Love Triangle

In middle school Emily's penn-pals name is Harry Styles. She moves to Los Angeles from Chicago. Will her bestfriend in Los Angeles soon become family? She moves to Holmes Chapel and auditions for XFactor. What will happen on her journey? Perhaps a Love Triangle or new additions to the family.



3. 3. The Day..

my morning classes went by slower than i thought it would pass by. i was bored out of my mind and not to mention hungry. with that said i couldnt wait until lunch. Vicky ignored me in all our classes, she was with everyone else except me and Kyle, but we kind of got over it and we stayed together. me and kyle have gotten closer than ever since we started talking. i feel closer to him now then to vicky.

           ~~~~~~~~~SKIP TO EMILYS LAST PERIOD~~~~~~~~~

"Finally" i thought to myself when i walked into my last hour of the day. language arts, with Mrs.Lopez. right when i walked in kyle walked in, then vicky right behind him. kyle quickly sat next to me, and vicky just looked at us and gave us a dirty look. "has she talked to you?" kye asked me curious. "nope she just keeps staring at me and walks away with other poeple. but whatever." "yeah same with me, but we didnt even do anything to her" "Welcome to your official first day of class!" Mrs.Lopez walked in the class, shutting the door and walking to her desk. "How has your guys day been?" she asked us in a enthusiastic manner. everyone in the class replied with 'good' and 'boring'. "What! hopefully youll have a good time in here!.. Im going to take attendence so when i say your name say 'Here' loud enough so i can hear"    "Emily Lopez?" "Vas Happenin?" "Kyle Mandujano?" "Here" "Victoria Orozco?" "yeahh?" then vicky tuned to look at us with yet another look. surprise  we didnt expect that at all. the mrs.lopez finished attendance after the other people too. "now, i have your penn-pal name for each of you" the class groaned but me and kyle just looked at each other and smiled. "when i call your name your going to get a piece of paper with your penn-pals name and where they're from." "Emily, and Kyle" we got out of our seat to go get the piece of paper. when we got it we both walked both to out seats, but i noticed that kyle was closer to me than he ever was. 'emily its nothing, yous are bestfrinds now' i thought to myself. "em, whos your penn-pals name and where are they from?" "his name is Harry Styles and hes from London, so much for a name huh?" i giggled at the look of his name. "whos yours?" "her name is Cher Lloyd and shes from London too, so much for that name" he mocked me and laughed. "hmm seems that people from London have weird  names" i stated and kyle just laughed. After that little conversation we had mrs.lopez was done giving out everyones penn-pals. "Some of you have a letter already from your penn-pal, but others dont. those of you who have a letter, read it and write back. for those of you who dont already have a letter, you write one first to them. if you dont have paper come to my desk and ill give you some. now, if i call you that means you have a letter from them, start reading, and write back as much as you want."Kyle, Vicky, Emily.." she called before stopping.i got mine and kyle got his then we went to sit down.

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