Love Triangle

In middle school Emily's penn-pals name is Harry Styles. She moves to Los Angeles from Chicago. Will her bestfriend in Los Angeles soon become family? She moves to Holmes Chapel and auditions for XFactor. What will happen on her journey? Perhaps a Love Triangle or new additions to the family.



33. 33. Special Night

its been a week since we've all been at the house. things are going prefect. we've gotten closer, if thats even possible. me and zayn are inseparable. the only times were not together is when were asleep, in the shower or in the bathroom, but mainly when were writing music. the boys already have 3 songs, and i have 2. i really like mine, the boys gave me a small preview of theirs, and all i have to say is that i love them. they are all really creative, and theyre nothing like the previous boy bands  i honestly thought that they were going for like the beatles, n sync  back street boys..etc. but i was proven wrong. badly. they have their own theme in mind. and i love it. nick and gemma aren't really at home so they dont bother us while were writing. the house is completely silent. we spend most of our time downstairs in the basement, since its soundproof. when the boys are down there im either in the living room or upstairs. when im down there the boys are usually outside or in the kitchen. also, the basement is full of every kind of musical instrument you can think of. mostly pianos, guitars, drums and 6 microphones. we have 4 guitars, one acoustic, one electric acoustic, one bass, and the other electric. we have one black grand piano and one small, portable piano, as i call it. we also have regular drums and electric drums. even a ukulele. literally one of everything. since i know how to play piano, acoustic and electric guitar, i am kind of making up a beat to my songs. niall knows how to play guitar, so he is also doing that for the boys. currently, gemma and nick are out, the boys are downstairs writing and im in the kitchen making food for all of us. the time is about 5pm. i decided to call it a day a little earlier today. the boys will be up in a bout an hour or so. we've been up since 10am but didnt start writing until 11 since thats when nick and gemma left. i am going to make chicken and broccoli alfredo, but with shell pasta. it is literally my favorite food on earth.  i put the chicken to marinate in lemon pepper, a little bit of salt and some olive oil.  one t hing you have to know about me: if i make food that uses oil, i only use olive oil. i am making the broccoli first, then the chicken and the pasta. once i finished making everything, i cut up the chicken and broccoli into small bite-pieces and put them in the pasta. i took out 8 plates, 8 forks, and 8 cups and set them on the table. i grabbed a plate and a fork and went over to the stove to serve myself. i placed the plate on the island and went to grab a cup to get some lemonade. right when i open the fridge, 5 very hungry looking boys ran out from downstairs and into the kitchen. "i smell food!" niall yelled with a smile on his face, "food smells good!" louis added. they all went over ans fought over who could serve themselves first. of course louis ended up going first since he claimed as 'im emilys favorite and im the oldest' he has emphasized the word 'and.' while the guys were serving themselves my phone blasted "If Im James Dean You're Audrey Hepburn" by Sleeping With Sirens, but in the acoustic version. they are my favorite band. i love them, and Kellin. uff, who doesnt think Kellin Quinn is hot? actually hes not hot, hes sexy. hes also my phone background. it was a text from nick, "did you  guys make food? so we wont go out to eat" the text read, i texted back saying "yeah, its chicken and broccoli alfredo" he should be here soon then. "who was that?" liam asked, "nick, he asked if we made food so they wont go out to eat" i replied, and louis and niall got up to get a second serving, "dont it all gemma and nick still need to eat" liam explained to them, especially niall. "we know we know" louis replied all sassy.  i couldnt help but laugh.  we talked about random stuff on our minds until liam got up and left, he said he was gonna shower. "so what are we going to do tomorrow?" zayn asked, looking around making sure liam was out of sight. "why?" i asked confused, "its liams birthday" harry answered my question. "oh my god, i so forgot about that." "ill make food" i added "what?" louis asked referring to the food, "steak, with corn and rice and im gonna make curly fries because i feel like eating them, and ill bake a brownie and get ice cream to put on top."  they all nodded in agreement, "wait do we even have all of that here?" harry asked, with a good point. "uhm i dont think so.. someone take me to the store, like now." "ill take you" zayn had a smirk on his face. i nodded and got up walking towards the door, "aren't you going to change?" i looked down at what i had on, it was a pair of PINK yoga shorts with a white tanktop and i had on black socks. "whats wrong with this?" i asked confused "nothing" he shook his head with a huge smirk on his face. i shook it off and put on my white converse. the whole ride over there consisted of us signing our hearts out to the radio. when we got to the store we went straight over to the refrigerated section to get the steak. zayn was right behind me. literally, his crotch was pressed right up against my butt, so i could feel everything, and damn, was i impressed. he had his arms a little below my waist and he rested his head on my shoulder. he kept moving his hands lower and lower while we were walking. once they were on my inner thigh he moved his hands and finger higher until they were rested on my crotch.  