" "im going to take a shower, care to join my my lady?" he asked in a posh voice. i giggled and nodded my head. i got out from under the sheets and walked over to his dresser, i got two pairs of his boxer, two pair of grey sweat pants, and two of his shirts, i looked for the smallest one and got that one for myself. the whole time i felt his stare down at my butt. i laughed to myself and turned around. "are you going to invite danielle?" zayn asked, "i think lou texted her earlier." you see, danielle was a dancer for xfactor, her and liam have been talking since liam told harry that he fancied her, and harry yelled out, "Hey you! liam fancies you!" and well, that gave liam no choice but to talk to her. shes really ice. we've talked a few time here and there. shes a couple years older than us, but hes stunning. beautiful. gorgeous. not to mention shes mixed. for some reason i think that mixed people are gorgeous. "you coming babe?" zayn brought be out of my thoughts. i walked over to him. he locked the door to the bathroom and i walked over to the shower to put the water on warm. "did you get towels?" i asked him, "no" "go get some." "no, you." hes being stubborn, morning zayn isnt so fun. "babe, im not going im naked." "so am i." "you guys see each other naked all the time. its not gonna be different." "fine." he finally agreed. he walked out, the towel closet  is right next to this room. "ahh!" i heard gemma scream, guess she was awake. i couldnt help  but laugh. and i heard zayn chuckle. "i take that as gemma was awake?" i asked still laughing, once he was back in the bathroom, "yeah, she covered her eyes after she screamed" he laughed. i shook my head still laughing. after about half an hour, we got out the shower. lets just say he washed me and i washed him. it was pretty interesting.  i got dressed in the bathroom, and we walked into his room. he only had on his boxers since he was going to put on jeans and a newer shirt he had gotten. it was a waste of time to get the clothes i had picked out for him. im not complaining, he looks amazing with only his boxer on. well, actually he looks amazing with nothing on, at all. he didnt pull his boxers up all the way so his vline was visible. you dont even know how much i love that vline. he hugged me from behind, "you look even sexier in my clothes." he whispered in my ear. his hot  breath sent chills all over my body. i placed my hands on top of his, "you know your killing me with that vline right?" he turned me around so i was facing his face. he pulled us a little bit apart, "what this thing?" he grabbed my hands and placed one on  his toned abs and the other on his vline. i looked down at him abs, i moved my hands softly up and down his abs, and side to side on his vline. can his body get any more perfect? "you know what i like about you?" "what?" i asked, "everything." i giggled softly, he pulled my in for a tight hug. "what do you say if i invite doniya?" he groaned loudly at my question, "for what?" "i have to talk to her. and" i dragged out the word 'and' "and what?" he asked more annoyed, "can she sleep over?" i gave him my best puppy dog eyes. "please" "i guess, but you have to ask the other guys to." "yes! thanks babe!" i jumped up and down, i kissed him and ran out the door to the kitchen. all the boys were sitting down in chairs eating cereal. liam looked at me, with a weird look in his eyes, i guess the boys didnt tell him happy birthday. right on plan. he looks kind of sad, i guess he thinks that we forgot his birthday. "hey guys! i have an important question to ask all of you." "what?" niall asked with a mouthful of food. "can doniya come over and sleep over?" "first, you have to tell us what happened last night with you and zayn." louis smirked up at me. "i take that as a yes." i ran up the stairs and into zayns room to find my phone. "what did they say?" "louis said, "first you have to tell us what happened last night with you and zayn" so i said "i take that as a yes" and im calling her right now." he laughed and nodded his head, "doniya!" i yelled right when she answered her phone. "emily!" she yelled back. i honestly couldnt be more excited, i havent talked to her in forever. "okay, but when you get here dont tell him anything, its a surprise, no body is telling him until they come back." i said after a while of being on the phone "okay, i wont" "hurry up! i have lots to tell you!" "ill try!" "ill see you soon bye." i hung up, "what are you going to tell her?" zayn asked right as i got off the phone. "things." "what kind of things?" "the kind of things that boyfriends dont have to know." "ZAYN HURRY YOUR ARSE UP!" harry yelled from downstairs. "make sure you and the other guys dont tell him anything about his birthday, dont even mention it, if liam brings it up change the subject." "i know babe, ill see you later" "bye" he leaned down and pecked my lips. he pulled away but i brought him back and gave him a proper kiss. "zayn hurry up! you guys can make out later!" niall opened the door, he tried to pull away but i pulled him in even tighter and put my middle finger up to niall.  niall fake gasped and walked out. "alright, bye" i pulled away from the kiss. he pecked my lips once more before we both walked downstairs. *1 HOUR LATER* *ring**ring* the door bell softly rang through the house, "whos that?" gemma asked, "oh, i guess i dint tell you, its doniya." "oh, yay! only us three can talk." i giggled and walked to the door to open it. "doniya!" i yelled and went in for a huge bear hug.  "emily!" she mimicked me, "what smells so good?" "food for liam" "ahh! more help is now here!" we walked into the kitchen and gemma was facing the other way, i guess she put the corn on the stove. "Gemma!" doniya yelled, and quiet loud. gemma literally jumped "jesus, you scared me!" me and doniya laughed. "what do you guys need help with?" doniya asked once we calmed down, "brownie" gemma answered "on it!" *ring**ring* "are they hear already?" doniya asked surprised, "no, its danielle" gemma answered, "i havent meet her yet!" "your going to now!" i said as i walked over to answer the door, "em!" "dani!" we gave each other a huge bear hug, "come in, 'm lady" i said in a posh accent which cause danielle to erupt in laughter. "need help with the cooking?" she asked once we got in to the kitchen, "we basically have everything on our hands, im about to make the meat and curly fries, but can you text one of the guys, but not liam and tell them to be here by like an hour at the most? and ask where theyre at." "sorry i didnt introduce myself earlier, im danielle," "hi, im doniya, zayns older sister." they went over to sit on the island counter across from the stove. they talked a lot. guess they are friends now. when they stopped talking gemma spoke up, and loudly, "so emily, im pretty sure you know that we all heard you and zayn last night, right?" i felt my face get red and hot in a blink of an eye. i didnt reply, i mean what am i suppose to say. doniya looked up at me, "what did my little brother do?" she asked confused, "well, we kind of uhmm..