Love Triangle

In middle school Emily's penn-pals name is Harry Styles. She moves to Los Angeles from Chicago. Will her bestfriend in Los Angeles soon become family? She moves to Holmes Chapel and auditions for XFactor. What will happen on her journey? Perhaps a Love Triangle or new additions to the family.



32. 32. Simon..

my mom decided on making spaghetti with meatballs. i texted sam and josh earlier telling them that we cant skype today that it has to be tomorrow.  i talked to nick about it and e said we should wait and see what uncle si is going to tell me, or actually us as a family, and then we can tell the  guys back home. liam told me it can be something that can change the rest of my life, or maybe be just wants to talk. i asked him what he meant by "it might change the rest of your life" because when i asked him, he just laughed and shook his head. right now, i just got out the shower, i got a pair of black skinny jeans, a white loose tanktop, with a yellow, black, orange/red, white and blue plaid shirt. i topped it off with a black beanie and black converse.

i let my dark brown air dry, since its straight at the top and gets wavy at the bottom, it looks cute when its dry. my phone beeped, text from zayn, 'Zayn - Hope its good news!' 'Me - Thanks, me too! im really excited, he should be here soon, its already 5!' right when i hit the "send" button the door bell rang. hes here. 'Me - Hes here! i ll text you later'. just to let hi know, so he wont get upset when i dont text him back. i was going to open the door but nick beat me. he had on some black jeans, a black t shirt and some white jordans. simple but it looked great on him. honestly, nick can pull anything off, even if its the most horrible looking outfit on the planet. i guess thats good, right? well i think it is. i know its weird to think this because were basically brother and sister, but nick is cute. he has dark brown eyes and black hair, like me, his hair is kinda short but not that short and not long, his eyebrows are always perfect, he has an earring in his right ear, and he has a cute little nose. (i based nick off this hotass guy from my school, and his name is nick too aha) "hello emily, how have you been?" i didnt even know i was downstairs right now. sidetracked. oh well. "hi uncle si! ive been good, how about you?" i walked into the kitchen  his following right behind me. "Hello simon! how are you doing?" my mom asked right when we walked into the kitchen. "perfect! and you?" you see the thing i like about simon is that on tv he comes off as the 'mean' one, but in reality, hes one of the sweetest people you'll ever meet. you only know what you see on tv. you cant judge a book by its cover. "better then ever! anyways, foods ready, would you like to eat now or later?" "now if thats fine." my mom nodded and started taking out the silverware, plates and cups. "would you like cheese uncle si?" i asked, "what kind?" "fresh parmesan" "sure" i got it out, when i put it on the table i walked out of the kitchen to get andrew and nick. i honestly don think ill be able to call andrew 'dad'. its weird. especially cause im really close with nick, and we've known each other for a long time. "ill be there in a minute" andrew said. he was in their room still getting ready, he had on dress pants, a button up shirt and those black fancy men shoes. when i got back to the kitchen, nick was serving himself, and my mom was serving uncle simons, her plate and andrews. i went over to the store and served my plateful of food and some garlic bread. good food. "about for what i came over tonight.." uncle si trailed off. nick got up and put all of our plates in the sink and came to sit back down. "this house, is amazing, its big." he changed the subject. "it sure is" nick replied with a grin on his face, "what im trying to say is that soon you'll have an even bigger house than this one." uncle simon said proudly with a huge smile on his face. "what are you trying to say with that?" my mom asked with a hint of confusion in her voice.  "what im trying to say is that were signing Emily to Syco Records." i almost chocked on the non existing liquid in my mouth. "W-what?" did i just hear that right? am i getting signed? to syco? a record company? for music? "yes. Come by tomorrow at the studio and we can sort all the papers out." "oh my god" my mom put a hand over her mouth, andrew and nick sat there with their mouths wide open. non of us could believe this. i looked over at my mom, she was crying. i even let out a few tears. "thank you so much!" i said, im in shock. why would i get signed when i got elimanted off the show. he made it clear that only the winner would get signed. well i guess he broke that because he already signed the boys and Cher Lloyd. the boys are going into the studio soon to write their new music, im really excited to hear what they in stock, and also me.