i could feel his fingers more since the material on the shorts is a little thin. and im sure as hell that he could feel more of me too. he started to rub me, slowly.  he was doing it right where i love it. i have to admit im really liking this. "zayn" i moaned out his name, with that he started to go faster, but still slow just not as slow. "you like this dont you?" "y-yes" he went faster, "ahh zaynn!" i moaned a little louder, "dont be so loud baby" i let out another moan. he stopped all of the sudden and i turned to him with a questioning look, he pointed straight ahead, it was an adorable elderly couple. "you two are an adorable couple!" the elderly women looked at us, i couldnt help but smile. "oh, we dont date." zayn replied sweetly, "sure about that mate?" the elderly man spoke up, he pointed to us. he was still behind me with his arms around my waist. "yeah were sure" i let out a small laugh, "we two should be, you two look perfect together!" the elderly women commented, and with that that walked away. "that was weird" zayn breathed out once they were out of sight. once i got the steak, we went over to get the corn in a can, rice, curly fries and vanilla ice cream.  once we paid we walked out into the car. when we finished putting everything in in the back of the car, zayn went to take the shopping cart to the designed area for them outside. "so, how did you like it?" zayn asked, his eyes were glued to the road ahead of him, but he was a smirk on his face. i have no idea what hes talking about, "what?" i asked confused, "do you need me to refresh your memory?" he let out a chuckle, oh i know now. if you havent noticed, yes im really slow, i dont get things until 8964 years later. i shook my head, "i remember now" i smirked, "im pretty sure you dont" he had an ever bigger smirk on his face, if that was even possible. he took one of his hands off of the steering wheel and placed it on my inner thigh.  i pressed my tight as tight as possible as i could, knowing what was coming. "nutuhuh, open up"  i shook my head "no" "you'll regret it later if you dont." he said with a serious look and voice. god i know what he would do, he would do it when were with all the boys so i wouldn't be able to moan or anything. oh yeah, zayn would do that. i obeyed him, already knowing the consequences of i didnt, "good girl" he placed his hand right on my crotch. he rubbed as slow as me could, god, he just had to do it slow. i let out a moan, loud enough for him to hear. "do you like this baby?" "zayn, faster!" i almost screamed out in pleasure. he obeyed and went faster. "oh god!" he took his hand away and he put it under my shorts from the bottom. oh god, what is he doing to me? i know what he wants, and honestly, i want the same thing right now. im hungry for zayn right now. and im pretty sure hes the same. he slipped my underwear to the side, he entered one finger in slowly, pleasure took over my body instantly. "holy shit!" "faster!" i commanded him. he quickly did as he was told and went faster, also adding another finger. i looked over to him, you could see his bulge, clearly. im glad he had on pajamas with the button on the crotch part. i let out one last moan before i took his hand out of me, he have me a questioning look. i undid my seat belt and sat on my knees facing him, he quickly figured out what i was gonna do. he put his two fingers in his mouth and licked my wetness off. "you taste amazing." he smiled at me. i undid the button on his pajamas and pulled down his boxers he had on under. wow. he was huge. like huge, huge. even bigger than harry. i didnt even think that was possible as harry was huge himself. i found my self smiling down, staring a his dick, "like?" he asked breaking me out of my thoughts, "love" i replied, "gl-" he was cut off by a moan. i had placed my hands on his length and rubbed up and down at a medium speed. he was moaning a lot. i looked outside and saw that we were about 5 minutes away from the flat. i brought my head down and put his tip in my mouth. i licked and sucked his tip, "fuck emily!". i took in as much as i could of him and went fast. he started moaning nonstop. what i couldnt take in, i was rubbing up and down, and pretty fast. "emily" he let out a loud moan. i smirk to myself knowing that i made zayn feel this good. the car suddenly stopped, i took his length out and looked outside, he we already outside the flat. wow that was fast. he pulled up his boxers up fast, and buttoned his pajamas, i got out of the car as fast as i could and ran to get him by the wrist. tonight is the night i loose my virginity, i thought to myself, we both ran inside as fast as possible, "get the bags in the car!" i yelled to harry as me and zayn ran up the stairs. i ran all the way down the hall to zayns room since his was the farthest from the other rooms. i shut the door and locked it, zayn pushed me on the bed, but it as a soft push, not in a violent way. he got on top of me and he leaned down until our lips met. i tugged my hands at the bottom of his hoodie as a sign for him to take it