Love Triangle

In middle school Emily's penn-pals name is Harry Styles. She moves to Los Angeles from Chicago. Will her bestfriend in Los Angeles soon become family? She moves to Holmes Chapel and auditions for XFactor. What will happen on her journey? Perhaps a Love Triangle or new additions to the family.



28. 28. Visiting

~~~~~EMILY POV~~~~~

its been about 2 weeks since we went to 'visit' the xfactor studios. harry has sent me countless texts and numerous calls. i reject them all. i read some of the texts the short ones consist of 'im sorry' and 'let me explain, its not what you think'. and there are some that are about 2 pages. they really say a lot. all i can do i cry when i read them. i actually think i love him. but im really not sure. gemma and nick have talked to harry. they try to tell me what happened but i dont bother to listen. i dont care that his excuse is, he still cheated on me! if it was just a kiss, okay thats kinda of whatever since its not ha big of a deal, but no, he was having sex! anyways today im going my best to not think about harry. i have still been talking to zayn like crazy. he told me what song their singing this week, well actually its tomorrow, theyre singing 'She's The One' with Robbie Williams. he wasnt suppose to tell anyone, but we trust each other. hes told me each song theyre singing every week. i really liked 'Kids In America' i thought it was jumpy and energetic. "emily!" my mom pulled me out of my thoughts. "yes?" today, i havent cried not even once. i avoided my phone and laptop so far. ive been locked in my room playing xbox live with the guy friends back home. i really have no idea where nick is. he could be on the ps3 in his room or out with gemma. "want to come with me? you havent gone out these last coupe of days." "where?" "Walgreen's." "sure, just let me change." i have just been in my pjs these last 2 weeks.  i got dressed into a pair of black leggings, my brown combat boots, and a red, black and white plaid shirt thats nick's. i topped it off with a beanie and a long strapped coach purse. "what are you gonna get?" i asked once we were off on the road. "milk and a pregnancy test." i think i might have just heard 'pregnancy test' but i think it was just me mind. "wait, what did you say?" "what? the milk? or the pregnancy test?" "What! mom! your pregnant?!" i practually yelled. "woah quiet down em! and theres a chance.." she smiled. "happy?" "yeah, i am. my second baby! well, maybe. im still not sure." she looked so happy. i really do hope shes pregnant  "oh my god mom! i might be a older sister!" i smiled. "this is the first time ive seen you smile in a while." she smiled even more when she noticed i was smiling. my smile quickly turned into a frown and tears threatened to fall. harry. the first thing that came to my mind. "whats wrong honey?" i turned my head to see my mom with a concerned look on her face. "h-harry" i forced out. "em, baby in sorry." i havent told anyone what happened but zayn and nick. and i made nick promise not to tell gemma, even though im pretty sure harry told gemma. i guess thats why she wanted to talk to me. i dont really want to tell my mom. wouldn't it just be awkward like 'yeah mom i walked in on harry having sex and moaning.' even though were close, i still find it awkward. but i guess i'll have to tell her sometime, or someday. "are you gonna tell me what happened?" "well, mom, it not exactly that easy to say. or put it in the right words." i said once i calmed down. "honey, just tell me. how ever is fine. i dont care if its awkward for you or not." how did she know its gonna be awkward? weird. "okay" i took a deep breath. "when i walked in to the room, because zayn told me that harry was showering, but i didnt hear the water running so i assumed he got out and was in his room." i stopped, a vivid image of what i saw was in my head. of exactly what i saw. my mom didnt say anything, which meant for me to continue. "i saw harry on the bed. he was under the duvet but was in a position of like sitting up. then i heard a girl moan and him. thats when i realized that, well he was having sex. and i said, 'thanks, i still feel the same, as the looks of it, you dont care' and i walked out." i was crying now, we were in the parking lot of Walgreen's but my mom didnt get out the car. "did you read his facial expression?" my mom asked hugging me tight, "it was full of shame, sadness, but his eyes screamed out regret." i said, and it was true. "you need to talk to him." she looked straight into my eyes. "but-" "emily." she gave me the look she gives me what she means something and expects it done. "mom, how am i going to do it? when i think of him i get the picture of him and the other person in my head!" "the same thing happened to me when i was a teenager. turns out he had a reason to and we got back together." she replied. "mom, i think i love him, but at the same time, i think i have feeling for zayn." i whispered the last part. "If you love two people at the same time, choose the second one, because if you really loved the first one you wouldn't of fallen for the second." she quoted Johnny Depp. it was my moms and mine favorite quote about love. "what are you saying?" "if you have feelings for zayn, them you truly dont love harry. you need to tell both of them." she said. i wasnt crying anymore and my eyes werent red anymore, "cmon." she opened her door and got out. ~~~ "Emily!" my mom yelled through the closed bathroom door. "yes?" "its positive!" she sounded do happy. "oh my god mom!" i yelled, she opened the door and i tackled her in to a hug. "im gonna be a big sister!" "and nick will be a big brother!" she said smiling. "you really love him dont you?" i asked with a small smile. "yes, yes i do." she had a huge smile plastered o her face. "i havent seen you this happy since the last time we were with dad.." a single tear fell thinking about my dad. "i know baby." she pulled me into a hug again. "i miss him mom." "me to honey, me too." she was silently crying. "at least you found a person who makes you happy." i smiled and pulled out of the hug. "you will one day." "im gonna call zayn and tell him." i smiled st the thought of zayn. "Zaynnn!" i yelled through the phone, "yes babe?" i got goosebumps  when ever he calls me babe or love i cant help  but get goosebumps all over my body. "guess what!" he laughed a little "what happened?" "my mom is pregnant!" i yelled again. "congratulations!" i could hear it in his voice that he was smiling. "im not the one prego" i laughed "you know what i mean." he laughed "anyways, my mum told me that your mum is a very amazing lady, and the other lads mums to." zayn said. "i havent really talked to anyone but you the last 2 weeks, so i havent asked my mom about your guys moms." i said sadly. "go talk to her, you need to talk!" he laughed and i did too. "well, im sorry em but i gotta go, love you!" he yelled through the speaker, "good luck! love you too! tell niall liam and lou i said good luck! and i miss them" "will do" he said and hung up. "mom!" i yelled from my mom. "what!" she yelled back, wow shes still in a good mood. "come!" i heard her feet o the stairs. "whats up?" she sat on my bed. "how were the other  guys' moms?" "amazing! i absolutely love them! me and anne got alone with them so well! and andrew and robin got along with their husbands!" "well thats good" i smiled. "how was Trisha?" i asked smiling bigger. "shes amazing, one of the nicest ladies ive ever meet. i really like her, we got along just perfect." "zayn told me that she didnt like you" i joked around, her face went black right away. "well i thought we were just good..." "im playing mom! she said you were amazing" i busted out laughing.  my mom playfully slapped my arm but started laughing also. "i called anne." my mom said, "she asked how your doing. and that im pregnant." "what did you tell her?" my smile died down. "that your still upset, but doing better." "does she know?" "yeah, you know how close her and harry are." "she also said that if you could call harry it would be amazing, and em, it really will. sort things out yeah?" with that she left out the room.

