Love Triangle

In middle school Emily's penn-pals name is Harry Styles. She moves to Los Angeles from Chicago. Will her bestfriend in Los Angeles soon become family? She moves to Holmes Chapel and auditions for XFactor. What will happen on her journey? Perhaps a Love Triangle or new additions to the family.



31. 31. Important Call

"yes this is me, may i ask who is speaking?" i reply back. "yes, its Simon." Simon as in Simon Cowell? Simon as in Simon says? "Simon who?" i asked confused.  "cowell, simon cowell." the voice replied back, i chocked on my saliva. i cant believe its uncle si! why is he calling me? "oh! hi uncle si! hows it going?" i am trying my best right now to stay calm, and im pretty sure its working fine right now. "things are going great! thanks for asking, what about you?" he asked, "perfect, couldnt be perfect" "listen, are you at home right now? cant i stop by? i need to speak to you about something very important." uncle si sounded very serious, what did he have to tell me thats so important  that he couldnt wait? "no actually im out with the One Direction boys and theyre family out celebrating." i said with a small smile on my face. "oh, sounds lovely! anyways, are you going to be busy tomorrow?" he turned serious again, "not that im aware of." "perfect, ill stop by around 5 pm to talk." "okay" "okay, ill see you tomorrow emily, have a good rest of the night. good bye." "bye" i replied back and hung  up. "who was that?" zayn asked with a confused face, "i heard you mention One Direction." "uncle si." his face turned smiling to serious in a blink of an eye. "what did he say?" "nothing really, he wanted to stop by to talk, but i told him that were out, so hes coming over tomorrow at 5 to talk." "talk about what?" zayns face looked confused as ever. i shrugged my shoulders, "i have no idea, he just said hes stopping by tomorrow to talk, and he said it with a really serious tone in his voice" "i guess we'll have to wait and see." "yeah i guess" i let out a sigh. what does he have to tell me? why couldnt he tell me over phone? what did he sound so serious? what is it? is it bad? or good? what if- "emily, were leaving." i heard my mom. how long was i deep in thought for? i looked around the table and no one was seated anymore but zayn and doniya, they were staring at me with a confused face. doniya had a more confused face though, "ill tell you tomorrow" i mouthed to doniya and she simply nodded her head. me, zayn and doniya all stood up and started walking, me and zayn stayed behind a bit, "what were you thinking about back there?" "why simon called me, and why couldnt he just told me over the phone." i said honestly and let out a small sigh. "you'll find out soon enough" he smirked at me.  we walked in silence until we got to andrews car. "are you coming over right now?" i faced zayn breaking the silence, "everyone is coming over" "yeah" i hugged him and got in the car. in the car was my mom, andrew nick and gemma. "what was that?" nick smirked at me. "what was what?"  i furrowed my eyebrows, what is he talking about? "hugging zayn" he smirked once again. "what?" im seriously confused, "cant i not hug a friend?" "we'll talk later" he mouthed to me and hugged gemma. 

