Love Triangle

In middle school Emily's penn-pals name is Harry Styles. She moves to Los Angeles from Chicago. Will her bestfriend in Los Angeles soon become family? She moves to Holmes Chapel and auditions for XFactor. What will happen on her journey? Perhaps a Love Triangle or new additions to the family.



26. 26. Bootcamp

the day before passed by fast as hell. it was only me, harry and zayn. and they seem to be getting along just fine! zayn is a really cool guy, and harry likes him. they were talking a lot yesterday. well, that was yesterday, today is today. today, is the first bootcamp challenge. i got myself up at 7am so i could have a shower and get ready. i was out and ready by about 7:45 so i went to harry and zayns room. *knock**knock* no answer... *knock**knock*...still no answer... "harry! zayn! open the damn door!" i yelled. zayn opened the door groaning, "its too early to go through this." "its too late actually." i said and he looked at me with a confused face. "breakfast in 15, then we start the first bootcamp challenge." his eyes widened "HARRY GET YOUR ASS UP!" zayn practually yelled in my ear.  "shut up zayn!" he threw a pillow to zayn. "hey babe" i sat on his bed. "go to sleep" he said. "i prefer to eat then sing so i dont get kicked out." i laughed "oh shit! i forgot!" he jumped off the bed and got dressed.

at breakfast they had a variety of foods. i decided on chopped of fruits, 2 chocolate chip pancakes and a water bottle. harry and zayn both got 2 chocolate chip pancakes and a waffle. at 10 everyone was about done eating. we were all lined up back stage in order from last name, so i wasnt near harry or zayn, and they werent by each other either. "Emily, the judges are ready for you." a worker told me. "Hello miss Emily, what will you be singing today?" "If I Were A Boy." "okay good luck" Simon said. i nodded my head and the music started. "If I were a boy even just for a dayI'd roll out of bed in the morningAnd throw on what I wantedAnd go drink beer with the guysAnd chase after girlsI'd kick it with who I wantedAnd I'd never get confronted for it'Cause they stick up for me If I were a boyI think I could understand How it feels to love a girlI swear I'd be a better man"

Louie and Simon were were staring at me with their mouths open. "wow, that was incredible!" Louie said, "Emily, i have a very, very good feeling about you and how far you will get in the music industry." Simon added. i couldnt help but let a hugeass smile appear on my face. "thanks" i replied. "We'll see you later" Louie said.


its 6pm right now and theyre about to serve dinner. "what are you guys gonna get?" i asked harry and zayn. "i have no idea" zayn said. they had a huge variety of foods, steak, lobster, fish, pasta, chicken, turkey and a lot more, basically everything. i decided on steak, harry decided on lobster and zayn got chicken pasta salad. "what song did you guys choose?" i asked when we all finished eating. "Man In The Mirror" harry answered. "me too" zayn answered looking at harry. "weird." "im gonna skype with the guys again." i said randomly. "okay" harry said "what guys?" zayn looked confused. "my guy friends back home" "what do you mean back home?" he looked so clueless which caused me to laugh. "you look so clueless. and i live in Chicago, then moved to Los Angles and i cant over here a while ago." "why did you move?" "i went to Los Angles because the people in my school and my mom got a job offer, and i moved here because my mom got a better job offer over here." "oh" was all he said, "do you mind if i spend the night in your guys room?" i asked zayn. "as long as you  guys dont fuck, its all good." zayn replied. me and harry couldnt help but just laugh. i was crying from how hard i was laughing. "dont worry that wont happen" i said in between laughs. "any time soon" i added but mostly to myself. "how old are you anyways?" i asked zayn. "17, how about you guys?" "were both 16" harry answered. 


"movie night?" zayn suggested after we finished skyping with the guys, and today everyone was over at Josh's so i got to talk to all of them together again. they all wished me harry and zayn luck. they all seemed to like harry and zayn, so thats good. we decided  well i choose 'Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift', me and harry were under the covers on his bed, but we were sitting up, and zayn was sitting on his bed. its like 45 minuted into the movie and im getting bored, ive seen this movie so many times. "ill be back, im gonna change." i said and got up. i put on a tanktop and my batman shorts. when i opened the door to zayn and harrys room i tripped and busted my shit. but they heard... they went out side the about awkward. "are you okay?!" they both kept asking me and i just started laughing. the movie was still on so we went to our places we were in before. i had a serious face staring at the movie, i traced my fingers up harrys thigh but i stopped right before i got to his 'goods'. he was staring at me holding in the moans, but i kept my face on the movie acting as if nothing was happening.  "emily" he whispered so i could stop. i kept doing it over and over, and kept going further up each time. i was tracing circles on the inside of his thigh and traced my fingers all the way up and placed my hand on his growing bulge. he had on thin pajama pants so i felt it more, since guy pajamas have the button in the front i had undid it and put my hand in through there. i was actually surprised he had on boxers under. i started to rub my hand up and down slowly his still growing bulge. "emily, stop it" he said trying to hold back moans. he had on the plaid boxers with the button so i undid the button and slipped my hand in. it was skin-on-skin contact now. i rubbed my hands up and down his dick, which was still growing my the second. i was going slow at first, but i increased the speed pretty fast. i was giving my boyfriend a full down handjob with another guy in the room. how romantic. he moaned quietly enough for only me to hear, but i still was focused on the movie, same as zayn. i was going as fast as i can now, i guess harry couldnt help himself, he let out the loudest moan and squeezed his eyes shut and threw his head back. " you okay man?"zayn asked  him. i still didnt stop, but i acted as if nothing had happened. "ye-" he tried to answer but he was cut off with another moan leaving his mouth. "im going to sleep" i said, "night" zayn replied then focused on the movie again. he was really into it. i slipped under the covers and started to go down on harry, i started to rub up and down again but faster, i felt him groan but i continued. i was deciding weather i should give him the first ever blowjob that i would of done but i was debating in my head, i herd harry release a low moan then sigh in pleasure. i got the courage and i brought my mouth down to his dick, i was going to tease him more. i only put in his tip, i moved my tongue all around his tip. i felt him hands so in my hair, pushing me to go further, i went down a little further, still not taking in all of him. he moaned yet again, "is everything alright?" zayn asked again, i could hear in his voice he was smiling. harry couldnt reply yet again, with another moan leaving his mouth. i took all of him in and harry moaning non stop now. i heard zayn laugh. i started to rub up and down what i couldnt take in any further. i gotta say, for a 16 year old harry is fucking huge. just like a while ago, i was giving him a blowjob, but earlier it was a hand job  i stopped, buttoning his boxers and pajama pants knowing he would want me to keep going. he was still moaning. i has a huge urge to pee so i got up and walked into the bathroom, when i got back , harry still had his eyes squeezed shut with his head back. i looked over at zayn and he looked at me and he started to laugh. i pecked harrys lips. "goodnight" i smirked at him "your a fucking tease you that right emily?" "i have no idea what your talking about,  harry." "oh really?" he smirked "really, good night zayn", "night em" zayn said shutting off the tv and going under the covers. "night harry" i placed my hand on his stomach and he placed his hands on my lower back. "what was that for huh?" he asked. "what all tat about?" "what was what about?" i asked playing dumb. "ill get you back em. night." hes gonna get me back. one way or another, and i know he is. but with that we both fell asleep.


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