Love Triangle

In middle school Emily's penn-pals name is Harry Styles. She moves to Los Angeles from Chicago. Will her bestfriend in Los Angeles soon become family? She moves to Holmes Chapel and auditions for XFactor. What will happen on her journey? Perhaps a Love Triangle or new additions to the family.



27. 27. Reunited

it is about to be week 11 of xfactor. a lot has happened during these back almost 10 weeks. me and harry are still together, but were not as close anymore. he is always busy. me and zayn, well me and zayn are really close. i go to him when i need someone to talk to, or when i need a different point of view on something. not to mention, we do each others hair. harry and zayn got put into a band, with niall, liam, and louis. they are called 'One Direction.' i am getting close with all of them. they're really all cool lads. I've been picking up a little more on the british 'slang', and my accent is getting more british. and well for me? i got voted off week 10 into the show. week 8, i sang my ultimate favorite Maroon 5 song, "She Will Be Loved." but turns out, the public didnt like the performance, obviously since i got voted off. all of the boys comforted me. they kept telling me that its not the end for me in the music industry. and honestly, i cant say i believe them. how else am i going to persuade my dream? the xfactor was honestly my only choice. oh yeah, i almost forgot. remember my roommate Cher? yeah, well we didnt get along to well. she was jealous that i was as close to the boys as i am. i have nothing against her. shes an absolute amazing singer, not to mention that she raps. on other words, me and harry havent talked in about 2 weeks. he only texts me "Good Morning" "how are you" and "good night". when i would reply he would always reply "sorry babe in busy. ill call you later" but guess what? he never called. not even once. and well zayn? zayn texted me everyday. and tried to call as  much as he can. of course i knew he was busy, along with the rest of the band, so i wouldn't bother him as much. but harry is a different story. i mean hes my boyfriend after all right? nick and gemma? well, they're going strong. love is in both of their eyes. and i know it. we have gotten closer a bit, if thats even possible, since i got back from xfactor. gemma is over almost everyday, or harry is over at their house. robin and anne are always together with my mom and andrew. they still havent meet the other boys parents, not even zayns! but well, i guess thats changing today. today everyone left on the xfactor is having two days off. today is friday. so i guess they have off Saturday and most of Sunday, since in the evening to night on Sunday they have to go back into business and practice. right now, were actually on our way to London to the studios. i isolated myself from everyone, just thinking about everything. what if the boys make it big? i have a good feeling that they'll win. i mean why wouldn't they? theyre amazing. like they were meant to be put together. we are about 10 minutes away from the arena about now. i got myself up from the bed, and walked out to the front and sat myself on the couch and crossed my arms ever my chest. ignoring everyone who kept calling my name. im still in deep thought. what if harry is cheating on me? what if he lost all the feelings i still have for him? would he even do that? no right? zayn would of probably told me. what if when i go to look from him, hes kissing another girl? i will be crushed. my heart will probably literally come out of my rib cage. i still have the same feelings towards harry. what if he doesnt feel the same?  i still want to be with harry. what of he doesnt feel the same? wow, i really need to stop these 'what ifs'. i cant help my self and ask myself the same question over and over, 'what if he doesnt feel the same?' what would i do? how will i act. "Em, cmon were here" nick put both of his hands on my shoulders. i nodded and stood up. "what you thinking about?" gemma was with the adults laughing, so it was only me and nick. "everything." i simply stated. "everything?" he asked confused. "nick, i havent seen harry in a long time! what if hes cheating on me? what if when i go to find him hes kissing another girl? what if-" "em, stop with the 'what ifs'" "but what if he doesnt feel the same?" "emily." i didnt mean for him to hear. i whispered it to myself. "ZAYN!" i ran into him, almost making him fall to the floor with the biggest hug ever, but i couldnt help but notice butterflies attacking my stomach. "EMILY!" he yelled back. "how are you! i missed you! so much!" i yelled still in the hug. "good! you? you really have no idea how the boys missed you, especially