Love Triangle

In middle school Emily's penn-pals name is Harry Styles. She moves to Los Angeles from Chicago. Will her bestfriend in Los Angeles soon become family? She moves to Holmes Chapel and auditions for XFactor. What will happen on her journey? Perhaps a Love Triangle or new additions to the family.



25. 25. Last Day In London

"Gemma can i talk to you?" nick said heading outside. she followed him out. "well, finally" i breathed out and everyone started laughing. "my little nick is finally growing up" Andrew smiled. "well you obv--" i stopped dead in my sentence. you see nick was the 'player' type, when i was new he was trying to get with me but a couple people came up to me and told me not to even try because he'll cheat and he went out with pretty much everybody. when we started talking more he had apologized and well we went on from there, getting all close. nick and gemma came in hand-in-hand with huge smiles across both of their faces. "nick, have you talked to Josh, Jeremiah, John, Sam or anyone else from back home?" i havent talked to any of them since we left.. ooppss. "a little, ohh yeah they all said to skype them when were free." "kay, we'll have to do it before i leave for bootcamp so i can tell them everything thats going on." he nodded saying okay. "Mrs. Lopez, your free to go." the doctor announced at the door and left. i handed her a bag with clothes and she went to change, i brought her black jeans, a white shirt with a black blazer and her black heeled booties. ~~~~ "pack everything, were leaving tonight." Robin walked into our shared hotel room to tell us. "but its only 3" i said. "were not doing anything today, now we dont want someone else in the hospital do we" he chuckled and left the room. i went to me room to grab clothes so i can have a shower then ill pack. "what are you gonna do?" harry asked following me. "shower then pack." "fancy me joining?" he smirked. "what?" whats fancy? gosh i have to get used to this British 'slang'. "what?" he asked confused. "you said 'fancy me joining? what do you mean by 'fancy'?" "ill have to teach you the British sayings one day." "yeahh, so im gonna slower.." he nodded and left the room. ~~~~~ "nick you done packing?" "yeah" "sure?" "yeah why?" "if you count clothes all over the floor then okay.." he laughed and said "ill finish later" when nick said that he walked out the room to go with gemma and harry came in. "are you done?" i faced him. he nodded saying yes. "harry stop staring its scaring me" he started cracking up, and loud then smirked "em, you know you cant wear that and expect me not to stare." "so you saying i cant wear yoga pants and a tank top?" "i prefer you do." he put his hands on my waist bringing me into a kiss. "i have to pack" i pulled away. "your no fun." "its called teasing, babe." i smirked. "hey! your accent i finally coming through!" "finally! i always wanted to have a british accent!" he smiled "need help?" "no, i didnt really take anything out." "were watching a movie, what should we watch?" gemma asked in the doorway. "saw 2?" i suggested. she said okay and left. "i honestly think those movies are disgusting" i answered harry's look since he looked at me with the you-like-those-movies look. ""me to" i grabbed him hand and walked to the living room. nick and gemma were all snuggled up on the one person couch, with gemma on top of nick. me and harry did the same expect we were on the biggest couch and he laid down do i layed down on top of him, and i rested my head in his chest. its about half way into the movie and i got cold. "im gonna grab a blanket." i grabbed two, i threw one on nick and gemma and put the other on top of me and harry. gemma fixed it on her and nick and said thanks loud enough so i can hear. a little while later harry pulled the blanket over both of our heads and scooted me higher. i put my lips to his, and put my hands in his curly hair. he brought his hands so so they were on my butt. he quickly deepened the kiss, but i took over. it was escalating quickly but we were both enjoying it. i brought my hands down so they were on his abs, almost on his happy trail. i had on shorts so he put his hands inside the yoga pants, i followed his lead and i started to play with the elastic band of his boxers. "stop teasing" i laughed and kiss him again. he deepened the kiss again but i took over this time. "im hungry" i pulled away. "look" harry laughed pointing at nick and gemma. i got a pillow and threw at them "get a room!" me and harry yelled in sync. the blanket was pulled over both of there heads and all you could see was gemma moving on top of nick. "dry sex is no fun! have real sex instead!" harry yelled and i just started laughing like crazy. they stopped and looked at us and blushed like crazy. "what are you gonna eat?" "strawberries and grapefruit, want some?" "no" ~~~~~~~~~~~  "emily, are you ready? theyre here already" my mom yelled from the bottom of the stairs. "yeah!" i yelled back. today was the day me and harry leave for bootcamp, im excited and nervous at the first time."hey" harry said when he saw me walking down the stairs. "are you nervous at all?" he asked. "a little but a bit excited, you?" "same" ~~~ 3 hours later we were at the XFactor studios. "fuck! emily we forgot to skype the guys!" nick said. "oh shit, i forgot all about that, text me theyre name and ill do it later and you can if you can." "i cant, my laptop doesnt have a webcam." "take mine, its on bed under the blankets, and im pretty sure the charger is under