off. he broke the kiss and took it off. he had no shirt on under, oh god, look at those abs. his body is perfection. not to mention, perfect for a 17 year old. he smirked down at me when he noticed i was staring at his abs. he leaned back down, our lips moved in sync. his lips and my lips fit perfect. "MAKE SURE TO WEAR A CONDOM!" louis yelled at the top of his lungs from the other side of the door. how could i not laugh at that? zayn laughed and shook his head. we connected out lips together again, i put my hands on his abs. his hands were on either side of my head for support. i slipped us over so i was on top of him. well, i was on top of his crotch, and i could feel him. a lot. he was hard as hell. i had my hands tangled in his hair. he placed his hands on my butt ans squeezed it. he took one hand out and took my tank top off, along with my bra. he pulled apart and started at my bare chest. he smirked in approval, i leaned down and connected our lips once again, i took my hands out of his hair lowered them so i tugging at his pajama pants. he lifted his hips up so he can take them off, and put them down after. he put his hands on the elastic waistband, i lifted my hips up a bit, only enough for him to take the off. so now we were both only on our underwear. i could feel him getting harder by the second, which made me only get wetter and wetter. i was sitting right on top of his crotch, can i add that i love the feeling? i put my hands inside his boxers, slowly rubbing up and down his shaft. he moaned into the kiss, i took that as a sign to go faster, which i did. he moaned into my mouth, i took my hands off and put them on the top of his boxers waistband and pulled them down. we broke the kiss for a second and took in a huge breath, once his boxers were on the floor, i positioned myself right on top of his hard dick. he placed his hands on my butt and moved me slowly back and forth on his crotch. he took  this as a chance to flip me over, him on top of me now. me took my underwear off, he licked his lips hungrily. he brought his lips down and he kissed my clit slowly. me took his tongue out and licked me up and down, "who made you this wet emily?" "y-y-you" i moaned, he did i dont even know what he did, all i know it it felt fucking amazing. i didnt want to cum just now so after a while, i pushed his back on the bed. i too his entire length in my hands and went as fast as i could. he moan non stop, and not to quiet either. i took in as much as i can into my mouth and rubbed the rest that i couldn't fit in. he tangled his hands into my hair and pushed my head further down which caused me to gag, but gave him to pleasure. i felt him twitch inside of my mouth and i pulled away a little, but he was still inside of me, he released all of his juices into me and i swallowed it all. he took advantage and flipped me over so he was on top now. i reached over into the small nightstand next to his bed, he took out a small silver shiny condom. he ripped it open carefully so he wouldn't break it, with his teeth. he rolled it on quickly but carefully. he positioned himself right at my entrance, "if it hurts to bad tell me so i can stop." i nodded in agreement. he went in slowly. this hurt like hell. its literally the most physical pain ive ever had. i screamed out in pain, he pulled out completely, i shook my head so he can continue. "you sure?" he was making sure i was okay with it, i nodded my head. he went in a little further this time, it still hurt like hell but not as bad as the previous time. as he kept going, the pain went away, and pleasure took over my whole body. he began to thrust a faster, i dug my mails into the sides of his butt. "fuck zayn!" he picked up the pace a bit more now. "faster!" i commanded him and he obeyed. i bet the boys could hear the bed moving downstairs, at least its not squeaky. "say my name baby" "ZAYN!" i screamed out in a loud moan,  yeah this wasnt quiet at all. pretty loud. oh well, who cares if the guys can hear. "go easy on her mate!" i heard louis yell from the other side of the door. this only made zayn go faster, its amazing at the speed hes going. "fuck! zayn! fuck!" i thought my boobs were going to come off and fly across the room, thats how fast he was going. he started to slow down which meant one thing: he was close, and so was i. "i-im c-close" zayn breathed out through moans. "m-me too" just as i said that, i hit my orgasm. all my juices came out, and zayn was quick to bend down and clean up the mess for me. he stood up and pulled the clear condom off, put it into a knot and threw it in the garbage can that was under his nightstand. he laid down and pulled me on top of him. i laid on top of him, he put wrapped his arms around my bare back. "that was the best ive felt in a long time." i breathed out. he laughed a little before saying, "me too". we stayed silent for a while before he spoke up, "will you be my girlfriend?" "i thought you would never ask." i sat up, and leaned in to kiss him. "lets sleep here tonight, and everyday?" i asked "only on one condition." he smirked up at me, "and what would that be?" "naked" "only tonight, since i dont feel like dressing myself again." "better than nothing" we both laughed, he laid back down and brought me with him. we both soon fell asleep. i could get used to falling asleep like this every night.

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