me." he whispered the last part, i dont really think i was suppose to hear it. its no big deal, i mean i missed him loads too, i guess part of the reason was because we've gotten so close. "do you know where harry is?" i was really curious. i really wanted to see him, tackle him to the floor. hug him. kiss him. be with him. but most of all, know that all my 'what ifs' are wrong. and i really want to prove myself wrong. "he said he was going to take a shower" i nodded and walked towards their shared room. "hello zayn! how are you!" i heard my mom. "good and you?" "good, thanks! is your mom here  yet? or any of the other boys?" "no, not yet, they'll be here in about twenty minutes." the last i heard from them was nick and zayn talking. theyre both getting pretty close too. the door to room was unlocked so i walked in. i didnt hear the water running in the bathroom, so im guessing hes out? niall and liam share a room, harry and zayn share one, and louis sleeps anywhere he wants. they had like their own little flat. it was a huge room, but it had 3 doors inside that room. first was niall and liams room, then the bathroom and harry and zayns room.  they shared the room farthest back. i walked past niall and liam room, theyre not in here so i guess theyre probably in the game room or watching a movie, or maybe even eating. the door to harry and zayns room was also unlocked so i opened it and walked in. i saw harry under the white fluffy duvet. but it seemed as he was on top of someone. i was still stood by the door,  but i havent made a single noise. i want to see what harry is doing. then, i heard a moan, but it sounded like a girls moan. then harry moaned. they both kept moaning non stop. i felt hot tears fall down my cheeks. i didnt want to make a big scene, i whispered calmly "thanks, i still feel the same, as the looks of it, you dont care." harry looked up at me right when he heard me. i ran out of the room, full out crying now. of course since harry was naked, he had to put him clothes on. "emily!" "emily! please wait!" "let me explain!" he was yelling at me. i spotted the perfect person. zayn. i ran into his arms, sobbing, loud. "take me away. i dont want to be anywhere near him" zayn gave me a confused look but picked me up bridal style and walked out of the room, both of us ignoring harrys screams for us. zayn brought me to the nearest, and what looked empty room and locked the door behind him. "emily, whats wrong?" liam had a worried look on his face, standing up from the couch that was the farthest from the door. "h-h-harrry" i tried my best to say between sobs. "what did he do?" he and zayn asked in sync. "i dont wanna talk about it" i stated after i calmed down. i was still on zayn lap, he sat down on the couch right after he locked the door.  i hugged him tighter, when i realized i was still on his lap, and once again, i got those butterflies. "EMILY! ZAYN!" "Where are you!" we  heard harry yell outside the door. just with hearing his voice, i broke down again. "Zayn, open the door." harry yelled through the door, pounding on it. zayn looked at me with a questioning look. i shook my  head.  "not now harry." liam said. "liam, what the hell are you doing in there? i thought it was zayn?" "hes here too. now leave." "no, not until you let me talk to emily!" he yelled, anger was clear in his voice. "go away harry!" i yelled trough my sobs. "emily, please." liam and zayn looked at me, with the talk-to-him look. when i calmed myself down ans topped crying i looked at both of them "leave. tell harry to come in." they nodded, once they opened the door harry walked in. he closed the door and locked it, then he sat indian style on the couch. we sat in silence for what seemed like hours, which was only about 2 minutes in reality. "emily, look im s-" "cut the shit harry." "emi-" "harry, i sill feel the exact same about you. no feelings have left." "emily, listen please, it was a mistake!" "i wanted to come and see you, tackle you to the floor from a huge hug, kiss you, never leave your arms from the hug, never want the kiss to end. i wanted this to be out catch up days, only be me and you, no one else." "it still can be." he said, but it came out more as a question. i let out a fake laugh "thats where you wrong harry, i came here, looking forward to seeing all the boys, but especially you. you harry. and i come back to what? find you on top of another girl? fucking her? honestly harry, in the car ride, the whole fucking 3 hour car drive i was thinking all these 'what ifs' in my head. what if you didnt feel the same? what if he was kissing another girl? what if he cheated on me? but i guess i was wrong." i got up the couch, and walked towards