the bed." "okay"  nick replied. after we said goodbye and good lucks we were off. "good luck! i know you'll both make it!" nick and gemma said. "thanks" me and harry yelled back. "here we go." harry whispered to himself but i heard. "this could be the begging of both or one of our careers." i said. "im sure both of us." "i hope" i replied, and i did, harry is an amazing singer and i know one day hes going to make it in the music industry, maybe he wont win this, maybe he will, if he doesnt it sure in hell is only the beginning  and if he does then ill be right by his side and support him all the way. as for me? im worried, i have no idea how far i will get. if i dont win, or get far at least, i will still try as much as i can to get into the music industry. "Your first bootcamp challenge will be tomorrow, be up and ready by 8am, breakfast well be serves at 8:30 sharp" Simons voice was heard blasting through the speakers. i was sharing my room wit a girl names Cher Lloyd, she seems friendly. harry's room was right down the hall but hes roommate wasnt here yet. i went to my room to unpack and organize and harry went to his room to do the same. it took me about half an hour. some other girls came in the room to be with Cher so i went to harry's, i think i'll skype the guys back home since nick texted me a while ago their skype names. harry was still putting his stuff away. "is your roomie here yet?" i asked. "no" "im gonna skype my friends back home, wanna meet them?" "sure" - "sam! josh!" "emily!" they yelled back. "wheres every one else?" i asked. "they just left a while ago" same said. "sam! your hair! its gone!" i laughed. he shaved his head but not all of it, it was more like a buzz cut. "i got tired of it" he laughed. "whos that?" josh asked. "who?" i asked. "him" josh said pointing to harry through the computer screen. "i forgot you were here" i looked at harry and he laughed. "this is harry. my boyfriend." i said and pecked him on the lips. "get a room!" sam yelled. "well, we kind of are in his room" i said "thats not what i meant" and we all started laughing. "so hows everyone back home?" "okay, but its not the same with out you and nick." both of their smiles turned into frowns. "awhh! we miss you guys too, ill try to convince my mom and Andrew to let us go after me and harry finish this," "finish what?" sam asked with a confused face "oh right i havent told you, we auditioned for XFactor we both got through, so right now were in London in the studios. and we dont leave until we get eliminated." "what the hell is Xfactor?" josh asked. "singing competition." i answered, and harry got up to go to the bathroom. "you can sing?" they both asked and their eyebrows were furrowed. "yeah" i laughed. "how come you never told us?" "i guess i was just shy or something, i dont know" i put my hands up in defense "sing now." the both said. "what if i dont want to" harry sat down next to me again. "cmon, they need to hear." he said nudging me. "harry! shut  up!" i laughed ad playfully hit him. "what! they do!" "fine only if you do it with me." he nodded. "thanks man" josh said laughing "no problem." we dueted 'Chasing Cars'by Snow Patrol. sam and josh had their mouths wide open when we finished, "damn both of you guys are good." josh said surprised. "we know" harry said which caused all of us to laugh. "you know i texted you a couple days ago and you never replied back, and nick too." sam said. "well something happened, and nick well, nick hes going out with harry's sister and he like never uses his phone anymore." "what happened?" they looked curious now. "my mom almost died and i passed out in the hospital from crying so much and over thinking." "what? crying? what happened?" "a semi truck crashed into the car our parents were in while we were in the theme park, my mom was the only one who was injured bad, she couldnt remember me, she remembered everyone else, i cried a lot because you know what happened to my dad, which caused me to cry even more. and i was thinking about a lot to much so i passed out. and yeah" i finished. and then the door opened, i didnt turn around since i thought it was just going to be a worker to announce something. "you harry? im your roommate." i heard a familiar voice say. i turned around and saw the familiar face.  "Emily?" zayn looked confused. "zayn!" i got up and hugged him. "hold on" i said. "hey guys, ill talk later, plus isnt it late over there?" "yeah its 2 in the morning." josh said. "go to sleep! you guys have school tomorrow!" i said "dude chill out, its friday" same said "ohh, i forgot. anyways ill try to call tomorrow. bye! i miss you guys a lot!" "we miss you to!" they yelled back. "see you later man" they said at harry. "see you" harry said. and i logged off skype. "zayn!"  i screamed again a little to loud so him and harry covered their ears. "what are you doing here?" zayn asked confused. "what?" i asked confused. "are you my roommate or him so i assume is harry right?" harry nodded. "hey im harry, and yeah im your roommate." harry reached out his hand to shake zayn's. "wait so why are you in here? not in a rude way or anything" zayn asked looked at me. "we go out." i hugged harry. "oh" was all zayn said. i saw something in his eyes bu it left quickly so i couldnt register what it was. "lets go get something to eat" i said, they nodded and followed me out. harry and zayn were talking and i was in the middle hearing their conversation, holding harrys hand.

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