Love Triangle

In middle school Emily's penn-pals name is Harry Styles. She moves to Los Angeles from Chicago. Will her bestfriend in Los Angeles soon become family? She moves to Holmes Chapel and auditions for XFactor. What will happen on her journey? Perhaps a Love Triangle or new additions to the family.



29. 29. Feeling Are Out On The Table

last week was elimination week. sadly, the boys got voted off the show. we were all surprised. i really thought that they were gonna win the who thing. i mean everyone thought, even Uncle Si. talking about uncle si, he signed the boys. even though he said only the winner would get signed. everyone is excited, non of us believed the boys when they told us, well, zayn told me. anyways, today zayn and his family are coming over, it was suppose to be harry, anne, and robin but i told my mom no. she the first person who popped in to her head was Trisha. my mom and trisha are really getting along. also, today im meeting Waliyha and Safaa. i havent meet them, only Doniya. they'll be here in about 2 hours for dinner. when i get out i gotta wear something cute, just for zayn. i got a pink puffy dress, tats about mid thigh length, and had black patterning and it go up as a sleeve { }, i curled my hair and put on white heels with a big bow on the side { }. i finished off my look with mascara, eyeliner and a bit of pink lipgloss, it looked cute since my skin color was a light tan color, like Kim Kardashian. *RING**RING* oh my god! zayn is here! i literally ran out /of my room to open the door. luckily, i was at the door first than anyone else. "hey emily!" "oh, hey gemma" i said a little too bluntly "dont wanna see me i see?" "its just i thought you were here already and i thought it was zayn and his family." "ah, i see. and no i needed to go home and get dressed." i nodded, she had on a black dress that was ruffled at the bottom, it had a pink bow in the middle and the top around her boobs was tight and she had on nude heels. { } it looked really cute. "i like your outfit" i complimented her. "thanks, me too. and can i ask you for a huge favor?" she begged. "sure whats up?" "can you please do my hair and make up?" "sure, cmon" "curly or straight?" i asked once we were in my room and she took her hair out of the top high bun she had it in.  "curly please." i nodded "lets do your makeup while the curling iron heats up." i put her eye liner, mascara, light pink eye shadow, a little bit of pink blush, and pink lip gloss. we look cute. *RING**RING* i ran down the stairs to answer the door, it has to be zayn and his family, no one else is going but us and gemma. *KNOCK**KNOCK* dang someone isnt patient  i thought i wasnt patient! i swung the door to see anne, robin and....and harry behind them. they are all dress up too, robin and harry have on a tux, while anne has a a long beautiful black dress. "i dont mean to sound rude or anything but, why are you guys here?" i asked confused. anne laughed, "its alright, were going out as a one direction family tonight." anne explained. i couldnt help but let my mouth drop wide open. "whats wrong honey?" anne asked, i shook my head and moved out of the room to let them in. anne was in, followed by robin, followed by harry. he looked at me and gave me weak smile, his eyes still had the regret in them along with a bit of happiness and sadness. gemma walked into the room, "i thought you guys were gonna be the last here," she joked, "i guess were first" anne laughed. they went into the living room where andrew and nick were. nick had a black tux with a white shirt under and a cute little red bow tie replacing the tie. andrew had on a black tux with a white shirt under with a tie. nick and gemma went to the kitchen and i sat down on the couch and crossed my legs, and went on facebook, 'sam- hey if your not busy tomorrow skype us were all gonna be at joshs and stay the night' i had a message from sam. 'im pretty sure were not busy, ill tell nick later, and i got good news to tell you!' i replied back, 'whats the news!?' he replied back instantly 'its a surprise' i laughed because i knew it was gonna kill him, hes not god with waiting for surprises. i can feel harry staring at me, his eyes not leaving my body, hes looking me up and down. i got up i was tired of him staring at me and i was getting thirsty. i can hear my heels clicking on the floor. i got a water bottle out the fridge, and i can hear gemma and nick laughing. nick is sitting on the chair and gemma is on top of him, sitting on his lap. i close the fridge door to hear my mom saying "harry, is everyone here already?" "no, only us, ill