the door. "but i do still feel the same." "if you did, you wouldn't go fucking another girl. you cheated harry. cheated! when in a million years did i think this would happen!" "i didnt fucking cheat! wont you just shut the fuck up for a minute and listen to me!" anger was all i heard in his voice. this side of harry honestly scared the living shit out of me. "but you fucking did!" i yelled back through the tears, running out of the room. i ran all the way downstairs to the game room, knowing that the boys will most likely be in there; and well they were, and only them. thank god. i slammed the door shut and locked it. i ran straight into zayns arms, crying hysterically. "what happened em?" zayn asked. "i-i-il tell y-you later" i whispered to him. "emily, open the damn door!" i snapped my head towards the door. "can one of you go find nick for me? and please, please dont let harry in." i pleaded. niall nodded. "ill get nick, lou and liam come block the door. harry will do what ever it takes to get in here." they nodded and got up. zayn was sitting on a bean chair, with me on his lap. "he had sex. i saw him. he cheated on me. i still feel the same though, and i thought that he would to. but i guess im wrong. no wonder he would never text or call back." i told zayn, without him even having to ask. "he told me that he would always text you and call you." i shook my head. "not once did we have a full conversation." "em-" he was cut short because nick came in the door.  "emily, whats wrong?" nick asked, his voice was full of worry. "why is harry crying? and mad?" gemma asked. "can you please leave." zayn looked at gemma. "why?" "gemma, please." i was still crying. "go with harry for a bit. calm him down." nick said. she obeyed and left the room. "emily." nick looked into my eyes, his eyes were filled with so much worry, they could probably explode. "d-do y-yyou have you p-phone?" i asked between sobs. he nodded "call my mom, tell her i need to leave now. and if zayn can stay at the hotel with us tonight," i looked at zayn to see if  he would come. he nodded "but tell her that you guys can stay. but i need to leave. and zayn is coming with me." he took his phone out and my mom. "em wants to leave now. with zayn. but she said we can stay. but she needs to leave now.....yeah....shes hes outside....gemma is....okay.....yeah, downstairs in the game room....he can carry her...okay bye" he said very serious. "she said she wants to know what happened as soon as we all get back to the hotel. shes calling a taxi right now, and she said that zayn can spend the night, or she'll drop him off later." he looked at zayn for an answer. "ill stay." "nick, tell harry to move from the door so we can get out. i dont want to see him." i looked at him. nick nodded and left the room. "cmon." i heard nick yell. zayn stood up, i wrapped my arms around his neck and laid my head in his chest. 


~~~~~~~~HARRY POV~~~~~~~~~

"cmon harry, if you dont ill get my revenge one day." Cher pushed me into the wall. "revenge? on what? i havent done shit to you." i spat at her. "on little miss pregnant." she smirked evilly. "and who the hell is  this little miss pregnant?"i asked confused. "emilys dumbass mom." "shes not pregnant." i stated. "and how are you oh so sure?" cher kept getting closer to me. "her nick or gemma would of called." "oh but she is. and if i dont get what i want, ill be sure to kill that damn baby." she said looking very serious. "you would never" i laughed a the thought of a girly girl, named cher lloyd, trying to kill a baby. but the seriousness of her posture told me other wise. "what do you want?" i asked annoyed. "you" she smirked. "nope, i have emily." "not you. that." she pointed down to my dick. "why?" "you seem like your good in bed." "well your not getting it." "wait roughly 8 months for a dead baby. we'll see how you feel afterwards." "cher, stop." she was right in front of me, she zipped down my jean zipper, pulling my jeans down. "cher. STOP" i yelled, angry now. she got on her knees, pulling down my boxers. she started sucking my dick. "like that huh? bet emily never made you feel like this." she smirked and sucked again. i was getting hard. i mean im enjoying it, im a guy, i know im not suppose to be enjoying this but i cant help myself.  its a normal thing for a guy to get horny right? i push her on the bed. "just remember your doing this for the sake of saving a future babies life." i was thrusting into her when i heard emily, "thanks, i still feel the same, as the looks of it, you dont care." she said looking at me, tears running down her face like crazy. fuck. fuck. fuck. i really fucked up. 

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