Love Triangle

In middle school Emily's penn-pals name is Harry Styles. She moves to Los Angeles from Chicago. Will her bestfriend in Los Angeles soon become family? She moves to Holmes Chapel and auditions for XFactor. What will happen on her journey? Perhaps a Love Triangle or new additions to the family.



22. 22. Theme Parks!

when Anne, Robin, my mom and Andrew got home it was around 4am. right now, lets just say that theyre real hungover. today we were suppose to go to the London Eye and a theme park. but since they could barely talk we stayed in. "harry what time is it?" me  him nick and gemma were laying down on the floor watching 'The Hangover'. "8" "im gonna head in the shower" i announced as i stood up. "mind if i join?" harry winked as he got up. "sit down curly" i pushed him so he fell. as usual i got my ipod and my clothes. i got out at around 9 since i had to shave. "what were you doing in there huh?" harry whispered in my ear. "showering." "you took an awful lot of time in there today" i sensed he was trying to seduce me. "i had to shave" i laughed and playfully slapped his arm. i got up and went to get some cereal. when the time hit 11 me and harry got tired and headed to sleep. nick and gemma were gonna sleep in the living room today. "come to my bed, i feel like cuddling." i said. we laid down on my bed. we were facing each other. one of my leg was under his and the other was on his waist. and his legs were inbetween both of mine. my hand on his chest and his on my waist. "i think im in love" was the last thing i heard from him before i fell asleep. ~~~~my alarm went off. me and harry stretched and i checked the time, it was 8am. i walked over to my suit case. harry walked out to go get his clothes. "gemma re you gonna take a bathing suit?" "yeah" i nodded and walked back to my room, harry was in there in only his boxers. "like what you see?" shit, shit i was staring and i didnt even notice. i laughed it off and got a red ruffled bikini. i put some white shorts and one of nicks Abercrombie plaid shirts on with my black converse. harry had on a Jack Wills hoodie with dark jeans and his black converse. we walked into the kitchen to the smell of pancakes, eggs, bacon and hash browns. "we have to get going" Anne announced. we our plates and silverware in the sink and walked out. "first were going to the London Eye then were dropping you kids off at Alton Towers and were going to Amora." my mom gasped and covered her mouth, "i mean the museum" she quickly said. "our parents are going to a sex museum" i heard harry whisper to me and we both started laughing. when we got inside the London Eye it was amazing. it was so beautiful. its been about 10 minuted of just us in here. i was sitting on the bench and i see Andrew go down on one knee standing in front of my mom. "Eva, where do i begin. i love you to the moon and back, i would do anything for you. being with you for a little over a year has been the best thing in my life since nick was born. would you do me the honor of being me wife? will you marry me?" my mom was in tears, "yess!" she yelled. "i love you too!" he slipped a beautiful ring on her finger. i was a bow shape with diamonds all over the bow. we all hugged them and said 'congratulations'. i gave my mom the longest hug ever. "looks like were going to be brother and sister" nick told me. "youve always been like my brother." i hugged him. when my mom calmed down we left so they could drop us off at Alton Towers. ~~ Robin and Anne gave gemma and harry money and my mom and Andrew gave me and nick money. we got tickets. "me and gemma are gonna go walk around first, where are you guys going?" nick asked. "wanna go to the water park first or rides?" i asked harry. "water park?" i nodded. and so did nick. we got a locker outside instead of inside. i took my shorts, shirt, shoes and converse off, while harry just took his shirt, jeans  shoes and socks off as well. there really wasnt anybody in the water park yet. we went straight to the wave pool. we went running. he caught up to me and smacked my ass. "harry!" i screamed laughing. "what!" he laughed back. there was nobody in the wave pool so we were alone. "looks like were along" harry smirked at me. i was putting my hair up into a bun.  we just let the wave push us while we were laughing like crazy. until he pulled me in as close as possible. i wrapped my legs around his waist and he put his hand on my butt for better support. one of my hands on his curls and the other on his chest. he got out of the pool and went on one of the pool side chairs. he laid dawn and i was on top of him. our lips never leaving each others. his hands still on my butt, but now both of my hands were in his curls. he licked the bottom of my lip asked for entrance and i let him in. "HARRY! EMILY! WHERE ARE YOU GUYS?" i heard gemma yell. harry groaned i backed away and tried to look to see if i could see them. "cmon babe" he pulled me back down. i felt him getting hard against me. i moved one of my hands so it was on his happy trail, he moaned into the kiss. i just smiled and i felt him smile back. "EMILY HARRY WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU GUYS" this time it was nick screaming, and it was closer. harry pulled away. "theyre getting closer" "i know" i leaned down again, i put my hands a little inside his swim trunks. "dont tease" he laughed i just smiled and moved my hands further down. "there you guys are!" i heard gemma yell in relief. but me and harry did stop. they both coughed trying to make us stop. i finally pulled away but laid on Harrys chest. "what?" harry said, you could sense