text the guys and ask them where theyre at" my mom nodded and walked out the kitchen. she has on a black dress with white poka dots thats just above her knee, it also had a red belt under the boobs. { } she topped it off with dark red heels and wavy hair, not much make up. "can i get a water?" harry asked my awkwardly scratching the back of his neck. i gotta admit, he looks hot tonight, well he always does when hes in a tux. it fits his body perf- emily! snap out of it! i remind my self. i nod and hand him my water, i hadnt opened it, and i got another one out of the fridge for me. the fridges here are so tiny! my mom and andrew had to order on online so we can have whats a normal sized one for us. which is huge compared to the England ones. i heard gemma and nick walk up the stairs, "did you text zayn?" i asked "im about to" i shook my head, "im going to." i pulled a counter chair out of under the counter and sat down. harry just nodded. he pulled out the chair one down from mine and sat down. "emily" he sighed looking at me. "hmm?" i said, i was in the middle of a text to zayn. there was a pause for about a minute "please", he said once i out my phone down on the counter. "please what?" i stared down at my phone but his gaze was still on me. i knew what he was gonna say 'lets talk' 'please let me explain' or something along those lines. but whats the use? i witnessed his with my own eyes. i just dont know if i should forgive him, and because i sorta kinda have feeling for zayn. "talk" he let out a long sigh, "we need to talk, please, i really need to explain myself! it wasnt what it looked like!" he was whisper yelling. to be honest i was kind of over it, but i just cant believe he would do something like that to me. "not now harry." i let out a sigh, my phone beeped which means zayn texted back. 'were outside x' the text was simple but i couldnt help but let a smile appear on my lips. i got up to go open the door. "where are you going?" he whispered loud enough for me to hear. but i ignored him. i open the door and saw a really happy looking trisha. "hello emily!" she said bringing me into a huge hug. "hi trisha!" i replied smiling like crazy, i couldnt help but always smile around this lady! she has this thing that makes everyone smile when theyre around her, maybe its her amazing personality maybe its just her. "hello emily," zayns dad, Yaser said with a smile "hey yaser!" i went into a hug, the ting about zayns dad is that hes amazingly cool. hes like a older zayn, but young at the same time.  "Doniya!" i yelled running at her for a huge hug. "emily!" she yelled back which caused me to laugh, "em, this is waliyha and this is safaa" she said pointing to each of them. wow, waliyha is amazingly stunning, shes younger than us but wow shes beautiful. and safaa! safaa is just adorable! shes so cute! shes also the youngest sister. trisha and yaser were already inside with the adults in the living room, doniya, waliyha and safaa were walking inside going to where the adults were at. "you look beautiful" zayn said once we were the only ones outside, "not to bad your self" i pulled hi, into a hug. "i missed you" he breathed out breaking the silence that took over, we were just embracing each other in the hug. "me to" i sighed, we both pulled away from the hug and walked in. we went to the living room so zayn could greet everyone, "do you have any water?" he asked i nodded and hes following behind me to the kitchen, "you have an amazing house."  he says "i still cant get over it either" i laughed "hey zayn" i hear harry. "ahh!" i jumped, i got scared! i forgot he was here. "did he scare you?" zayn asked inbetween laughs "maybe" i laughed "hey mate, how it going?" zayn put his attention on harry while i got the water bottle from the fridge, he got up and sat on the table farthest from the fridge but still in the kitchen, i heard him sigh and say "not so good mate" he let out a sigh again, "whats wrong?" zayn sounded concerned, "we'll talk later" he looked at zayn, and zayn just nodded. i got my water bottle from the counter, i sat next to zayn in the table which was right across from harry, and i handed zayn his water. "its me isnt it?" i whispered loud enough for them to hear, harry let out a loud sigh, zayn took his phone out of his pocket, "niall is here, lou and liam will be here in about 20." i nodded, then the door bell rang, my mom opened the door, in walked in maura, chris, who is his step dad, greg and niall. "niall!" i yelled from the kitchen, and niall waked into the kitchen "emily!" he yelled back and i giggled, "ill be back, im gonna greet everyone," "do