Love Triangle

In middle school Emily's penn-pals name is Harry Styles. She moves to Los Angeles from Chicago. Will her bestfriend in Los Angeles soon become family? She moves to Holmes Chapel and auditions for XFactor. What will happen on her journey? Perhaps a Love Triangle or new additions to the family.



30. 30. Dinner With One Direction And A Phone Call

We are parked outside of "The George & Dragon". its a cute little fancy restaurant. anne and robin had made reservations a while back, and were eating outside, it was fairly warm, about 78°, or 25°C. we took up a lot of tables. theyre are 30 of us all together. doniya is next to me on my left, on my right is zayn, then louis, liam, niall, harry, nick, gemma, ruth, nicola, lottie, waliyha, fizzy and johanna, louis' mom. in front of johanna is anne, next to anne is my mom, then trisha, maura, and karen. then it was the men, next to karen was her husband, geoff, greg, bobby, mark, robin, andrew and yaser. yaser was across the table from doniya, and daisy and phoebe are sitting my johanna since theyre still kinda of young.  theyre 6 but johanna wants them to sit by her. this feels good. were all one big family, we can count on one another when we need each other. this is just an amazing feeling. i can hear the loudness of everyone around me talking, but me im here in deep thought blocking everyone out. what is it gonna be like when the guys leave to record and go on tour? what if they get huge and are busy all off the time? will i see them? well,for one thing is i will most defiantly see harry since we live by them, and zayn probably too because ive gotten so close to doniya. what if they become a huge pop heart throbs, they can go be as big as justin bieber. and i love justin, dont get me wrong i want the boys to get huge and everything but its just going to be hard to cope with. "what are you going to have?" doniya asked me pulling me out of thought, "what?" i was confused i wasnt really paying attention to anyone or anything, "to drink?" she looked confused, "oh ill have a water please" i looked at the waiter and told him, hes young maybe about early twenties and pretty cute. but zayn is still better to my liking. "ill have a pepsi" i heard zayn tell the waiter.  "alright guys, ill be back in a few o get your food orders" he announced to us. we all nodded at his statement. i opened my menu and looked at everything they had, should i get steak or a burger with fries? "what are you going to get?" i asked doniya "i think the steak, what about you?" "same, but im going to order fries" i said, doniya laughed and shook her head at that "what im craving fries and steak" i giggled. "when is he gonna come, im starving!" i complained after waiting for about 20 minutes, "good timing, hes coming" zayn pointed to him. he came over to our side of the table first, "what will you all have?" the waiter asked, "im going to get the steak, well done" doniya said, "im getting the same, but can i get a side of fries?" i sat, but it came out more as a question "sure" he replied, i took my phone out of my purse and went on facebook, i really gotta catch up with the guys back at home. and i havent been on in a while, "what are you doing?" zayn asked me, "catching up with the guys back home" i replied, not taking my eyes off my phone. he just nodded his head and got back in the conversation with the guys, "are you okay?" i heard doniya, her voice sounded concerned.  "what? yeah im perfectly fine, you?" "im fine, just you dont look to happy." she replied, "im happy as can be, especially for the guys" i smiled "i think we all are" she laughed. i stood up from my chair and pushed it back under the table, "where are you going?" zayn looked up at me "waling home, im bored" i said with a straight face, "what?! you cant leave!" he whisper yelled, "im kidding, im going to the bathroom" i couldnt help but start cracking up. "shut up" he joked, i shook my head still laughing and walked towards the inside of the bathroom, "emily wait." i heard a deep slow talking british accent call out for me. harry. i turned around "whats up?" i gave him a friendly smile, "we have to talk sometime" he stated looking straight into my eyes. gosh did he look hot tonight, the tux fir his figure perfectly, not loose but not tight. with his perfectly on top of his head. wait emily what are you thinking? you cant think about this. not now. "not now harry, later. everyone is coming over my house after we leave here, we'll go up to my room and talk then." i replied. he nodded his head and walked in the mens restroom and i walked in the womens restroom. "what time is it?" doniya asked once i sat back down. i got my phone out and checked the time, "6:30" she nodded her head. "i thought it was earlier" "i thought it was later" "complete opposite" she laughed. i saw my mom stand up and clap her hand over her head, "i have something important i have to tell you all." she said pretty loud so we can all hear her. "well what is it?" trisha asked laughing since it was silent for a couple seconds and no one said anything. "me and andrew are expecting our first child together!" my mom squealed with happiness. im glad shes finally happy, and im very happy that i will be a older sister! oh my gosh! a baby as home! i cant wait! all the adults went all over her and andrew, congratulating them. i hugged my mom last, "i cant wait!" i squealed in excitement "me either, you'll finally be a big sister." "i know!" i pulled away from the hug. then we all went back to our original seats. "are you excited?" doniya smiled at me "very" i had a big smile on my face. the waiter is here now with our food, he handed doniya, me, zayns and the guys ours. "ill bring the rest out on a few"the waiter walked off. god does this food looking amazing. yaser was staring at me smiling, holding back a laugh "what?" i finally asked, "weird combination, steak with fries" he let out a chuckle "i know" i laughed also. its amazing how good of mates andrew and yaser have also become, theyre probably the closest and along with robin, andrew, robin and yaser always seem to be together, while geoff, bobby and mark stick more together. and for my mom? well my mom is really close with anne of course, and trisha. johanna is closest with anne. maura and karen are the ones who are always together,  but right now all the male adults are together talking and laughing like they've known each other since they were babies, same with the adult women. and us teenagers? well we are always together, no matter what. by now everyone was eating so it wasnt as loud. i was cutting a piece of my steak, holding the knife in one hand and fork in the other, when i felt my phone vibrate. who was calling me right now? who could it be? were all here together.i changed my number so it couldnt be anyone from back home. i looked at the number and i didnt recognize it, i hesitated before i finally answered, "hello?"i spoke in the phone, "hello is this emily lopez?" the voice echoed through the phone.

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