~~~~~1 WEEKS LATER~~~~~

today is week 14. the boys are singing Torn. everyone came. everyone as in, nialls parents and  brother, zayns parents and sisters, liams parents and sisters, lou's mom step dad and sisters,  anne, robin, gemma, nick, andrew my mom and me. the whole One Direction family is here. the adults decided that they needed more bonding time so we are all staying in a hotel in London for 1 week and doing what ever we want. and well the adults going to clubs and getting drunk, well except my mom. she cant. the boys are about to come on stage! eeksss! Liam starts it off 'thought i saw a girl brought to life'.... 'tornn...' niall, zayn and harry finished it off. theyre are still amazing. they get better and better week by week. they never fail to amaze me. ~~~ its been a couple hours since the whole show ended. right now i am with Doniya, zayns older sister.  shes amazing, we get along so well. i trust her. with everything. i told her everything, from what happened with kyle, from moving to Los Angles from Chicago, to Holmes Chapel, about harry cheating on me, and how i think i have feelings for zayn. i told her that every time we hug i cant help but get butterflies, and i always get goosebumps when he calls me 'babe' or 'love', even though i know its a british thing. and well, i also told her everything in between. and she even told me things that happened in her life. "how about we share a room at the hotel?" she says interrupting my thoughts. i nod. "Doniya, Emily were leaving" i hear trisha call out to us. "hold on mum, were gonna say bye to zayn and the boys" trisha nodded "dont take to long" we nodded and headed to the boys room. *knock**knock* Doniya knocked on the door. guess who opened it? the one and the only harry styles. doniya looked at me with a face i couldnt quite read. "emily, please let me explain." "not now." i coldly stated and walked past him. my face brightened and i smiled right away when i saw the familiar face. zayn. shirtless. pants less. as in hes only wearing his tight boxers. i was looking up and down at him, i guess you could say i was checking him out? i cant lie and say that my eyes didnt stop on his crotch. i mean why wouldn't they? hes huge! "like what you see?" zayn smirked at me. "maybe" i winked at him, i didnt blush, im not a shy person. is that good? someone coughed and i turned to see who its from and it was doniya. 'sorry' i mouthed to her. "anyways guys, were leaving. we came to say bye."  was now turned back facing 4 boys.  i went up to liam, niall and louis to hug them and i told them they did good and that i missed them. last, but not least, zayn. i hugged him tight, not to mention he was still in only his boxers so i kinda sorta felt him up against me. i couldnt help but smile. "you did perfect today." i whispered to him still in the hug. "thanks." he laughed, "well i gotta go, but we need to talk another day. alone." i said pulling back. he looked at me with his eyebrows furrowed but nodded. doniya had said but to everyone and hugged them, and right now she was hugging zayn telling him how good he is and good luck. harry is leaned up against the doorway staring at me. not to mention he only has on sweat pants, no shirt. gosh to much shirtless guys today. but the image once again pops into my head. i felt a tear on my cheek. "doniya, can we go." i looked at her. she nodded. "whats wrong em?" zayn came up to me right away and hugged me. more tears were falling but i wasnt sobbing, like silently crying. i shook my head, instead of talking. he gave me a look, "we'll talk later." "emily, cmon" doniya told me. harry was still staring at me with sadness and a look saying 'please forgive me already' written all over his face and eyes, i looked at him and shook me head.

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