Love Triangle

In middle school Emily's penn-pals name is Harry Styles. She moves to Los Angeles from Chicago. Will her bestfriend in Los Angeles soon become family? She moves to Holmes Chapel and auditions for XFactor. What will happen on her journey? Perhaps a Love Triangle or new additions to the family.



23. 23. Dad...

right when she said that i started crying, and nick walked in. "w-what do y-you mean who am i?" i said looking straight into my moms eyes. "it'll be okay em, she just woke up, she should remember in a couple hours or a few days." andrew came over to me to give me a hug. "nick, go get the doctor. and hurry up." nick nodded and ran out the room. "why doesnt she remember who i am?" i asked the doctor crying. "I am surprised that she awoke today. i didnt expect this to happen to quickly. figuring she just got out of coma it should be a coupe days at the most, she is already recovering quickly. so she should remember everything in a few." the doctor explained and walked out with a nod. "can i talk to her? alone" andrew and nick nodded and left the room. i pulled the chair to sit next to her. i reached for her hand but she pulled it away. "mom please, you cant leave me like dad left us. you have to remember who i am!" "im not your mom! get away from me! who are you!" i started to cry even more. "think back to dad. i know you still miss him, but you just dont show it. i miss him so much, as much as i love andrew, he will never replace dad. dad is my real father and nobody can replace him." i started to think about my dad now. oh how i missed him. i wish he was still here with us. it was back in 2002, when i was only 8. my dad went to his friends house every FIFA World Cup. whenever it was time for the World Cup he would go and meet up with a bunch of his other friends so they can watch the game. my dad always had a huge passion for soccer, especially when it was time for the World Cup and more if Mexico was in it. this was the Final Game. it was Brazil vs. Germany. my dad, my mom and me all wanted Brazil to win. when the game ended my dad called screaming into the phone. "BRAZIL WON! 2-0!" i remember, he was so excited that Brazil won. especially a 2-0 win. him and his friends celebrated by going out to eat at Los Comales. his friend lived over by my grandma in Chicago. so they decided to go somewhere close to eat, they all decided on a Mexican restaurant. when they were on the express way so they can bring my dad home, a huge semi truck going 100mph hit the passenger seat, where my dad happened to be. they were all rushed to the hospital. my dad didnt die immediately though, he was in coma for a little over a month, he woke up the day before my birthday. since he got in the accident , i prayed to god that he would wake my dad up before my birthday or on my birthday, and that he would make it.  when he woke up it was March 22, 2002 at 7:49 am. it was ironic at the time because i was born March 23, 1994 at 7:49 am. anyways, when he woke up he only remembered my mom, not me. the doctor said that he would remember soon and he would be perfectly fine after. i remember me and my mom screaming of how happy we were from him waking up, it was truly a miracle. the doctors and mom believed he wouldn't make it through. the doctor said he would be able to leave in at least 2 weeks. it was the day before he was suppose to get out. he was finally getting used to me again and getting all his memory back. me him and my mom were laughing and talking non stop. until on April 4th, 2002. he flat lined. i remember my mom yelling as loud as she could for a doctor. the doctor came in and threw us out the room. "we tried all we possibly could. im sorry." the words replayed in my head over and over again, "NO! you have to bring him back! he cant leave me and his little girl behind! she needs him! i need him!" she fell to the floor crying. "im sorry Mrs  Lopez  we tried all the possible things, his heart and mind just didnt respond to them." and with that he walked away. i never really thought about him, because when i do, i always get depressed, i dont eat or sleep much, i just sit or lay down all day staring at nothing but the wall. and ball my eyes out. after that happened, my mom was depressed for 2 years. it got to the point where i had to go live with my tia(aunt) and tio(uncle) who lived in the same neighborhood as us. in 2004 my mom finally came out of depression. it was tough i gotta say, but we fought through it, even when we would go down and go through it all over again, we kept fighting and here we are today. when we went to the restaurant in Los Angles and she told me she was marrying andrew, i couldnt believe it. i hadent seen her that happy since the last time we were all together with my dad. i thought she would never move on and find another guy, im glad she did. i got up the chair and walked towards the door, i was crying even more now since i was thinking abut my dad. "mom, remember back on the memories me you and dad had in the past. think about dad, im sure ill pop up in those memories some time." "carlos?.." she whispered? i had the biggest smile on my face right now. if she remembered dad she sure in hell did have to remember me right? "yes mom! carlos!" i hugged her but she pushed me off. "where is carlos?" she asked. "mom, carlos is in Chicago, remember?" "why? why isnt he here with me right now. why didnt he come to London with me, andrew and nick?" "mom, he is buried in the ground dont you remember?!"  she started crying. "i do, i do" she yelled/cried. "how do you remember andrew and nick? bu not your own daughter?" i asked confused. "i dont have a daughter" she answered after she calmed down. "im emily mom, emily." i walked out the room crying. everyone was on the hallway except Robin, of course. i crouched down on the wall crying. nick and harry sat on the floor next to me. both of them hugging me. "what happened in there?" andrew finally asked after i stopped crying. "she remembers you, nick and dad...but not me..." everything in my head was replaying fast. i got dizzy and my eyes closed, my head going in circles. "emily are you okay?" everyone was around me asking with worry in their voice. "DOCTORS! DOCTORS" i heard Anne yell. then BOOM. everything went black.

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