me a favor?" i asked he nodded, "tell doniya to come in here." he nodded and walked out to the living room. "maybe it is" i heard harry whisper, i dont think i was suppose to hear it but i did anyways. "i know how you feel." i leaned across the table and whispered loud enough just for him to hear. he let out a sigh and i did too, "lets talk, now." he said once again in a whisper, 'later' i mouthed to him once i was sat back down in the chair, "wanna explore the house? doniya never came" i looked at zayn "sure" we got up and walked up the stairs, "this is my room" we walked in, it was kind of messy, close on the floor here and there but only like 2 shirts and a pair of shorts, mostly shoes. "woah nice room," "thanks, next door is nicks, bu hes in there with gemma doing god knows what" i laughed "maybe a quickie" "maybe" i laughed. "you play xbox?" he asked staring at my xbox. i nodded. "i never meet a girl who plays video games" he said in disbelief. "im me" i shrugged my shoulders, "obviously" he laughed. god how i love when he laughs.  how his eyes get smaller, his adorable laughing smile, how his nose gets, and just his laugh in general. its adorable. "nick" i hear a pretty loud moan from the bedroom next door  me and zayn look at each other and start cracking up, "told you" he said inbetween laughs. i think now is the time to tell zayn how i feel, but im still doubting, but i told doniya i would tell him, but what if he doesnt feel the same? i cant keep telling my self all these 'what ifs' cause then he will never know what what happens if he does feel the same.  "emily," i heard him let out a sigh, "i need to tell you something.." he trailed off coming closer, "what is it?" i asked and he came closer, "i dont know how to say it, so ill show you instead." he looked me straight in my eyes, he moved a piece of hair out of my face, and closed the space between us. butterflies are shooting all over my body, i have goosebumps all over. his lips smashed onto mine. his lips. well his lips are amazing, theyre as soft as they look, but hes hungry for the kiss, it goes from a gentle kiss to a rough kiss in a matter of seconds. i push him to the door so i can close it and lock it. once thats done i push him onto my circular pick fluffy chair, and i get on top of him. i pull away to catch my breath and he does the same. i wrap  m hands around his neck, his arms are around my waist and i lean in, his kiss isnt gentle anymore, right away it was a hungrier kiss, hes an amazing kisser. he licked the bottom of my lip asking for entrance, i didnt let him in and i tried and he right away let me. my tongue exploring his mouth, i bite his lip pulling away to catch my breath and a small moan escapes his mouth *RING**RING* i hear the doorbell, i look straight into his eyes, "i feel the same" i smile and peck him on the lips before i climb off of him. "i have to talk to doniya" i said he nodded, i was about to unlock the door but he pushed me against the wall and kissed me, he asked for entrance and i let him in this time, but i pulled away shortly after, he grabbed my hand and intertwined our fingers. "doniya, i have to tell you something" i squealed once i found her in the huge crowd of people. liam, his parents and sisters just got here, were just waiting for louis and his family, after i said hi to liams family and told liam that harry niall and zayn are in the kitchen i brought doniya up to my room. "did you do it!" she asked excitedly once we got to my room. "well sorta kinda, maybe" i said smiling, the event that just happened was replaying in my head, "well yes or no?"  she said anxious, "well you see, zayn was like 'emily i need to tell you something' and i was like 'what is it' and he was like 'i dont know how to tell you, so ill show you instead' and we might or might have not had a little heated make out session" i said smiling like an idiot. "then when we pulled away, i looked into his eyes and said 'i feel the same'" i said excitedly "then he held my hand" i practually yelled with excitement. "so what are you guys?" she asked smiling, "well, im not sure" i sighed "you have to talk to him," i nodded, "but harry.." doniya sighed "well, you gotta do what you think is best for you, but you still have to talk to harry and tell him how you feel about zayn" "i know" i said nodding. "cmon were leaving" zayn randomly popped in and said, i looked at doniya and smiled like an idiot. we got up and walked out, zayn once again holding my hand. doniya turned around and winked at me with a huge smile on her face.   

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