"okay, just this last one and your all set." simon pointed to the last line so i could sign. it turns out that me ans the guys are staying in a flat in London so we can be closer to the studio.  oh yeah, so are nick and gemma. while me and nick are gone, my mom and andrew are planning the wedding. they want to have it once the baby is about 4 months old. so its still a while away. but they want a perfect wedding. and me and nick want them to have a perfect wedding.  **** "is this all you brought?" andrew asked my, i had only packed one suitcase, while nick had packed 2. "yeah, im gonna shop here for new stuff" he nodded, "good luck with the music" me hugged me and went into the drivers seat in the car. "im gonna miss you so much!" my mom cried out. "me too mom, its only going to be a couple of months, come surprise us some days!" "i will. be good. best of luck on the music." she brought me into a bone crushing hug. she pulled away and walked towards the car door, she opened it, "use protection, both of you" she pointed to me and nick. i heard andrew laugh in the car, "always." he added, but dead serious. i felt my whole face get hot, i was red as hell! i looked at nick but he wasnt as red, instead he was laughing and shaking his head, "dont worry about that" he laughed "mom!" "just making sure honey, i dont want my grand kids to be the same age as your guys' little  sibling." she reached into the car and got out a black plastic bag, handing it to nick. "use these, both of you. and the other guys too." she said dead serious looking straight into both of our eyes. nick opened the bag and started cracking up, "theres so many" he laughed more shaking his head. if our confused in whats in the bag, well theyre condoms. lots of them. "mom!" i cried out in embrassment, "just trying to keep you all safe." "well, i wont need any." i said with a serious face. "we'll see about that." "no we wont, cuz im  not using any." "honey, your going to live with 5 boys, and nick. some things going to happen." "mom! im not a hoe!" my voice went high "i didnt mean it like that. you know what i mean" she winked at me, "no mom, no i dont" "zayn" she winked and got in the car. "were just friends mom." "we'll see about that. bye guys! you with both be missed!" my mom said through the car window, "were serious about those." andrew joined in the conservation. i shook my head, "bye, love you!" me and nick said in unison. with that they drove off.  yesterday, me and nick skyped the guys back home, just like sam had said, thy were ALL at joshs. we told them that i was getting signed, they literally started screaming, they were really excited. "our little emily is getting signed!" jeremiah had said. they said they wished i was there so they can hug me, and they kept saying congratulations. towards the end they all had gotten quieter, i asked them "why are you guys being so quiet?" "yeah you guys never shut up" nick had added, "its just, wow, you going to be famous." josh had replied back, "your going to be known, all around the world. its going to be different. way different. we wont see you as much. we'll all probably just end up drifting away, with both of you guys." "you guys know i would never let us drift apart. you are all my bestfriends." "you  have 5 other bestfriends over there." sam looked sad when he had said that, "theyre nothing compared to you all." "but you see them more." "we really wont see each other that much anymore, they got signed too. were all staying in london to do music and stuff" "oh" was all they all replied back. "dude, you guys really have to meet them tho." nick added, "we sure in hell do" josh joked, he was laughing. i nodded my head, "im going to bed its late over here, ill see you all soon" with that i left, nick stayed a while more and talked with them. me and nick were already inside the flat. wow. it is huge. for 8 people. oh yeah eight people, harry, liam, louis, zayn, niall, me, nick and gemma. i just noticed that i got in the habit of saying 'flat' instead of 'apartment'. im getting more british by the day. we were the only ones here, it was actually going to be a surprise for the guys when they get here. simon told us that the didnt know what was going on. i had put my suitcase in the room i choose, and nick in the next one over. we both walked down into the kitchen to get something to drink. i open the fridge and got a water bottle. i heard the front door being unlocked. guess the guys are here. this is going to be a interesting couple of months, living with 5 of mine and nicks bestfriends, not to mention, his girlfriend. i really need to catch up with gemma. liam was the one who walked into the kitchen, he literally jumped "jesus christ, you scared the hell out of me" me ad nick exploded in laughter. "liam, whos in there?" louis yelled, "its us!" i yelled back, with that the other 4 guys  and 1 girl came into the kitchen. zayn ran straight to me, and gemma to nick. "so what happened?" zayn asked once he out me down. "what happened with what?" louis asked confused "you didnt tell them?" zayn looked confused, i shook my head, "no i only told you, i didnt want to tell them since i wasnt sure what it was about" "oh" was all he replied back. "god dammit! tell us what happened already!" liam yelled but not loud, "demanding much?" i laughed, i think hes eager. "oh yeah, me and nick are staying here for a couple of months with you  guys" i said with a serious face. "why?" harry asked confused "want us to leave then?" i asked "no! i didnt mean it like that!" "i know, just messing with you, but yeah simon signed me." with that, they lost it. i heard a lot of "i knew it" and congratulations  not to mention i was in the middle of a huge hug.  "what the hell is that?" louis pointed to the black plastic bag, i forgot we even had that, i thought we had taken it upstairs? oh well. "look" nick laughed, louis walked over to the bag and opened it. once he opened it, he couldnt stop laughing. "whose idea?" he asked when he calmed down. "lou, whats inside?" zayn asked curious. louis lowered the bag low enough for the rest of the guys and gemma to see. when they figured out what it was they couldnt stop laughing.  "so, whose idea?" zayn asked winking at me, good nobody noticed. "our parents" nick replied laughing and shaking his head. "she said, make sure the rest of the boys use them too. so i guess they both expect us all to have sex." i laughed, wow was my mom and andrew crazy in the head. "whos using the first one?" louis asked, only louis would ask that. "i bet on nick and gemma" liam said. i looked over at harry to see his reaction, he just started laughing, on the other hand, gemma was red as a tomato. "i bet on emily and zayn." nick said, smirking at me. i looked at harry, his face dropped in a blink of an eye. his laughing face fell down to a sad looking one. "think again, im not using any." "so o condoms for em, shes being brave. shes taking on zayns willy how it is." louis added laughing hysterically. i turned even redder than a tomato, if thats even possible. "no. no sex for emily." i said. me and zayn got up at the same time. "its getting late, im going to sleep" i said yawning. "yeah, me too" zayn yawned too. "theyre going now!" louis squealed like a little kid on Christmas who is eager to open their presents. "shut up louis" i grabbed the closest thing to me; which was a pillow, and i threw it straight to his face. i walked up the stairs with zayn right behind my tail, "we'll see about that later babe" he whispered in my ear, before i could turn around he smacked my butt, once i turned around he winked at me and walked into his room. laying in my bed, i was thinking "where is this leading me?"

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