-" i trailed off "well what is it!" danielle was eager today isnt she. "we uhm go out.." "i knew it! i knew it was going to happen!" doniya was jumping up and down in her seat, "emily." gemma said in a stern voice, "gemma" i mimicked her,"you know what i mean, so why were you and zayn so loud last night?" once again, my face got hot and red. "sorry to interrupt  but the guys will be here in 40 minutes and theyre out at the mall, now continue" dani smile at the end, "well... okay since i know that all of you guys wont stop asking until you find out, lets just say that im not a virgin anymore." "well what happened? we want details." dani strictly ordered, "well we had sex, what else is there to it" i awkwardly laughed, "safe right?" doniya had a serious look on her face, "of course, i wouldn't risk it and im pretty sure neither would he." "foods ready, im gonna call zayn and tell them to come already," they all nodded in response, "zayn, come home, like now. foods ready or it'll get cold, and dani and doniya are here, so hurry up." i didnt give him a chance to reply, i hung up right away. i explained to them how were going to tell him happy birthday, by the time in done, the doorbell rung, its them!  louis was at the front, followed by the others, and they had a lot of bags, they all walked up to their room like a normal day, dani was in liams room waiting for him, the harry, niall, louis, zayn and nick were quick to come to the kitchen. dani was going to tell liam happy birthday first, then she was going to bring him down to the kitchen so we can tell him. "happy birthday!" we all heard dani yell from upstairs. almost instantly, we heard them coming down the stairs, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIAM!" we all yelled in sync right as they walked in, he had the biggest smile on his face. once we were done eating we all got a piece of brownie with ice cream and went into the living room to put on a movie, "so zayn.." doniya trailed off, he looked over to her and said "what?" "us three girls heard about what happened last night" his mouth dropped open, "about what?" he asked like, "dont act stupid zayn, em here told us that you two did the nasty and now you two date." doniya said proudly, with a huge smirk on her face,  "uhm.." he looked at me and gave me the why-did-you-tell-them look. "gemma brought it up, not me." i put my hands up in defense, "didnt little ol' emily say she wasnt going to use any of the condoms?" louis said in a childish voice and harry started cracking up, "i blame zayn." i said, "okay, can we please drop the subject on our sex life?" zayn said, talking to everybody. i went over to sit on his lap and layed my head on his chest. we all decided on the movie 'Zombieland'. about 20 minuted in to the movie, liam and danielle left, "looks like its their time" louis joked, we all laughed and focused on the movie again. "what time is it?" harry asked yawning, "1:15" niall answered. the time passed by fast. i yawned, "im going to sleep babe," i pecked zayns lips and got off him, "ill be up in a minute" i nodded, harry followed behind me. "em, can we talk for a sec?" harry asked once we were at the top of the stairs, i nodded and followed him into his room. we sat in silence for a bit, "i miss you." he let out a sigh, "harry. im with zayn." he let out another sigh "i know, and it kills me." "well.." i trailed off, i knew what i could f said 'your the one who fucked it up, we could of been together right now, maybe it could of been you yesterday.' but no. im not bringing up the past. "i know, i fucked up. i regret it so much, you were the best thing that happened to me emily. what i did.. what i did i know, it was wrong, dumb, stupid, i wasnt thinking when i did that." "that was the past harry. we cant change anything, whats done, well its done." "last night," he stopped talking, i looked down to my feet, "last night, a small piece of me died last night. you know why?" i look up to his eyes, "we heard, i heard." he whispered the last part. i stayed quiet, once again, i dont have a clue on how to reply. "it killed me emily. when i heard you, only you. that could of been me making you scream like that couldnt it? scream in pleasure, but no, i had to go and fuck up on someone i dont give two shits about."   i didnt reply, "if we could only turn back time." he softy said, "you had killed a small part of me too harry. you dont know how much you made me cry, how much pain you caused me. you might think you know, but you dont. i didnt talk to anybody, not even my mom, for almost 2 whole weeks. i was locked up in my room, i barely ate, barely slept, the only time i would sleep was when i would cry my self to sleep. i ignored everyone and everything. i sat in the middle of my bed. i barely moved." i was crying by now, "i thought you were the one. as cliche as it sounds, i thought you were my soul mate. i loved you harry, i actually loved you. never in a million years did i think you would ever do something like that to  me." i looked up to him, he was shedding a few tears. "im sorry" he cried out, "its a little late for that dont you think?" i got up, closed his door shut and walked into mine and zayns room.  he was laying down already, i turned off the lights. when i laid down, he wrapped his arms around waist and brought me closer. i wiped the fresh tears that had just escaped my eyes. "whats wrong babe?" i didnt reply. the thing about zayn is, you can tell him anything and everything. he wont tell another living soul. the best thing is, he knows when someone doesnt want to talk. he can also see right through a person, when theyre lying or telling the truth.  "nothing, just a talk with harry." he knew i didnt want to talk so he just dropped it. "fuck! liam! fuck! faster!" we heard danielle moan fro the room next door, "looks like lou was right" zayn laughed and so did i. we both fell asleep in each others arms, but lets just say it wasnt so easy since we would hear liam or danielle. but there was only one thing on my mind and it was harry.

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