he was mad. "we gotta go!" gemma yelled mad now too. "like now!" nick yelled also. "why?" i asked pretty mad now too. "they got into a fucking accident emily!" nick was beyond mad now. "what? who?" i asked me and harry getting up now. "all of them! theyre at the hospital right now! we gotta cal a ca to take us." "well lets go!" we started running towards the exit. "wait our clothes!" harry said,i  guess we forgot we were in our bathing suits. "me and gemma brought extras, take ours" nick said still running. "to Royal Hospital please, and fast!" nick said to the driver. we all got into the back seat. "where are the extra clothes you guys brought?" i asked "nick did you grab the bags?" "no i thought you did..." "so me and harry have to go in there half naked and with no shoes?" "now you do" nick said. ~~~~"can i help you?" the nurse behind the desk asked us, she was about 25 and gave me and harry a weird look. "yes were here for Anne Cox, Robin Twist, Eva Lopez and Andrew Cruz" gemma told her. "Robin is in room 316. Eva is in room 317" with that we ran off go get on the elevator. harry and gemma went to the  room across the hall from where me and nick went into. i put my hands over my mouth and started crying. my mom had all kinds of tubes connected to her her face has blood all over her face. with a black eye, a cast on her right leg and one on her left arm. she looked so pale, so weak. i ran up to her hugging her and crying into her. "what happened?" i heard nick asked. "a semi truck didnt stop right and crashed right into us." "how are Anne and Robin?" i asked. "Anne is perfectly fine, when he truck crashed into us the glass broke and went into Robin, im a couple places. other than that hes fine too." "so why is my mom this bad?" i asked inbetween sobs "the truck crashed right into her." "we dont know if you and harry will be able to go back to XFactor, Emily." Andrew sighed. "why?" "your mother, she went into coma. and the doctor said she could get out in days, but he said a couple weeks at the most." with that i bawled out even more. nick came over and gave me a long hug and didnt let go until i stopped crying. "im gonna go check on Robin" nick said. "me too. when we walked in all we heard in there was laughing. when they saw my red bloodshot eyes from crying so much they all stopped at look at me. "it'll be okay honey," Anne stood up and hugged me. "thats all we can hope for." "you alright?" harry came over to me hugging me. "soon i will." with that he hugged me tighter. i completely stopped crying now. "can i ask you too something?" Anne look at me and harry. me and harry nodded. "why are you two in your bathing suits?" me and harry looked at each other and started laughing. "long story short, me and emily went to the wave pool and gemma and nick went to walk around, they told us we need to go, so we didnt get out clothes and they forgot theirs." "sure, in the pool" i heard gemma laugh me and harry turned towards her indicating her so she wont say anything else. "what was that gemma honey?" Anne said. "nothing" and we started laughing while Anne and Robin just started at us. "so are you two a thing?" Robin nodded towards me and harry. we were still hugging. and we were pretty lose together, oops. "no" i laughed out. "at least not yet." i heard harry whisper sigh.  "dont you think we didnt hear that?" Anne said laughing. "what?" harry asked blushing. i looked up to him and smiled. "the 'at least not yet' we heard you" Robin chuckled. harry just got redder and redder. i looked back up into harrys eyes and he looked down to mine. 'i like you too' i mouthed to him. he smiled and gave me a squeeze. "harry." Anne nudged him with a huge smile on her face. i love how Anne, gemma, harry and Robin are so close. and how im close to my mom and nick close to Andrew. "aren't you gonna ask her?" she asked and harry just shrugged his shoulders. "you told me you were going to do it today." "mum!" he got red again. my smile just kept getting bigger and bigger, harry really going to ask me out? or were they just fucking with me? "come" harry said loudly enough for only me to hear, he grabbed my wrist and lead me out the room. "emily, i like you, a lot, more then i think is even imaginable  so what do you say? will you be my girlfriend?" "i thought you'd never ask." i smiled and hugged him. he pecked my lips and held me hand heading towards the room again. Anne and Robin had a huge smile on their face when they looked down to our hands. "finally!" they all yelled at us, but not to loud. me and harry just laughed. "lets go with your mum." harry said. i nodded. "were going across the room mum" harry told Anne. "well, well well, what do we have here?" andrew smiled looking mine and harrys interlocked hands. "what?" i laughed. "i see you guys are dating now. how about gemma ad nick? are thy a thing yet?" andrew asked. "im not sure. i hope!" i said. "im confused" harry stated. "nick likes gemma, and im pretty sure she does too, remember the movie?" i whispered the last part to him. he smiled. "how do you know nick likes gemma?" harry asked me. "nick sort of told me..." "well gemma kind of told me she likes nick too..." "why did you ever tell me!" i playfully slapped his chest. "i could say the same to you" he laughed. "Andrew babe where are you?" i heard my mom say. "mom!" i yelled. i let harry go and ran towards her. "i thought you were not gonna wake up til days!" Harry walked out the room, im guessing to go get nick. "Andrew honey, who is she?" my mom asked with a confused look on her face, just staring at me.  ......

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