after about 10 minutes of staring out of the car window we finally got home, and everyone's cars pulled up after ours. all of the adults decided on getting out drinks, so they were all scattered all over the kitchen and living room. as for us, we all went the basement. were going to watch a movie. except phoebe, daisy and safaa, they fell asleep, so they are sleeping in the guest bedrooms. lottie, fizzy and waliyha have gotten some what close, since theyre around each others age they stick together. "what movie?" nick asked all of us. "Napoleon Dynamite?" i suggested. everyone agreed. once the movie started we all were laughing like crazy. i think the adults could even hear us from upstairs, unless theyre drunk, which im highly positive about.  its about 25 minutes into the movie and i can see harry staring at me. i guess its that time for 'the talk' we have to have. i turned to him. "what?" i mouthed to him, "lets talk, now." he mouthed back. i nodded and stood up, he followed my move and stood up after me. "we'll be back." i announced to everyone.  they nodded but zayn looked in to my eyes, trying to figure out why were both leaving, "you already know" i mouthed to him, he nodded and i immediately saw relieve wash over his face, guess he forgot. well at least he knows now. harry followed behind me coming up the stairs, "emily honey! come here!" my mom yelled at me once me and harry got upstairs. "what is it mom?" i asked irreated. "what should i name the baby?" she asked, "mom you dont even know what the sex of the baby is yet." "well suggest," "danny, and jenny." i grabbed harrys wrist and pulled him  up the stairs before anybody else could tell us something. harry closed the door behind him to my room. he sat down on my bed and motioned for me to sit next to him. i felt the bed push down from both of our weight on it. silence. 5 minutes passed and he hasnt said anything, he only lets out sighs, i caught him a couple of times trying to say something but closed his mouth right after. i felt my phone vibrate and i too it out. its a facebook notification, i have a message form sam, 'Sam- dont forget to skype me us tomorrow!' shit, i cant. simon. maybe i will when he leaves if its not to late. 'Me to Sam- samm! i dunno if i can, Simon is coming over at 5, he wants to talk. its its not to late when he leaves ill do it, if i dont have time ill message you. but we have to skype one day! i miss you like crazy!' i sent the message, "who is that?" harry asked, finally speaking. "sam" i replied. 'Sam- all of us miss you, we even miss nick, thats a surprise haha. but if you cant can you tell nick? he never replies anymore.' 'Me to Sam- huge surprise ahaha, its cause he never gets on here anymore'. harry went all the way back, so that his back was on the bed headboard, and he crossed his legs so they were indian style. i laid down and stared at the ceiling, waiting for him to say something. "emily." he let out a sigh, i replied with "hmm" "it wasnt what it looked like, really." "then what was it harry?" i was semi-mad. it wasnt what it look like? what does that mean? that they werent having sex when they clearly were! i saw with my own two eyes! "it was her." he said, he sounded honest, but still. "whos her?" he hesitated before answering, "cher". he knows we never got along, i never liked her and she never liked me. but when he said her name, i felt hot. hot from the anger rising inside of me. "cher out of all people harry!" i yelled , "you know we never liked each other!" "let me explain, emily!" he yelled back, i ave to admit it was scary. i never seen him mad, this mad, and now, well, hes pissed. i dont see why though, hes the one who cheated on me. i didnt do shit to him! "then fucking explain harry!" "shes the one who came on to me." he said through gritted teeth. "that didnt mean you had to go and fuck her, harry!" "emily, shut up! let me explain!" "then go!" "she came up to me and said she wanted me, and i said no i already have emily. she said not you, that, and he pointed down to my willy, i told her no, she zipped down my jeans, i yell at her to stop, but then she said that if i dont she'll kill the baby. i have no idea how she knew, i still didnt eve know. then she pulled down my pants and gave me a blowjob, and being a hormonal teen i couldnt fucking resist it! but it didnt mean shit to me!" i looked into his eyes, they screamed that he was being honest. but he still could of stopped himself. "harry, thats a fucking excuse!" "its the fucking truth!" he spat. "you didnt have to do it." i whispered, looking down at the floor. well, i just noticed that were both standing, and not on the bed anymore. i felt tears coming down my face. "you didnt have to do it" i repeated. he came closer to me, "dont cry." he said softly, "why wouldn't i harry! i fucking loved you! harry! i fuckin loved you! and you had to go and sleep with anther girl, and i saw it with my own eyes. harry, thats the worst part, i, myself witnessed it." "i cant believe i ever loved you." i whispered loud enough for him to hear me, "y-you loved me?" his face was full of shock, his eyes regret and sadness but a hint of happiness. "i did." i let out a sigh. "i love you emily. please, please forgive me." i shook me head, "i forgive you, i looked past it, but no harry, i cant do this anymore." "cant do what?" "us" i sighed "i cant do us anymore." "w-why not? you said your over it already, we can start over. fresh, like nothing ever happened."  "im not over it, i just looked passed it harry," i shook my head, "i cant, i uhm sort of uhm.." i scratched the back of my neck, "like someone else." i said awkwardly. "oh" was all he said, "if you think you dont drive me crazy" i let out a laugh "then your wrong there. i still have feelings for you harry, the thing is, i dont want to get hurt again. it felt like i ripped my heart out of my chest with my bare hands and stuck it back it, but lived through it. it was the worst feeling in the world. it was the worst felling ive gotten in my entire life, even more then when my dad died." it was the truth, this hurt me more then when my dad died. i guess because this was real love, and the love i had for my dad was only family love. "who is it?" harry asked after a few minutes of silence. "what?" i asked confused, "who do you like?" i shook my head, "uh z- uhm zayn.." i awkwardly stated. "oh" he had a blank expression, he didnt know what else to say. "he was there for me. comfortated me when i needed it most." "he was there for you.." harry repeated, staring a the floor with no expression on his face. "he was there for you. i wasnt." i dont know what to say. i mean what am i suppose to say? "if you loved me, you would of thought twice about it." i looked up to him, he was just staring at me. he doesnt know what to say either, i walked out the room "i still love you" i whispered, but only so i can hear.


 "why would i harry! i fucking loved you! harry! i loved you!" "even more then when my dad died." those two sentences kept replaying in my head. she loved me. emily loved me. i messed it up. i fucked it up! i wont ever get her back. honestly, i was going to tell her that i loved her, but i guess she caught me and cher. i cheated. i actually cheated on her. i regret it so much. regret isnt even the word for it. "if you loved me, you would of thought twice." i need to get her. i cant let zayn have her. i did notice how zayn would look at her but i shrugged it off, i didnt think nothing of it then. i guess i should of. my hands were in my hair, puling it hard, i wont be surprised if i actually pull some out. she walked out with that last sentence. "you would of thought twice" "you would of thought twice." she was right. i should of. its too late. i just hope she can look past this. 


"you missed the whole movie!" i  heard gemma yell as soon as i opened the door to the basement. "sorry" i put my hands up in defense and laughed, "how did it go?" zayn whispered in my ear once i sat back down on the couch. "i really dont know. it didnt go perfect, but it didnt go horrible. i really hope we can still be friends" "why only friends?" he asked confused, "i told him that i like you, i dont think that he'll want me after that, plus i dont think i like him enough after that to go back out with him."  zayn men while is just sitting here smiling like an idiot. "why are you so cheesy?" i smiled, wow was his smile contagious, "cheesy?" he had a confusedass face. "right, your british, cheesy is like when you have a hue smile on your face" i laughed "i forgot thats only used in the US" "US?" "america" i said with a duh voice. "well sorry, we call it america" "anyways why are you so cheesy?" i asked being serious. "because you like me." there it goes again, that huge adorable contagious smile. "you already knew" i playfully smacked his arm. "i know, i just like hearing it" "your so cheesy" i laughed, he leaned in and our lips meet each others. they moved in sync. its like our lips were meant to be. his soft lips feel amazing on mine. he licks my bottom lip asking for entrance and i let him in. he explores my mouth with his tongue. i hear someone clear their throat. i pull away and look in that direction. harry. he looks broken. torn. i smile weakly at him, he shook his head and walked back upstairs. i look at doniya "what do i do?" i mouthed to her, she shook her head saying "you already talked". "nick, same wants us to skype them tomorrow. everyones staying at joshs, they wanna talk to us." he nodded  his head "what time?" i shrugged my shoulders "uncle si is coming at 5" "oh yeah i forgot about that" "sam said that they even miss you" i smiled, laughing a little bit, "well i do too" he let out a laugh.

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